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  1. Zappa and Mother of Invention - We're Only In It For The Money
  2. The Stooges Fun House
  4. Steve Reich music for 18 musicians
  5. Microponhes GLow 2
  6. Boards of Canada Music has the right to children
  7. electric wizard dopethrone
  8. spirtualized ladies and gentlemen
  9. swans 2 b kind
  10. fishmans some jap shit 1998
  11. wu tang enter the 36 chambers
  12. god's pee lift yr skinny fists
  13. the monkees - demoin days
  14. gaydiohead hid a what?
  15. Mike Love and the Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
  16. beatles SGT pepper
  17. charles dingus black saint sinner lady
  18. kanye mbdtf
  19. zappa and mothers Freak Out!
  20. Gaydioheads bent over a barrel
  21. Kraft mac and cheez Computer World
  22. Cure Disintegration
  23. black guy coltrane's love SUPREME
  24. hanl deathcon
  25. faust s/t
  26. speaking skulls have a look at my mitts
  27. sufjan stevey age of adz
  28. black sabbath paranoid
  29. Madvillainy
  30. Burzum Filosofem
  31. Devo Q are we men
  32. Slint Spiderplace
  33. Rolling Rocks Sticky Fingers
  34. King Crimson itcotck
  35. swans soundtrack for visually disabled
  36. borisu flood
  37. meme grips money shop
  38. talk talk laughing stock
  39. afx twin selected work from the 90s or some shit
  40. numalehaven sunbather (not trve by the way)
  41. Kendrick lamar prostituting caterpillas
  42. swans the seer
  43. tortoise millions living
  44. queens of stone age soundtracks for the deaf
  45. robert wyatt rock bottom
  46. kraftwerk autobahn
  47. banana album ft lou reed doing a gay voice
  48. pinkerton (is better)
  49. double penetration (daft spunk) discovery I think, they all look the same
  50. weezer's self titled first album colloquially referred to as the blue album
  52. Joy division kills himself first album UUUU unkown pleasures himself to iggy pop's THE IDIOT
  53. A Vacuum cleaner left on alone (MBV - Loveless)
  54. Some faggots form el paso named frances the mute
  55. TV Marquee Moon
  56. Kraftwerk Machine Man
  57. Cloudead.
  58. Pink floyd meddle
  59. King Crimson's RED
  60. Bruce Springsteen was born in mexico and I have proof
  61. Miles Davis Bitches Brew
  62. God's Pee F#A# Memefinity
  63. nirvana bleach
  64. marc volta deloused in my asshole
  65. depeche mode violator
  66. Viper You'll Cowards Dont even soke crack
  67. Modest Mouse Lonesome Crowded West
  68. Red House Painter's Down to Panera Bread Hill
  69. mayhem with some bullshit I can't read, just guess which mayhem album it is
  70. Guns n Roses Appetite for destructuion
  71. Comus
  72. Anco Spooky Ghost Album
  73. Yes Close To the Edge
  74. TOm Waits Rain Dogs
  75. Suck My Kil Moon - Benji
  76. Can Future Days
  77. Olivia tremor somshit black cocks foliage
  78. For Long tommorrow
  79. Captain Beefheart's Autistic Fishhead orgy
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