Upon Infernal Depths mod (1.14.4) | Development Progress

Sep 18th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. [9-16-20 @7:30 PM PHT]: I will frequently update this topic, so if you want, stay tuned! I won't force you tho, I feel like it's disrespectful and inappropriate to do... anyways, for those curious, more info will be available next time, so see you in the next log!
  3. [9-17-20 @6:06 AM PHT]: just finished texturing & adding the main blocks for the dimension & some biomes: cinderstone, infernrack, infernrack bricks & variants, vulcanstone, etc. also some textures were purposefully redesigned, to better match my voxel art style. for now, the dimension is still in its early stage of development. still need to edit code and edit the calculateCelestialAngle() function to disable day/night cycle since it would not be favorable in a hellish dimension...
  5. ​​​​​​[9-18-20 @10:35 AM PHT]: after about ten minutes of thinking, I just changed the mod name to: Upon Infernal Depths. If you're reading this right now, thanks for the ideas, N4zaris! Also refactored workspace to match with the new mod ID & package name, and finished texturing some of the pyrochitum-related blocks/items. I have thought of even more things to add than ever! Added the first ever mob as well, the Burnstorm, except it's hard to animate :P
  7. [9-19-20 @11:01 AM PHT]: the Deep Inferno dimension is getting more life than before. Added burning forests (though still very new), infernrack burnylium blocks, deep inferno quartz ores, pyrochitum ores, and entity spawning: zombie pigmen (temporary) in deep inferno wastelands, and burnstorms in burning forests (I need to lower the spawn rate 'coz they're everywhere.)
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