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  1. (08:48:15): finds tells the story exactly like that
  2. (08:48:20): Fidds even
  3. Inkwell (08:48:22): yes
  4. Inkwell (08:48:36): to his wife  
  5. Inkwell (08:48:39): wonders why she doesn't sympathize
  6. Inkwell (08:48:47): look at those arms, mrs mcgucket, can you blame him
  7. Inkwell (08:48:50): that boy's stacked
  8. (08:48:53): OH MY GOD
  9. (08:49:13): What do you mean this isn't a common problem
  10. Inkwell (08:49:37): i mean at least he doesn't hav eto spend like an hour priming her up before she'll even admit they're having sex like hot damn  
  11. Inkwell (08:49:44): something to be said for not being ford pines
  12. (08:51:15): Imagine him being shocked and appalled that he doesn't have to spend 2 hours convincing her that sex is happening
  13. Inkwell (08:51:31): no wonder they got married so quick
  14. (08:51:35): Hooooeee I been livin a lie
  15. Inkwell (08:51:37): he was just so happy to have someone who'd admit they were dating
  16. (08:51:56): Oh my gooood
  17. (08:52:00): That's so darn sad
  18. Inkwell (08:52:01): and who was like you have a doctorate omg  
  19. Inkwell (08:52:02): instead of
  20. Inkwell (08:52:08): haahaha you have A doctorate
  21. Inkwell (08:52:09): that's cute
  22. (08:52:37): Christ ford is such a bag of dicks
  23. Inkwell (08:52:39): im constantly sad about fiddleford mcgucket's unnamed wife  
  24. (08:52:51): Sssaaaammeee
  25. Inkwell (08:52:54): both considering the timeline i put their relationship on AND considering like,,,
  26. Inkwell (08:52:59): all the shit from her perspective
  27. Inkwell (08:53:03): like jesus
  28. (08:53:07): Mmmmmmmmm
  29. Inkwell (08:53:12): you marry a guy and barely more than a year later he goes fucking nuts and starts a cult
  30. Inkwell (08:53:21): and leaves you SOL with a baby  
  31. (08:54:08): She starts thinking it might have been better if it was sudden and that she didn't have to watch his slow and inevitable downward spiral
  32. Inkwell (08:54:22): liv you're hurting me
  33. Inkwell (08:54:25): i say, as i hurt myself
  34. Inkwell (08:54:44): but like
  35. Inkwell (08:55:04): just imagine your husband comes up to you and you've been worried about him for weeks because SOMETHING happened that he won't talk about and he's like it's okay honey i fixed it
  36. Inkwell (08:55:12): i just made this thing that erases your memories
  37. Inkwell (08:55:16): just erases them right out of your head
  38. Inkwell (08:55:22): and im gonna go and erease everyone's memories of everything bad
  39. Inkwell (08:55:28): so it's okay! life is going to be fine from now on!
  40. Inkwell (08:55:34): like jesus CHRIST
  41. Inkwell (08:55:38): save mrs mcgucket
  42. (08:55:48): Oh my goooood
  43. (08:56:03): Christ that's the saddest and scariest shit  
  44. (08:56:10): What a life
  45. Inkwell (08:56:09): gravity falls is really fucked up tbh
  46. Inkwell (08:56:14): plus like
  47. Inkwell (08:56:21): if it happened around the time i put it at
  48. Inkwell (08:56:39): her leaving him and himc reating that pterodactyl was basically like The Big Jump Off The Deepend
  49. Inkwell (08:56:53): because the memory ray is weird but not
  50. Inkwell (08:56:56): actively destructive
  51. (08:57:49): Stares into the camera
  52. (08:57:54): Sheds a single tear
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