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  1. Aius is an average, unimposing boy from a small, poor family on an island most people likely haven't heard of due to its lack of importance. It's customary that the men of his family work at young ages to provide the family with an additional source of income, though the youth was fired from most jobs due to his clumsiness and general incompetence. Fearing that he'd simply be a drain on his family's resources, he journeys out into the world on a small raft, taking to the seas in hopes of finding something he'd be decent enough at to make a living while supporting himself. His goal, to provide a suitable income to assist his mother in keeping his family afloat financially.
  3. In his time growing up on his home island, Aius came to learn at an early age that he had a penchant for combat, namely sword-fighting, though due to the nature of the peaceful settlement, such a hobby was discouraged and he was eventually forced to abandon his daily training sessions in favor of something more practical. Now free from the prying eyes of his disapproving elders, the youth thought to pursue his interests once more whilst traveling from island to island in search of jobs with stable pay, hitching a ride on the boats of various shady parties as he struggled to make ends meet.
  5. Aius continues this cycle for approximately a year and a half until he lands upon an island with a notable kenjutsu dojo, where he would eventually settle down after entering a contract of sorts with the head instructor. Due to his lack of funds to pay for tutelage, the boy would work as a servant of sorts and receive training and sustenance as payment for his work. His tenure as a student of the dojo would continue for a number of years before the head instructor deemed the youth mature enough in his art to travel freely. With hopes of making decent money as a bodyguard of sorts, Aius does just that; the youth packs his bags and sets for the sea once more in search of adventure and berry.
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