Scorpion (AiE; Celestia, Chrysalis)

Dec 1st, 2014
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  1. "Pathetic.."
  2. >You mumble as your magic tosses aside the supposed 'Royal Guard'
  3. >How this city wasn't under your complete control was a mystery
  4. >Scratch that, you remember quite vividly how you lost, but it was a fluke!
  5. >Certainly not because of these elite warriors...
  6. >"Halt! Changeling Sc--"
  7. >A blast of magic finds the would be hero on his back, an inch into the stonework of the wall
  8. >You'd think they'd learn by now..
  9. >A flick of your horn opens the large, double doors to the royal chamber, the two spear ponies tossed aside from the aftershock
  10. >Some nobles gasp, one lady faints
  11. >Most are frozen in place, shock, fear and awe collectively shared among them
  12. >What you've grown to expect when ponies see a true Queen
  13. >"Chrysalis."
  14. >Celestia, the puppet of a ruler, she finds her voice and uses it to state the obvious.
  15. >"How dare you invade my realm. Have you not learnt your lesson from last time we crossed horns?"
  16. >You chuckle, your laugh a mocking song for the sun princess
  17. "As I recall it, you were suspended from a cocoon above that very throne."
  18. >Celestia's expression narrows as your tongue licks your fangs
  19. "But, I have not come to make war on you. Not today, that is."
  20. >"What do you want, then? Be quick before I eject you from my realm a second time."
  21. >That earned another laugh, such a pompous princess, that one
  22. >But, as much as it pains you to admit, you're not here to embarrass her once again
  23. >No, you are going to ask for the most vile thing imaginable
  24. >While somehow not appearing to be asking.
  25. "I'm afraid we have a bit of problem on our hooves."
  26. >Celestia ordered the nobles and rabble dismissed
  27. >They were replaced with another regiment of guard ponies, you having broken the first bunch on my way in.
  28. >"Go on..."
  29. "Have you heard of the being named Anonymous?"
  31. * * *
  33. >Be Moondancer
  34. >Trotting home, practically prancing.
  35. >After months of trying to get a certain bookworm stallion's attention, he finally worked up the nerve to ask you out!
  36. >You practically had to lift your tail in front of him but no matter.
  37. >You liked the geeky types anyhow.
  38. >He was big for a geek too, probably doesn't even realize how much of a hunk he was.
  39. >You sigh, heart bubbles practically floating from your body as you make your way home.
  40. >Big date was tomorrow.
  41. >Plenty of time to get ready.
  42. >Humming a hearths warming tune to yourself, you turned down a dark street that would take you home.
  43. >Those lousy lamp-lighters always took forever to get to your neighborhood
  44. >Especially in winter when the sun set by nearly 5...
  45. >Who cares, you thought, and your horn glowed a pale white to show you the rest of the way.
  46. >He finally asked you ou--
  47. >Something in the darkness scurried away.
  48. >You stopped and turned your head to try and illuminate it.
  49. >It was gone.
  50. >Probably a stray, there were a lot more now that it had gotten colder.
  51. >With a shrug, you turn back toward your home.
  52. >Few more houses and you're there.
  53. >It's not much, but a teacher's salary in Canterlot only could get you so far.
  54. >You're quick to toss your winter clothes and start a fire.
  55. >Smiling as warmth quickly filled the small home, you couldn't help thinking of your future escort.
  56. >Those strong rear legs, his long unkempt mane
  57. >Those cute fetlocks he was trying to grow
  58. >With a giddy giggle that sounded like you were a teenager again, you trotted to your kitchen.
  59. >Have to think about what to wear and---
  60. >Your front door flies open, the winds of winter filling your house in an instant, your fire blown out.
  61. >Cursing, you used your magic to close the door and re-ignite the fire.
  62. >Wonder how that happened?
  63. >Shrugging, you returned to your cupboard.
  64. >Had to be something to eat in here...
  65. >A faint voice whispered your name from behind you
  66. >You gasp and spin around.
  67. >The fire was out again, the house eerily darker than usual.
  68. "Who....who's there?!"
  69. >Your heart was hammering in your ears, your front legs beginning to tremble.
  70. >That voice sounded....almost like your future date.
  71. >It couldn't be, nobody came home with you.
  72. >And how would he know where you lived?
  73. >No, no your overactive imagination was playing a trick on you!
  74. >You're a grown mare, stop being afraid of the dark!
  75. >There was a noise from upstairs, your bedroom door slowly opening.
  76. >For a moment you thought of running away, screaming.
  77. >But what would the neighbors thing, or the police?
  78. >Or worse, what if the parents of your students found out their teacher was afraid of her own house?
  79. >No, this had to stop.
  80. >With a deep breath, you pushed yourself up the stairs
  81. >Go up there and maybe cast a spell on that bothersome door to stop it from creaking.
  82. >Your hooves clopped loudly on the wooden stairs
  83. >Somehow you were more comfortable making noise than being quiet
  84. >Maybe it'll scare whatever spook is up there.
  85. >You giggle at how silly that sounds, and your heart calms a little.
  86. >When you reach your bedroom, you shiver.
  87. >The windows are open?
  88. >No wonder there was noise, it was voices from outside!
  89. >Sighing with a little relief, you closed both windows with your magic
  90. >Just as you turned to leave, the door to the bedroom slammed shut.
  91. >You nearly screamed, but a voice called your name.
  92. >His voice, the stallion from your school.
  93. >"Your love...its beautiful"
  94. >How?! What is he doing here!?
  95. >You don't want to look, your hooves feel glued to the floor.
  96. >Just close your eyes and it'll go away
  97. >This is all in your head!!
  98. "Who...whos there!?"
  99. >Your voice is shaky as you will yourself to turn around
  100. >Somehow, your bedroom had become darker.
