TaraxCraig shitpost

May 30th, 2017
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  1. >"Ohh, Craig, yes!"
  2. >He starts groaning in rhythm with his thrusts
  3. >"Ahhh... Anything for my princess!"
  4. >"Hehehe~ someone's been a really naughty colt, mmh?"
  5. >"Oh yes, I could use some... friendship lessons..."
  6. >He gives a harsher thrust, a meaty slap echoing inside the room when his thighs impacts her ass cheeks
  7. >"Ahnnn~ Yes! Right there!"
  8. >"Heh, calm down Princess, wouldn't want to wake the neighbors up.."
  9. >"Wha-why? But honey, I thought you hated the Dinklebergs"
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