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  1. [divbox=white][hr][/hr][color=#FFFFFF].[/color]
  2. [aligntable=left,0,0,0,0,0,transparent][img][/img]
  3. [size=55][color=#FFFFFF].[/color][/size][/aligntable][aligntable=right,0,0,0,0,0,transparent][b]Los Santos Police Department Headquarters
  4. 1 Pershing Square, Los Santos
  5. SA 97447
  8. Firearms Licensing Division
  9. License to Purchase a Firearm
  10. [/b][/aligntable][size=55][color=#FFFFFF].[/color][/size][hr][/hr]
  11. [img][/img] [size=130][b]Section 1: Personal Information[/b][/size]
  13. [hr][/hr]
  14. [list][b]01. Surname:[/b] Byrd
  15. [b]02. Forename:[/b] Reginald
  17. [b]03. City and County of Residence:[/b] Los Santos, Los Santos
  18. [b]04. Country of Citizenship:[/b] United States of America
  19. [b]05. Date of Birth:[/b] 05/MAR/1990
  21. [b]06.[/b] [color=#2E5894][b][IF US][/b][/color] [b]City, County, State of Birth:[/b] Los Santos, Los Santos, San Andreas
  22. [b]07.[/b] [color=#2E5894][b][IF NON-US][/b][/color] [b]City, Country of Birth:[/b] N/A
  24. [b]08. Height:[/b] 6' 4"
  25. [b]09. Weight:[/b] 180 lbs.
  26. [b]10. Eye Color:[/b] Green
  27. [b]11. Hair Color:[/b] Blonde
  28. [b]12. Gender (tick):[/b] Male [cbf][/cbf] Female [cb][/cb]
  29. [b]13. Race (tick):[/b] White [cb][/cb] Black [cbf][/cbf] Hispanic [cb][/cb] Asian [cb][/cb] Other [cb][/cb]
  31. [b]14. Residence Address:[/b] 1111 Street, Area, City Areacode, San Andreas
  32. [b]15. Contact Number:[/b] 1111111
  33. [b]16. Occupation:[/b] Unemployed
  34. [b]17. Business/Employer Name:[/b] N/A
  36. [b]18. Business Owner:[/b] Yes [cb][/cb] No [cbf][/cbf]
  37. [b]19. Business Address:[/b] Street Number, Street Name, Apartment (If Applicable)
  39. [b]20. Do you now possess a valid San Andreas driver's license?[/b] No [cb][/cb] Yes [cbf][/cbf] [/list]
  41. [hr][/hr]
  42. [img][/img] [size=130][b]Section 2: Description of Weapons[/b][/size]
  44. [hr][/hr]
  45. [list][b]01. What firearm(s) do you plan to purchase and restock regularly (List within specified fields below, maximum of THREE firearms):[/b]
  47. [list]
  48. [b]1.[/b] Magnum DE44CABB - Burnt Bronze (Steel), 6", .44 Magnum
  49. [b]2.[/b] Springfield Armory XD9832 (Polymer & Steel), 3.01", .40 S&W
  50. [b]3.[/b] Glock 17 - Black (Steel & Polymer), 4.49", 9mm
  51. [/list]
  53. [b]02. If a rifle is listed, confirm that it is semi-automatic and is not capable of selective fire (may not switch from semi-automatic to burst or fully automatic). If no rifle is listed, leave empty:[/b] Yes [cb][/cb] No [cb][/cb]
  55. [b]03. If a shotgun is listed, confirm that it is either pump action, single loaded, or double loaded. If no shotgun is listed, leave empty:[/b] Yes [cb][/cb] No [cb][/cb]
  57. [b]04. Where will the firearm(s) be stored?[/b] Home [cbf][/cbf] Business [cb][/cb]
  59. [list]If you have listed 'business', provide a link of proof of business ownership: N/A
  60. [/list]
  62. [b]05. What is your purpose for obtaining a firearm license? (Check all that apply)[/b] Defense [cbf][/cbf] Sport [cb][/cb] Hunting [cb][/cb]
  63. [/list]
  65. [hr][/hr]
  66. [img][/img] [size=130][b]Section 3: Rules and Restrictions[/b][/size]
  68. [hr][/hr]
  69. [list][b]The licensee is responsible for all liability for, injury to, or death of any person, or damage to any property which may result through any act or omission of either the licensee or the agency that issued the license. In the event any claim, suit, or action is brought against the agency that issued the license, its chief officer or any of its employees, by reason of, or in connection with any such act or omission, the licensee shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the agency that issued the license, its chief officer or any of its employees from such claim, suit, or action.
  71. I hereby certify under penalties of perjury that the answers I have given are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I understand and agree to the provisions, conditions, and restrictions herein or otherwise imposed.[/b]
  73. I, Reginald Byrd, hereby declare that I have read and understood the restrictions, and understand the consequences that follow should I violate the license rules and restrictions.
  75. [i]Reginald Byrd[/i]
  77. [/list]
  78. [hr][/hr]
  79. [img][/img] [size=130][b](( Section 4: Out of Character ))[/b][/size]
  81. [hr][/hr]
  82. [list][b]01. Screenshot of Character Level (/stats):[/b] [url=LINK TO SCREENSHOT]ACCESS[/url]
  84. [b]02. Screenshot of Streetname (/myhouse or /streetname):[/b] [url=LINK TO SCREENSHOT]ACCESS[/url]
  86. [b]03. LS:RP Forum Name:[/b] [url=LSRP_PROFILE_LINK]LSRP_FORUM_NAME[/url]
  88. [b]04. License abuse is a serious issue, and is considered a [color=#2E5894]ban-worthy offence[/color]. You must only ever be in possession of ONE of each weapon you have applied for and can not mass store or stockpile weapons in any way whatsoever. You must also NOT give ANY firearm to ANY other individual for any purposes, for example, the sale of license-bought firearms. This includes storing firearms so that they may be willfully stolen by those you know.
  90. Please state below, in your own words (copying may lead to a ban from applying), that you are aware of these regulations and the consequences that will follow if they are violated:[/b]
  92. I, Reginald Byrd, have read and understood the rules of owning a "Purchase Firearm" license. You may not stockpile, give away, sell, or storing them so your friends can steal them on purpose. I understand that breaking the "Purchase Firearm" license rules is punishable by a permanent ban. If I were to break any of the "Purchase Firearm" license rules I shall take full responsibility for my actions.
  93. [/list]
  94. [hr][/hr][/divbox]
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