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  1. username: MELANN1UM
  3. full name: Lee Taeyeon
  4. other name: Melanie Lee
  5. only if she has one
  6. nickname( s ): Mel, Tae
  8. birthdate: 30 November, 1993
  9. age: 25
  11. weight: 48kg
  12. height: 178cm
  14. nationality: Korean
  15. ethnicity: American/Korean
  17. birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  18. hometown: Vancouver, Canada
  20. family:
  21. - Father: Peter Lee Jihoon | 53 | Lawyer
  23. - Mother: Lee Sohye | 49 | Interior Designer
  25. - Brother: Mark Lee | 19 | Performer
  27. background: She grew up in Vancouver despite being born in Seoul. Her parents worked a lot so it was just her and her Brother the taking care of each other. She took care of him by making food for him, helping him with everything and spending a lot of time with him. They were very ambitious children who always are out of the house, running around the place doing the things they love doing together. Mark had his heart set on becoming a performer while Melanie just wanted to be a simple illustrator and part-time chef. Their parents were kind and they let their children go and achieve their dreams as they know how capable they are judging on their entire childhood taking care of each other. They both left for Seoul when Melanie was 17 and Mark was 11. Mark auditioned for a few companies and became a trainee under SM while Melanie continued to live her quiet life.
  29. trivia:
  30. • She is the person to go to if you want to hear some pretty bad jokes and puns.
  31. • Shes crazy about cooking and baking. It relaxes her and people say that she should become a Chef.
  32. • She always overworks and does more than she's can handle without knowing.
  33. • She is claustrophobic. She can't spend an entire day in a building and she needs to go outdoors.
  34. • Her lucky number is 9.
  35. • She took up visual arts in school and got a Bachelors Art Degree.
  36. • She isn't a person with many friends as she feels uncomfortable with crowds.
  37. • Her headphones is her Best Friend and it's hard on seperate then a as she's always listening to music.
  39. personality: She's a very motherly and caring person. She is outgoing and will tell jokes to lighten the mood, whether they are good or bad. She is ambitious and a workaholic, which means she tends to neglect her health sometimes. She also has a bit of trust issues, so she only trusts the few friends she has. She's sometimes very gullible but people find that cute and funny of her. She's a bit overprotective so if you mess with her close friends and family, she will deal with you. She's generally a nice person to be around.
  42. • Bubble tea
  43. • Cooking and Baking
  44. • Plushies
  45. • Jokes
  46. • Art
  47. dislikes:
  48. • Bitter food
  49. • Mean people
  50. • Annoyance
  51. • Pain
  52. • Creepy Crawlies
  54. habits:
  55. • Fidgeting with her fingers
  56. • Biting her lip
  58. face claim: PONY (@ponysmakeup)
  59. backup face claim: IU
  61. ideal type: Someone who is really cute, caring, hardworking, handsome and appreciates bad jokes. A person who is a food enthusiast like her and a really enjoyable person to be with.
  62. love interest: Kim Seokjin
  63. backup love interest: Park Jimin
  65. requested scenes with love interest:
  66. • Since they both love joke she and puns, good and bad, there has to be a lot of moments where they exchange jokes and die of laughter.
  67. • The other players always can hear the two distracted and talking about food. They always have to tell them to focus but that normally only works for about 15 minutes before the year start again!
  68. requested scenes with the girls:
  69. • NIL
  70. requested sscenes with the guys:
  71. • NIL
  72. requested scenes with the group:
  73. • NIL
  75. (^Sorry I really can't think of anything at the moment)
  77. password: 5467365546
  79. If I need to changed anything in the form just let me know! Thank you!
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