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Manual Instructions Ijaara Demo

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Jul 18th, 2021
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  1. Ijaara Property! Do not take away!
  3. In the unlikely event of an power outage, please restart the energy production system with the commands as specified. Unadherence can lead to a system destruction and thus to cancellation of your contract. Please be careful!
  5. Standard Operation Procedure: #16-99.19-03-24
  7. 1. If all systems are offline, start the pump.
  8. 2. If only one system is working, start the complementary system.
  9. 3. If only the pump is running, start the big feed-in pump.
  10. 4. If only one system is not running between two running systems, then start that system.
  11. 5. If that is ambiguous, start the preburner.
  12. 6. If two adjoined systems are running, start the system after the next or previous system.
  13. 7. If only two systems are operational and no other rule applies, start the first offline system.
  14. 8. If only two systems are not running and no other rule applies, start the last offline system.
  15. 9. If only one system is offline, start it.
  16. 10. Once all systems were started, confirm the process by restarting the firstly started system.
  18. You can abort the start sequence at any point by pressing the orange reset button!
  19. On successful startup, the green online control button will switch on.
  21. Thank you, for your strict SOP adherence!
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