  101. >Your windows are blacked out, an eerie black liquid travelling up the surface of the glass
  102. >It was coming from your bed.
  103. >What you see when you turn around chills you to the bone.
  104. >A sickly green glow, atop a pillar of black and blue...something.
  105. >Run, I screamed in my head, run now!
  106. >But my legs didn't listen
  107. >It was horrible, a sickly looking thing standing on two legs, arms folded over its chest.
  108. >Scream, let everyone know!
  109. >But your mouth refused to open
  110. >It wore a tattered black suit, odd black goop poking from the holes in the material.
  111. >Your body was frozen, that magic energy blocking the windows was holding you still
  112. >Use your magic! Cast a spell!
  113. >Your mind felt foggy and you couldn't concentrate.
  114. >A grin crept on its face, pointy white fangs poking from between its lips
  115. >By Celestia, it was coming closer!
  117. >WHY CAN'T YOU MOVE!!
  118. >"Don't worry, it will all be over soon..."
  119. >It whispered in your ear and your eyes felt heavy
  120. >Your legs became weak and wobbly.
  121. >You felt it's thin, sickly digits stroke your cheek
  122. >And the world went white.
  124. >With a sudden jolt of energy, you awoke in a grassy field, the sun caressing your body.
  125. >You shook your head and the stallion from the library was waiting for you.
  126. >He extended a hoof and helped you up
  127. >Not remembering how you got here, you took his hoof and followed.
  128. >You were....outside? At your favorite cafe?
  129. >"Hi Moondancer."
  130. >He smiled and pulled a chair out for you.
  131. "Well...Read..?"
  132. >"Thanks for meeting me.,...I thought you weren't going to show."
  133. >You felt yourself smile at his awkwardness.
  134. >The sun felt warm on your face.
  135. >The wind blew gently, and more and more of Canterlot seemed to come alive before your eyes.
  136. >The food smelled amazing.
  137. >He was exactly as you imagined he'd look, cleaned up but mane still wild and free.
  138. >What had been bothering you a moment ago?
  139. >Why were you so worried about this?
  140. >Everything was just...perfect!
  142. * * *
  144. >"You did what!?"
  145. >Be Chrysalis, smug as ever, in Celestia's throne room.
  146. >"How could you be so...irresponsible!?"
  147. >Not exactly the word you expected her to use.
  148. >Even in her fury, the sun princess was ever so proper.
  149. "I have...indoctrinated more than one creature in my reign as Queen of the Changelings. How was I supposed to know his species would react so strangely?"
  150. >Celestia placed her hoof on her forehead and sighed.
  151. >"How long has he been...lost to you?"
  152. "Three days. He was a clever one. He pretended to be under my complete control, only to escape when I lowered my guard."
  153. >"After you showed him how to harvest love on his own. That is most wonderful."
  154. >You rolled your eyes and stomped your hoof.
  155. "Perhaps if you hadn't sent him to spy on us, I wouldn't have caught him! This is as much your fault as it is mind, Celestia!"
  156. >"Said the scorpion to the frog."
  157. "I hate that story."
  158. >An uncomfortable silence followed.
  159. >Celestia no doubt was thinking of how to get more information without admitting she was as powerless as you were.
  160. >At least you were on equal footing for once.
  161. >"So why come to me? What makes you believe I would help you?"
  162. "He knows we've been tracking him, and he's become good at hiding even from my magic. Anon's powers are only going to grow stronger the more he feeds. If he surpasses myself, my brood will follow him and my time as Queen will be over. Who knows what he'll do with a changeling army behind him. He's not too thrilled your ponies didn't come to his rescue while I...played with him."
  163. >You smirked, showing your fangs, and Celestia looked like she was going to vomit.
  164. "This is the best solution for all of us."
  165. >"I will make that decision once we capture him."
  166. >And just like that, you made a deal with the sun princess.
  168. * * *
  170. >Be Anon
  171. >Well, maybe not Anon as much as you used to be
  172. >In Moondancer's bedroom, the little pony hanging from the ceiling inside a cocoon
  173. >Dreaming her little fantasy of her perfect stallion
  174. >While you drained every last drop of affection
  175. >Chrysalis was right, the fresher the love the better
  176. >Not to mention the more passion behind it
  177. >The pony rocked in the cocoon, legs crossing and twitching
  178. >You felt your wings twitch under your coat as your hand stroked the translucent wall.
  179. >The bubble of fluid trembled as more of her deepest feelings were absorbed through the membranes
  180. >As she dreamed her little dream, you let your magic wander from her house, intent on finding your next meal
  181. >You were always hungry, no matter how much you fed you always wanted more
  182. >Moondancer was your fourth meal today, and each one took you closer and closer to the capital
  183. >You had to be careful, Chrysalis was surely looking for you
  184. >The ponies would be the perfect defense.
  185. >She'd never risk coming this deep into Canterlot.
  186. >Not after what she did last time.
  187. >And the ponies, they wouldn't know what you were doing until it was too late.
  188. >...too late for what, you had no idea
  189. >But Celestia was the one who sent you to Chrysalis' lair
  190. >She knew you'd get kidnapped, she had to have
  191. >She did nothing to even try to help you
  192. >Thats why you were this thing now...
  193. >If she didn't want you around she could have just said so
  194. >Not sent you on a suicide mission!
  195. >She'd pay..they'll all regret fucking with you.
  196. >But first...the stallion across the street misses his wife and Moondancer was about spent
  197. >You cut the bottom of the cocoon, and she flopped unceremoniously onto her bed, groaning, covered in ichor
  198. >She moaned the name of her crush and tried to stand
  199. >You moved away, toward the window
  200. >Your next meal awaits you...
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