Pushing up Daisy [RGRE]

Jun 28th, 2018
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  1. The prompts
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  4. Let's go back to the prompt where Anon forgets one of his marefriend's birthdays or anniversaries and expects to be yelled at or hit, but instead is comforted by his herd because they think he was in an abusive relationship.
  6. -----
  8. >You are Anon
  9. >And you fucked up
  10. >Badly
  11. >You completely forgot Daisy's birthday
  12. >You didn't even remember until Roseluck and Lilly asked you what you got her
  13. >Unfortunately by that time it was too late to get her a gift
  14. >Daisy would be getting home soon from running the stall and most of the shops had already closed up for the day
  15. >You just hope that she wouldn't yell at you for too long
  16. >Maybe you could make it up to her tomorrow
  17. >You could man the stall and let her have an all-day spa trip
  18. >Maybe that'd calm her down
  19. >You're a terrible boyfriend
  20. >You hear the front door open
  21. >"Hey, I'm home!"
  22. >You swallow nervously
  23. >You hear Lilly and Roseluck answer her before her hoofsteps make their way up the stairs and towards your shared room
  24. >The doorknob seems to turn painfully slow before the door creaks open
  25. >You watch as Daisy's expression visibly lightens the instant she sees you
  26. >She launches herself onto your chest and you wrap your arms around her
  27. "Rough day at work?"
  28. >"You have no idea. How was your day?"
  29. >It's now or nothing
  30. >C'mon you can do this!
  31. >Are you a man or a chicken
  32. "Actually I-I have something to tell you."
  33. >She looks up at you, a worried expression on her face
  34. >"Did some mare harass you again?"
  35. "No, actually it has to do with you."
  36. >"Me? What about me?"
  37. "Well, I, um, Ikindasortaforgotaboutyourbirthdaypleasedon'tyellatme."
  38. >"What? Could you say that again, I didn't understand a word you said."
  39. >You take a deep breath to steel your nerves before speaking agian
  40. "I forgot your birthday, I'm sorry. I understand if you wanna hit me or yell at me. I'm a terrible boyfriend."
  41. >The expression on her face isn't one of anger like you expected, but one of shock and, pity?
  42. >"A-Anon, sweetie, I would never, ever, ever, hit you. D-Did I do something that made you think I would?"
  44. -----
  46. The Story
  49. >You stare at her disbelievingly.
  50. >There should be at least a few things flying over your head by now.
  51. >Silence seems to alarm her further, causing her to let go.
  52. >"Uhmm, I should get the others. Please stay here?"
  53. >You nod dumbly.
  54. >This is another faux pass, isn't it?
  55. >Ohh crap, your other mares will learn you lied about getting her something amazing.
  56. >Double crap, they'll probably join her.
  57. >Why did you always have to run your damn mouth?
  58. "Wait."
  59. >Her ears swivel towards you, worry and fear now evident.
  60. "Look. I'm sorry, babe. Can we just forget this-"
  61. >You bite your tongue.
  62. >Literally.
  63. "Not the birthday, of course! But I'll find a way to make it up to you. I promise. If I forget again, fuck the sofa, you can throw me out to the dog house for the night," you chuckle, rubbing the back of your head.
  64. >There's the shock again.
  65. >And now she's crying.
  66. >Great job, Anon. You completely trashed your mare's special day.
  69. >Daisy has hooves so you're going to have to tread lightly.
  70. >You slide off the bed and cautiously approach her.
  71. "...or the week."
  72. >If you can just get her in a hug, before she realizes you're in optimal striking range, maybe you can-
  73. "Ooof."
  74. >You're tackled into a hug that knocks you off your feet.
  75. >Sounds of whimpering fill the room, and tears soak into your shirt.
  76. >Your nervous chuckle is all but gone now.
  77. >All this time you've been dating you didn't take Daisy as this much of a softy.
  78. >Though you should have figured, she being the youngest of two caring sisters.
  79. >You don't even get to have the satisfaction of her hitting you and being cool later because 'typical men.'
  80. >Only the sinking disappointment.
  81. >You're pretty sure you're the worst boyfriend in the history of Equestria.
  82. "Hey," you murmur barely above a whisper. "Please don't cry. I know I'm a big stupid human. I'm sorry."
  83. >You squeeze her back, and scoot over to the wall where you can lean back and comfortably pull her over yourself.
  84. >At least you can count your blessings that she isn't pushing you away right now-
  85. >"Daisy? Anon?" you hear Rose call, before nudging the door open.
  86. >"You alright, hun?" Lily asks following behind.
  89. >You jolt upright, causing Daisy to hug you tighter.
  90. >Damned horse ears.
  91. >Like a deer caught in the headlights, you can't bring yourself to do anything as they scan the scene.
  92. >Please be regular mad.
  93. >You can't stand to make anymore of your girls cry.
  94. >Lily immediately trots forward to nuzzle her little sister.
  95. >Rose however, gives you a stern look that makes your blood turn frigid.
  96. >You've always had trouble hiding a guilty face.
  97. >Earlier you got away with it because they were busy tending to the garden.
  98. >But even as alien as you are, it's still obvious you're at fault.
  99. >"What the hay did you say to her, Anon?"
  100. "I..." You wheeze, Daisy somehow holding you in a vice grip.
  101. >You shimmy out of her death grip, and let Lily take over.
  102. "I know. There's no excuse I can give for how bad I messed up. Please, give me a chance to make it right."
  103. >You grab your coin purse on the way towards the door, keeping your head low.
  104. >Rose scrunches her muzzle at you. "Alright, but I want to hear an explanation and a proper apology when you get back."
  105. >Shooting her a grateful smile, you slink out of the room.
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