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chat log feat. indra

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Feb 22nd, 2020
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  1. * MRniggermaniac1488 changed name to cat
  2. *SPEC* 8ki94u : Guys Leave, Be THe Better Player
  3. hhhhh : !log
  4. [SOAP] Your attacker had 125 health remaining.
  5. *SPEC* 8ki94u : Hey Mom obamas outside&im slappin Hes tittys
  6. DubThink : !log
  7. 8ki94u joined team RED
  8. [SOAP] Your attacker had 70 health remaining.
  9. [SOAP] Your attacker had 175 health remaining.
  10. [SOAP] Your attacker had 65 health remaining.
  11. death and/or deathlike dying : congrats @indra for joining the red name club
  12. [SOAP] Your attacker had 117 health remaining.
  13. [SOAP] Your attacker had 175 health remaining.
  14. MR reddit alien (Black) : waaa
  15. cat : dont care nigger
  16. ult : Cry
  17. MR reddit alien (Black) : waaaa
  18. 8ki94u : waa
  19. 8ki94u : ur mcm got a unboxed polly pocket beach blast european collectors edition
  20. MR reddit alien (Black) : waaa
  21. wothlessgaming : dam ur such a baller
  22. 8ki94u : ur mad at a video game
  23. cat : cry me a river i dont play this nigger tranny game
  24. [SOAP] Your attacker had 125 health remaining.
  25. wothlessgaming has earned the achievement Death From Below
  26. 8ki94u : u actually take ur time to report people in adead game and retarded leatgue
  27. MR reddit alien (Black) : antlers
  28. 8ki94u : LMAO
  29. 8ki94u : like & revine if ur sorry 4 slavery
  30. *DEAD* MR reddit alien (Black) : u are actually so bad at this game
  31. cat : little faggot ill make you my little cutslut
  32. 8ki94u : u got ur facecam on?
  33. MR reddit alien (Black) : please stop trying
  34. hhhhh left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  35. 8ki94u : bro u probably ugly as shit
  36. death and/or deathlike dying : i do ;)
  37. cat : im gonna cut you open and fuck your gut pussy
  38. cat : you little faggy nigger boy
  39. cat : Damn Ur Ugly
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