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Sussex Heigths Concierge Leaked Email

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Jun 15th, 2020
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  1. Dear residents,
  4. It’s with great sadness that I am sending this email to make you all aware of the unfair treatment I faced working for you all, at Sussex Heights.
  7. I worked for under two years for the company. Getting to know you all and making some great friendships.
  9. When I first started, I was part of a team. We were 3 members of staff. David, Carly and myself.
  11. David was a very difficult man. I faced a lot of bullying from the hands of David. I made a formal complaint via Mags the Ellmans agent which was disregarded. David apologised to me upon his dismissal and he told me he was instructed to treat Carly and I this way by the board. As a “sorry” gesture he took both carly and I out for an ice cream on the beach and advised us both to leave and find new places of work where we can be “respected”.
  14. William:
  16. After David left, you were all greatly let down by the board. They employed Helen Guiness’ grandson, William. I have worked in security a long time. In a previous job I worked with vulnerable adults who are drug dependent. My first impression of William sent alarm bells and I felt his behaviour extremely disturbing and worrying. Firstly, because I caught him numerous times liasing in the bin area with boys in what I can only describe as an exchange of drug manor. Secondly, his discriminative opinions were disgusting. Sussex Heights get all their post delivered by the lovely Gill who has been delivering the post since she was 16 she is now 57. William attacked her for her sexuality and was throwing homophobic slurs. Gill then put a complaint in with her her managers, as well as with Aram.
  18. Another concern I had was, William took all keys from both key safes that stay in the lodge for safe keeping. These keys should not be taken into his personal flat. I suspect William was entering flats without the owners permission or knowledge.
  20. He was employed by the company and was paid for a month. However, he did not one day of work. I took up all his duties that I took on after David left. No one knew him, I dealt with all the contractors. Everytime I called him he would decline my call and stay in his flat. If he was out of his flat. He was with Aram. (Not doing much)
  22. He told me Helen (his grandmother) Susan and Aram told him to bully myself and carly. He was laughing as he said this.
  24. I then put in a complaint with Mags once again, I was quickly called in a disciplinary meeting for standing up for my rights. Carly quickly resigned in fear. No CRB/DBS checks took place in the employment where vulnerable people/ children and elderly residents live.
  27. Helen 4th floor:
  29. After David was dismissed. I was made aware of an email that Aram had posted on the website. In this Email Helen made the wildest accusations. I’m sure you all saw it. It was all untrue and unfounded. She was upset that David had been dismissed and she blamed me for this. I had no part in David leaving. That was between David and Helen Guiness, who was harrasing him and his girlfriend.
  31. Aram tried to goad me to reply to Helens complaint. I knew his intentions but I had already spoken to Susan about my feelings in the matter.
  34. Richard 10E:
  36. Richard proceeded to display his racialism in an open and transparent way. I knew his feelings towards me but I always kept it professional in my role. However, I was close to calling the police when his hate crime escalated attacking Brenda 12E in Marks and Spencer’s. Brenda sent me the most distressing voicemail. She cried and told me what he had said to her about the group of residents who had joined forces in a hate campaign to get me out of my job, on the basis of the colour of my skin. What vile people they are.
  38. Conveniently the leader of the campaign, Aram calmed me down and told me it wouldn’t be tolerated. Me being, trusting I believed his intentions were in my best interest. Not thinking Aram was the racist ring leader.
  41. Chris caretaker:
  43. Chris was hired by Aram. Chris told lawrence and I he was Aram’s friend and that’s how he got the job. I was happy for him. He seemed nice enough in the beginning. He was always with Aram, I barely saw him. Aram was upset that Chris had told me of their personal friendship and told me “I have no problem employing a friend of mine”. Chris worked for two days. He covered my lunch breaks and then was gone again. On his second day he said he can’t work for the building. He told me working for sussex Heights was like “calling a dr after the patients dead” he said the building was in such disrepair. After he left, he kept visiting the building i firstly thought it was to see Aram. He began harassing me. He told me to leave my job because Aram and Mags didn’t care for me. He said I wasn’t wanted to work there. He kept asking me to go for a drink with him and trying to give me chocolates. I told Aram and Anthony if it continued I was going to call the police. This never happened again.
  46. Helen Guiness:
  48. Helen was abrupt, rude and racist from day one. I felt right off the bat she didn’t like me I observed she was more keen talking to men who were employed there. She would humiliate me infront of the security guards to make herself look better.
  50. I was told I was able to take my smoke breaks in the bins area by my manager, David.
  52. Helen repeatedly shouted at me telling me “I’m giving you a warning” I have never ever in my professional career ever been shouted at from a employer, or been humiliated, belittled or treated in such a manor.
  54. She has no respect for other people. She hated with a passion Allen Sayers, Daniel Goulding and Yann Thomas. She referred to Allen as “the Scottish git” I heard this from all board members.
