Sister, Brother: Nocht

Jun 30th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. A stone bridge.
  2. The shadows violently writhe and twist along the ground here, indicating a war shrine of Nocht nearby. A strong gale has developed here. This small bridge provides a crossing point over the Glomdoring River. Constructed of grey stone, its edges are built up to form a low wall, whilst the centre is a well-trod path from south to north. Small symbols of birds and stars are carved deeply into the stone, some barely visible below the lichen and moss, others still clear and vibrant. Along the river, it is possible to see some distance to the west and northeast, as the ashes and willows drop back from the murky waters. To the south, a dirt track leads away into a dense ash forest, whilst the way to the north is dark and shadowy, bordered by blackened, twisted trees. A sedge of galingale is firmly planted in the forest floor. A marjoram bush flourishes here, spreading its delicate scent. Lovely coltsfoot carpets the forest floor. Sprays of chervil cover the forest floor. A hemlock sapling clings tenaciously to the ground here. Casting darkness all around, a shadow totem thrusts up from the ground, chilling the air.
  3. You see exits leading south and northwest.
  5. Soft whispers bubble up from underneath the bridge, "You are fond of this place, little one?"
  7. Quietly, ducking their head, you say, "I am, my Lord."
  9. "I am pleased you found one with the Serenwilde so willing to share their secrets. With time, I imagine they will reveal more to you."
  11. You have emoted: Giving a short nod of acknowledgement, Esei's lip quirks upward for but a moment, before smoothing out again. "I hope that is the case, my Lord," they say softly.
  13. The current of the river seems to hesitate and falter as tendrils of shadow begin to grasp upwards from beneath the bridge, long fingers that slowly curl around it as the voice whispers softly, "As for your other question... I am curious as to what prompted it..."
  15. After a few thoughtful moments, you say, "...nothing of great import. I was just... reminded, as the Lady of Lagoons and Lady Empyreal spoke earlier this weave."
  17. The tendrils of shadow slowly engulf the bridge, swirling around you as the voice speaks, "Ah... so Li-varili did seek Her out in the end."
  19. You have emoted: Esei nods simply, leaning an elbow against the bridge. "Yes," they say softly. "I did not get to see Them myself, but I was told the Lady Empyreal offered to heal Her, in exchange for Her trust... and the Eye, as it was a... 'barrier', I believe it was referred to. The Lady of Lagoons thought it to be a trick, or a similar deception, and rejected the offer."
  21. The shadows pooling around the bridge rise up, twisting into the form of Nocht, the Silent as He steps softly towards the wall of the bridge. He stands beside you, hands folded in front of Him as He whispers, "Ah yes... Healing always comes easy if You are willing to submit entirely to Lantra's will. Healing, compassion, understanding. All quite conditional from the Empyreal..."
  23. You give Nocht a respectful bow, one hand clasped over your heart.
  25. You have emoted: Esei carefully returns to their position pre-bow, chewing on their lip thoughtfully before they speak, "...conditional, my Lord?"
  27. More silhouette than Elder, the way the shadows on the ground seem to grasp towards Him make it unmistakable that He is a radiant immortal. Standing a little taller than the height of an average elfen, all other aspects of the Elder's appearance are shrouded in veils and robes. Flashes of brilliant emerald and prismatic light occasionally light up the air around Him, accompanied with a sickly sweet floral scent that lingers in the air.
  29. He is wearing:
  30. a veiled blackthorn crown that obscures His face
  31. concealing robes painted with the colours of Night that twist in the air around Him as if underwater.
  33. Keeping His veiled gaze upon the river, Nocht, the Silent whispers, "What I imagine you suspect, My little one, is true. Though She hardly deserves to be called such by Me."
  35. A small furrow knitting between their brows, you say, "...why, if I may ask, my Lord?"
  37. The shadows suddenly twist in agitation around Nocht, the Silent as the air becomes heavy with an uneasy feeling that weighs everything down.
  39. Shadows grow longer in anticipation for the return of their dark mistress as Father Sun's chase brings him closer to the world's edge.
  41. You have emoted: Almost imperceptibly, Esei's thumb begins to rub a slow back-and-forth motion on their staff. They remain silent, staring at the river ahead.
  43. Nocht, the Silent whispers, "She has always resented Me. Conspired against Me. Poisoned Our siblings against Me. Long before differences such as Wyrd and Light existed within Lusternia."
  45. You have emoted: Esei's lips curve downward in a small frown, eyes flicking down to the water.
  47. Nocht shrugs His shoulders, the movement causing His robes to flutter around Him. "Why She has done this? I can only speculate. Perhaps She is jealous that...." He trails off as He watches the river in silence. "It does not matter, My little one."
  49. Softly, you say, "Aye, as You say."
  51. Nocht, the Silent whispers, "Eventually I suppose it was to be revealed. Though I imagine Lantra is hardly inclined to address Me as Brother either. There is no point in concealment any further so you may speak of it to others within the Wyrd as you wish, My Esei. Now that I know Li-varili will not be healed by Her, there are other matters I must attend to. Be well."
  53. The surrounding shadows wane, relaxing into their normal state as the form of Nocht, the Silent dissolves into the aether.
  55. You have emoted: Esei bobs their head briefly, as if to acknowledge the words even though the speaker is gone.
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