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  1. °☆.。.:*・
  3. username: vittaminx
  4. full name: ahn gigi
  5. nicknames:
  6. 一 gi; a shortened version of her name
  7. 一 s-line goddess; given by neighbor
  8. 一 diva; because of her personality
  10. birthday: april 12, 1996
  11. age: 20
  12. hometown: anyang, south Korea
  13. nationality: korean
  14. ethnicity: asian
  16. slot: modish
  17. backup: harsh
  19. face claim: ji-u [dreamcatcher / minx]
  20. backup: seohyun [girls' generation]
  21. backbackup: yoona [girls' generation]
  23. °☆.。.:*・
  25. personality: she will come off as a bitch. she usually keeps her distance from people, or makes them keep their distance from her. she's not the worst person to try and get to know, but she's pretty arrogant. shes a conceited princess. although she does not try, it happens. she doesn't get close with many people because of this. she has trust issues. she is very elegant and graceful, makes you wonder who she could've been in the past life. she's sarcastic, honestly. you can't hold a conversation without her throwing a remark at you. her fashion obsession takes a toll on her sometimes. she really enjoys talking anything beauty. if she likes and approves of you, she will become friendly. youre either her best friend or not her friend at all. she brushes off the many dislikes she gets from people, she doesn't feel bad. she has an attitude. her youthful and pretty face throws people off. she knows she's pretty. she's strong and doesn't really give a fuck, honestly.
  27. background: when she lived in anyang, she was the cute girl everyone wanted to be friends with. she shared, was an outgoing girl, and was very nice. she had many friends and a lot of boys crushed on her. up until the 5th grade, she aced everything. then, she moved cities. in  sixth grade, she met a group of friends. at first, they seemed very well-mannered and sweet. she became friends with them. once she started hanging out with them more, the more their personalities showed. she turned. she became like them, stuck up and preppy. from first glance she seemed like the same gigi. her brothers were in party gangs, which really didnt help the matter. her parents didnt care, it wasn't like they were there most of the time. she doesnt reveal much of her past, other than her father getting abusive when he was drunk. when she started high school, she moved in with her older brother. it was nice, but she got lonely. she stayed alone from time to time. she eventually joined one of the party gangs. she went out on fridays. her brother was hesitant about it at first, but loosened up when he noticed she was becoming close to bis friends. this lasted for a while, even when she became friends with the girls. she stopped in her last year of high school. ever since, shes been the same 'gigi from middle school.'
  29. trivia:
  30. 一 she wants to become a fashion designer in the future
  31. 一 she love candles and collects them, she especially loves the vanilla scented ones
  32. 一 she is popular on instagram and twitter
  33. 一 she's a big online shopper, of course she still loves to shop in malls, but she finds it easier to shop online
  34. 一 you'll only catch her wearing name brand clothes, she doesn't like hand-me-downs
  35. 一 she is really fond of ice skating, she finds it fascinating and is pretty well herself
  36. 一 she has one dog, a teacup pomeranian, named choco
  37. 一 she owns a bunch of phone jewelry, and has a different phone case everyday
  38. 一 she owns a iphone 7+ rose gold
  39. 一 she often buys her phone cases and t-shirts off of moschino
  40. 一 she doesn't believe in love at first sight
  41. 一 she would love to travel to paris with the girls
  42. 一 she likes to treat the youngest to dinner
  43. 一 although she never lived in america, she knows a lot of english
  44. 一 she says "honestly. truly." a lot
  46. habits:
  47. 一 kicking in her sleep
  48. 一 her left eye twitches when she eats
  49. 一 caressing soft materials
  52. 一 ice skating
  53. 一 fashion
  54. 一 listening to music
  55. 一 the colors pastel pink and purple and matte black
  56. 一 wearing accessories (hats, jewelry, headbands, etc.)