  57. Susan Davey:
  59. The wolf in sheep’s clothing. Susan likes to tell everyone she is a Christian lady. But Susan must remember that the devil too was once an angel.
  61. Susan manipulated every complaint I made of my poor working conditions. She picked on me for my appearance. Telling me how to apply make up and how to dress.
  63. She hated Daniel and couldn’t bear to be anywhere near him. She hated Allen and Monica and use to say horrible things about them.
  66. Anthony Britton:
  68. I feel sorry for Anthony. He is a follower not a leader. He shouldn’t be a director. Anything Aram says he is like a puppy dog. Anything Aram says is right and he lacks common sense, and opinion. He is so happy to be Arams lapdog he will do anything to please him. Richard from 10E told me he was confused how Anthony became a director after being locked up after a mental breakdown.
  71. Mags longbotham:
  73. Mags is so petrified of loosing the contract with Sussex Heights. She has no managerial skills and no peoples skills. Truthfulness is a skill she lacks and will lie through her teeth along with the directors. She enables the racialism that lies in the building which confuses me as she herself is part of the B.A.M.E community. She doesn’t care for the building, it’s running or the residents. Ellmans, and the money she takes is her only priority.
  75. Which most of you have come to understand.
  78. Aram Papikyan:
  80. Aram was not involved in my hiring process. I didn’t know Aram. My first dealing with Aram came about when I was in the reception area with Allen Sayers. I was chatting to Allen when we were interupted by a big scene coming out of the lift. it was Aram. Screaming to Allen saying “get out of my reception and don’t talk to my staff” Aram called for a lift and invited Allen to get in the lift with himself. Ten minutes later I was called to Arams flat. David was absent during this altercation. David told me to stay out of it because it was a long running feud.
  82. (I was given the names of residents who were according to the board were trouble makers, Allen sayers was top of the list)
  84. When I arrived at Arams flat Aram showed me two scratches on his neck and claimed these were from Allen. He instructed me to provide a statement to the police when they called me. I went back downstairs to tell David. David Warned me not to get involved which I agreed to. From that day Aram made it his mission to make my life a living hell.
  87. Aram is the most vile man I have ever had the misfortune to have met. He has threatened me, telling me if I didn’t treat residents (Allen sayers) in an unprofessional manner I will face going to the high court - I was terrified.
  89. He has humiliated me countless times infront of contractors, and security. As if I don’t know my job. When I had taken on three roles because he wouldn’t employee anyone to help me. I was a modern day slave.
  91. He lied to the residents saying I was going to get a bonus at Christmas with flowers - I saw no bonus no flowers not even a ‘thank you for all your hard work Debbie’.
  94. He employed Anita (Susans friend) - she gave me and David a hard time she lacked brains and didn’t know what she was doing. She was appointed to write files on the running of the building. She got David and I to do all the work and took the building for thousands of pounds wracking up a bill for doing no work.
  97. Every B.A.M.E security staff member had serious conflict with Aram. They resigned purely because of the way Aram spoke to them. Arams behaviour shows classic signs of racism. This is a fact.
  99. There is a high number of BAME residents who live abroad. When these residents decide to come to their homes. Aram comments how “the Arabs are coming to dirty the building”
  102. So much trust has been passed to Aram. By you, the residents. You have entrusted him in the management of the running of your building, your home. He takes your money. And you don’t see improvements. He throws his weight about like he is the big shot but what good has he brought? The building is getting worse not better. You vote for him and the ones who don’t vote he gets the votes? Why? Why has he got so much power?
  104. Why are you giving him that power?
  107. He has used me, abused me and kicked me to the curb. For being a nice person. He was jealous and obsessed with Daniel. He wanted negative feedback but Daniel was the best director the building ever had. Daniel would have brought you all a much needed change and breathe of fresh air. You guys had a chance with Daniel. Aram goes into your homes, has he got a building management degree? Has he had CRB AND DBS checks? No.
  109. He uses your money to take people to court. He abuses and uses you as much as he does the staff.
  112. I would like to clarify for the record. The individuals who are tarnished to the staff by the board of directors are the same individuals who have treated me with respect and dignity at work. People like Allen sayers and Daniel Goulding.
  114. The people who treated me in a degrading, undignified, discriminative way were the board of directors. Aram, Anthony, Susan, Helen.
  117. I’m so happy to be away from ‘toxic heights’ it is doomed for unhappiness with the board of directors you have. CHANGE IS NEEDED.
  119. I feel like the weight of the world is now off my shoulders. But I am unhappy I wasn’t given the choice or the pleasure of walking out of there on my terms. I was still in the midst of a grievance I put against Aram.
  122. The majority of you were a pleasure to work with but the minority were too powerful in their hateful ways in the end.
  125. I’m sorry for the long essay but I wanted you all to hear from me what happened to me in my time at Sussex Heights.
  128. I hope you are all well.
  130. Lots of love,
  133. Debbie
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