Feb 10th, 2017
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  1. Greninja-Ash (M) @ Wave Incense
  2. Ability: Battle Bond
  3. EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
  4. Timid Nature
  5. IVs: 0 Atk
  6. - Hydro Pump
  7. - Dark Pulse
  8. - Water Shuriken
  9. - Taunt
  11. Hoopa-Unbound @ Focus Sash
  12. Ability: Magician
  13. EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
  14. Lonely Nature
  15. - Hyperspace Fury
  16. - Hyperspace Hole
  17. - Fire Punch
  18. - Gunk Shot
  20. tl;dr use this shit it's strong have fun with reliable Ash-Greninja and go build some HO.
  22. First encountered Focus Sash Hoopa-U on a great team made by mulgokizary, which I imagine a lot of you are familiar with, but for those who aren't it's basically SashSpam with lead Excadrill, Sash Hoopa-U, Pherobroken, Greninja, Celesteela, and Mega-Metagross. Seemed like a cool idea and after testing that team out a bit, I decided to try my own hand at building with Sash Hoopa-U and threw together some fairly similar Hyper Offence which focuses on punishing and luring in the most common means of hazard removal in the meta, Tapu Fini and Spin Pheromosa. I noticed that Sash Hoopa-U did a great job of lulling Tapu Fini, AV Magearna, and Ferrothorn into a false sense of security after going for Hyperspace Fury on them, as they always assume you're Scarf, and you can either kill or severely weaken them to the point that they're no longer pre-form-change Greninja switch-ins. Furthermore, seeing as you're going to be playing aggressively with this core, doubling from Greninja into Hoopa-U on the likes of AV Tangrowth, Amoonguss, Toxapex, and Mega-Venusaur grabs huge swathes of momentum, either eliminating a check to Greninja, or giving you the opportunity to once again bluff the Scarf and eliminate the switch-in. The crux of this core is the the reliability it brings about the circumstances under which Greninja can get off its form change.
  24. A bit more information on the choice of sets is warranted, as people are pretty hard-sold on the idea of Choice Specs being the only viable Battle Bond Greninja item. Wave Incense is something I first encountered in p2's week two SPL game vs GTM, and even though not being choice-locked clinched him the game in the end, I don't think it did the set justice, as Taunt is such a massive momentum grabber; be it in taunting Tapu Fini to keep up your hazards, to taunting Ferrothorn to prevent it setting hazards on your team (incredibly important on SashSpam, as should be obvious), to preventing the likes of Mega Venusaur from healing etc. It really has incredible utility which is only added to by the assumption people have that all Battle Bond Greninja are Specs, to the point that they won't even bother to calc to confirm this. As for Hoopa-U's moveset, Hyperspace Fury should be relatively self-explanatory, being a spammable, strong stab move with limited switchins; Hyperspace Hole is the superlative choice for Psychic-type coverage on non-choiced Hoopa-U, as it allows Hoopa-U to basically act as a one-mon counter team to Baton Pass, allows it to break through unaware Clefable's protect without dealing pitiful damage, whilst hitting the usual targets you'd want Psychic-coverage for; Fire Punch nails Ferrothorn and Magearna, both of which are roadblocks to Greninja; and Gunk Shot is mandatory to lure in Tapu Fini, and to an extent, Tapu Bulu.
  26. As with all hyper-offence cores, suicide leads such as Explosion Landorus, lead Azelf, and lead Excadrill make great partners for this core. Furthermore, should this be used on SashSpam, either include many Taunt users, such as -Flyinium-Z Gyarados, Taunt Tapu Koko, etc., or Pokemon which immensely pressure or punish hazard setters such as HP Fire/Taunt Mega Alakazam, Life Orb SD Breloom, offensive HP Ice Landorus-T, and the like; and obviously, hazard removal in the form of Rapid Spin via Excadrill or Pheromosa is near-mandatory. Cleaners which appreciate the core's capability to break down defensive cores make great partners, naturally. Examples which work exceptionally well include, but are not limited to: QD Pheromosa, Z-Bounce Gyarados, Z-Fly Salamence, ZardX, Volcarona, Scolipede, and Mega Alakazam.
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