Subtember Subathon Incentives

Sep 27th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Welcome to the Subathon Pastebin! I haven't done a subathon in a while and Subtember is almost over in a few days, so I thought it would be fun to do this while pushing to partner. For every Sub Goal I reach, I will do a KH2FM Rando seed with different settings and minimum amount of KH2FM Rando seeds I will do is 2 (assuming both seeds are around 3-hour seeds, 3 if 1 is somehow a jet seed). Any casual playthroughs or other runs listed here will be worked on after I get partnered on Twitch.
  3. 40 Subs: +1 more KH2FM Rando seed
  4. 50 Subs: +1 more KH2FM Rando seed (Level 1 Seed, with Promise Charm)
  5. 60 Subs: +1 more KH2FM Rando seed (Level 1 Seed, without Promise Charm, Atlantica On, Hades Paradox Cup On)
  6. 75 Subs: +1 more KH2FM Rando seed (EXP Growth x1, without Promise Charm, LV99 On) + Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Any%
  7. 100 Subs: Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (NG+), XC2 Torna - The Golden Country (NG+), & Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (NG+) Back to Back
  8. 125 Subs: Xenoblade Chronicles X "1st" Playthrough (Played a bit of the game when it, never finished it)
  9. 150 Subs: Chrono Cross "1st" Playthrough (Played the 1st third of the game a few years ago, never finished it)
  10. 175 Subs: Legend of Dragoon 1st Playthrough
  11. 200 Subs: Xenoblade Series Run (XCDE Any% New Game, Future Connected Any% Casual, XCX Any% Offline, XC2 Torna Any%, & XC2 Any% DLC)
  12. 250 Subs: Xenosaga Episode I 1st Playthrough
  13. 300 Subs: Jak X: Combat Racing 1st Playthrough
  14. 350+ Subs: I'll think about what I wanna add to incentives if I do reach this many subs
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