SMMterra, smmpanel, child panel

Jul 8th, 2021 (edited)
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  3. 1. Private server - cheapest at the bottom, u never use, those are cheapest provider price
  5. 2. Discount, every week or day-use 30mins - 1H stay with me all setup and new ids added-on on pop up. check all ids from 5000-6600 service number u can see which u missing
  7. 3. Use search box keywords, and tell me which ids u need, and many you removed now is no drop!!!!!
  9. 4. You create one << what price u get, I beat all their price for u and send you back
  11. 5. open a child panel for $35 or 138$, and add all service one time in 3 days easy, and link on your top of the panel (hyperlink) so u can do easily all our service one time if you have time to sort easy.
  13. 6. I tell you one best way
  15. a. find 500 ids one time, and send me, You create one << what price u get, I beat all their price for u and send you back
  17. takes 13 times, will all panel service discount settled!!!!!!
  19. if u do this step, u can request all service discounts, so u can beat all my prices one time with this child panel... (child panel 1 week for all discount set up)
  21. PS: after child panel, all add service, upgraded to regular I give you FREE to do, very simple, so you can get many child panel user too with our full list, is very earnable bro!! (very important this skill)
  23. read:
  24. ID1431 - 🔥 Resellers Panel [Domain Register + Child Panel Set Up Payment] 🔥 $35 Per Month Only
  25. ID5176 - 🔥 Resellers Panel [Domain Register + Child Panel + Regular Panel Set Up Payment] 🔥 $138 + Monthly Fees
  27. Very easy take 7 days only, who FREE daily tell me
  29. 8. Read and check daily news board pop-up notice and new service after see it add them daily can help increase and stay client like us!!! Remember is very important to do this daily to your API!! Increase hot sales and biggest client >>>>> check:
  31. (open this see biggest client weekly come)
  33. Contact me on WhatsApp: +380980121877
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