  57. 一 scented candles
  58. 一 lowkey starting drama
  60. dislikes:
  62. 一 obnoxious people
  63. 一 grape flavoured anything
  64. 一 chocolate ice cream
  65. 一 sprinkles
  66. 一 fish
  67. 一 strong smells
  68. 一 knock-off brands
  70. roommate: juvenile
  71. sleep habits:
  72. 一 kicking in her sleep
  73. 一 clutching the pillow(s)
  75. food habits:
  76. 一 eats slow
  77. 一 doesnt like fast food
  78. 一 picky
  79. 一 she cant eat spicy foods
  81. house rules:
  82. 一 dont touch her stuff
  83. 一 dont talk shit about her
  84. 一 stay off her bed
  85. 一 dont use her stuff
  86. 一 take your shoes off before entering her and her roommates room
  87. 一 dont wear her clothes
  89. cleaning habits:
  90. 一 she likes to keep everything neat
  91. 一 she doesn't take rest breaks, she has to do it all in one go
  92. 一 she usually organizes and rearranges in the midst
  94. suggested scenes:
  96. 一 her treating the youngest to dinner
  97. 一 partying at their apartment
  98. 一 her lowkey starting drama between two of them
  99. 一 getting in an argument with one of them
  100. 一 them going to an amusement park
  102. °☆.。.:*・
  104. neighbor: lu han
  105. backup: sehun
  107. his personality:
  108. one moment luhan is the biggest fuckboy and then the next he is the smallest bean. he has a daytime-nightime personality. when he's in his shy moment, he will sit in his apartment with his cats. he's a quiet one but can be a meme. his aspire to be the coolest kid is almost funny. he is the king of whipping do not tell him otherwise. his small bean antics will swoon a girl. at his fuckboy moments, he will be flirtatious. something just rowls him up inside that makes him be like this. he'll become more fond of skinship and sits really close. this kid is hard to read at times.
  110. first impressions: 
  111. -gigi-
  112. when she first met luhan, he was the shy kid. he greeted her in the hall when they first moved in. she thought he was a sweet boy. he didnt talk much and she kind of liked that. she saw him in the hall many times, anytime she was out there, he was out there. she kept her distance from him because she didn't want to get involved with anyone.
  114. -luhan-
  115. when he first saw her, he honestly thought she was pretty. he was too shy to start a conversation, but greeted her with simple 'hello, welcome.' he wanted to talk more to her, but what he had heard from his friends made him afraid that he'd mess up and get his ass kicked.
  117. how he acts around you:
  118. when they first became friends (after lots of warming up and trying), he was still the shy kid she first saw. they talked but it was still small talk. after a while, he broke out into his fuckboy side. he was non-stop flirting and teasing her. of course, being her, she would snap out sarcastic remarks back at him. hes still the biggest meme and will go really far to impress her, or anyone at that. he was still the shy boy at times.
  120. how he acts around his friends:
  121. he's so extra. if his friend says he can jump 5 feet, he'll say he can jump 6 feet. he always shows off. he likes to be pampered by them. he's prince luhan, after all. he likes to tease them but never means it. he usually holds onto their arms or has a hand on their shoulder although he says he's 'not into that gay shit.' he sends memes in group chats and is just the meme and fuckboy.
  123. how does he annoy YOU:
  124. he often tries to flatter her. he'll call her 'babe' and 'princess' just to get on her nerves. he'll place his hand on her, just to get his hand slapped off. he blows her phone up. he sings obnoxiously and sings her voicemails of him singing lil uzi vert songs in broken english. he sends her trillers to songs she has told him she hates. he finds it fun trying to annoy her.
  126. how do you annoy him:
  127. not a lot annoys luhan. she'll go through his pictures when he's gone to the bathroom and tell him how he looks like a playboy. luhan doesnt like being called a playboy. she rejects him most of the time if he asks her if she wants to do something with him.
  129. suggested scenes:
  130. 一 him trying to persuade her into going somewhere with him
  131. 一 her trying to persuade him into going shopping with him
  132. 一 them being petty and starting shit, it only ending up backfiring
  133. 一 gigi sneaking into their apartment to watch movies with him at 2 am (or visa versa)
  134. 一 them actually doing something with each other
  135. 一 them sneaking out with each other at night
  137. how does your relationship progress: as they got closer and closer, gigi started feeling...feelings. she tried to tell herself shes just sick. she had never really liked any guy before. of course, the flirt has had a thing for her since he saw her. as time progressed, they started becoming closer as love interests.
  139. what do you say about him:
  140. he may be a dumbass flirt, but he's still a kid who needs to be pampered and cared for.
  142. what does he say about you?:
  143. if you don't want bitchy gigi, get to know gigi.
  145. °☆.。.:*・
  147. anything extra?:
  148. 一 her parents moved to america after she moved in with her brother
  149. 一 she has two older brothers (niel and david) and one younger brother (bosung)
  151. message to roommates?:
  152. hey, fam. let's not have any problems, babe. we've been friends since high school, so you don't have as much borders. have fun with me.
  154. message to apartment 2b:
  155. our personalities are different, but let's not this affect our relationship. let's try to get along with a good number of us living together. ill try not to be as bitchy. xoxo.
  157. message to author: hEY. im not too familiar with you. i hope this book does well because all the characters seem lit af. i cant wait for this to start because i love apply fics like this. i love seeing people do diverse ones.
  159. password: to appreciate the little things more.
  161. °☆.。.:*・ (SORRY IF ITS LONG)
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