Nov 1st, 2020
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  1. Black Crusade PART 1: Rise of the Void Walker *insert between D.Y.N. Freaks and hazardous interruptions
  2. Motivated (Mandatory):
  3. -Old Memories (+0CP):I've done a lot to make things better I'm going to keep my improvements
  4. Gravel voice +100 There go my classic serenades
  5. Farsight +100 this is stupidly annoying
  6. -Golden Light (+200CP):I can deal with giant wings
  7. fanfare +100 pretty much the default anyway
  8. Mutant friendly +200 yeah I've got those blue feathers and claws
  9. event horizon +200 the gamer's mind will keep me from going crazy
  10. Krumpin’ Time (+200CP): I can handle orcs
  11. Silent March (+300CP): oh my that's Trazyn the Infinite, remember that time I was a space elf and I stole all the science of the Necrons and shared it with the space elves and later My Space empire? Yeah he's pretty upset about that
  12. Imperial Order (+300CP): Ultramarines and I tend not to get along anyway
  14. Adeptus Astartes-200
  15. Q'Sal (Tzeentch Free): seems a nice place except for the chaos God worship
  16. Chaotic Voice (Free)
  17. Stylish Brooding (Free)
  18. Beefy McLargeHuge Free: Astartes
  19. Dominant Dedication Free: Astartes
  20. Mechanicus Hereticus (Free: Warpsmith): to access the supplement
  21. Psyker Surprise (100CP): to access the supplement
  22. Warpsmith (300CP): I have been curious about this and I'm never one to shy away from punching demons into useful things
  23. -Eye for Mutation (Tzeentch Only fairly useful to help upgrade folks
  24. -Mind for Sorcery (Tzeentch Only): useful
  25. -Plans Within Plans (Tzeentch Only): more redundant planning
  26. Pyre of the Warp -100 TZEENTCH discount this stuff scares me but now I know how to handle it, even if I do have an alternate form made out of it
  27. Eye of Evolution -100 TZEENTCH discount more upgrading
  28. Servo-Harness free for Warpsmith
  29. Sinister : import hope -100 of very wonderful synergy with all it can do already
  30. -The Blade of Ahn-Nunura Free for Tzeentch not sure what to do with this
  31. -Tanor Mimic-Mask Free for Tzeentch
  32. Plush Seating Cushions - Free for Tzeentch
  33. Goldsmithing Tools - Free for Tzeentch
  34. Changer of the Flames -100 TZEENTCH discount
  35. Astartes Aquila Armor free for Adeptus Astartes
  36. Warband of the Void:Ugg, retainers,Abner Perry,mother box,Tin,Leonardo da Vinci,Monique,
  37. Dante -300 I'm bringing them along
  38. -Kelgorath, Seeker of Souls -100CP): All Chaos Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons realizes that power does
  39. -The Rock Star (200CP): The Emperor’s Children are seen as vile and abhorrent, twisted monsters who
  40. -Halenthor the Corpse Consumer (200CP):
  41. -Nakrethar, Snake of the Stars- 200 I see the future I know I'm going to need them for the long term plan
  42. Bolter customization import hope free
  43. Combi-Bolter: eternal peacemaker from GURPS Monster Hunter-100
  44. Combi-Bolter:Arrowverse Cold Gun-100 50 taken from stipend
  45. Combi-Bolter:Rak’Gol Rad-beam Cannon-50
  46. Angelus -50 128+ barrels in the space of two
  47. Flamer customization import Changer of the Flames free
  48. Hydra pattern -100 taken from stipend six nozzles for maximum Spread and coverage
  49. Pyrophoric Vambrace-50 yeah I'm not liking how big this is
  50. Conflagaration -100 taken from stipend that's a More than fair amount of warpfire
  51. Combi-Flamer: import hope -50 I've been sticking a lot of stuff on this taken from stipend
  54. PSYKER POWERS the following costs PP and not CP
  55. Psyker Level: Epsilon -100 I'm already alpha+ from other jumps
  56. Biomancy: -300
  57. Pyromancy: Chosen as free
  58. Enchantment -200
  59. Touch of Madness -200 TZEENTCH discount
  60. Theosophamy-200
  61. the following costs GP not CP
  62. Potentia Coil (Free):
  63. -Skinplants -100
  64. Internal Reservoir (100GP):
  65. Interface Port -100 these are always useful
  66. Electoos -300 I always get more tattoos
  67. -MechadendriteX7+Mechatendril ballistic one optical one utility one exploration 2 Mechatendril -400
  70. Each companion is capable of choosing a Patron of their choice, obtaining the freebies of that Patron along with 800CP to spend for skills and abilities. For an undiscounted +100CP surcharge as a human, you may make any number of them an 'Adeptus Astartes' instead of a 'Human' for their background. If you have already become an 'Adeptus Astartes' then this cost is negated and you may make your companions the same for free.
  71. Ugg
  72. Adeptus Astartes
  73. Tzeentch
  74. Beefy McLargeHuge Free: Astartes
  75. Dominant Dedication Free: Astartes
  76. -Eye for Mutation (Tzeentch Only fairly useful to help upgrade folks
  77. -Mind for Sorcery (Tzeentch Only): useful
  78. -Plans Within Plans (Tzeentch Only): more redundant planning
  79. Ode to Malice -300
  80. Hunt of the Wyld -100
  81. Murderous Precision (100CP):
  82. Eternal Mind (50CP):
  83. Soul Sight (50CP):
  84. Mind of the Abyss (100CP):
  85. Warped Foresight (100CP
  86. Astartes Package (Free: Adeptus Astartes
  87. Frozen Shard -200 Taken from stipend
  88. Skull Mask of Ang’grath -100 Taken from stipend
  89. Terminator Power Armor -150 discount for Adeptus Astartes Taken from stipend
  90. Eclipse Pulsator -50 discount for Adeptus Astartes Taken from stipend
  91. Plans of the Eternal Fortress -300 taken from stipend
  92. retainers
  93. Adeptus Astartes
  94. Tzeentch
  95. Beefy McLargeHuge Free: Astartes
  96. Dominant Dedication Free: Astartes
  97. Astartes Package Free: Adeptus Astartes
  98. Import Dainsleif as a melee weapon
  99. Import puppetmaster's strings as a melee weapon
  100. Import puppetmaster's strings as a melee weapon
  101. Import a copy of Dante's silver key as melee weapon
  102. Import tools of the trade as a melee weapon
  103. Import The crossover special As a melee weapon
  104. Import My melee attacks as melee weapon
  105. Import Emperor’s sword from great scouring scenario as melee weapon
  106. Import Revolcane - As a melee weapon
  107. import my hook and chain made from The Red Hook and the chains of Hashut As a melee weapon
  108. Import Dainsleif As a melee weapon
  109. Two into One X9 :, Revolcane , copy of Dante's silver key ,The crossover special,sacred treasure, puppetmaster's strings, tools of the trade,Etc.,-450 350 Taken from stipend
  110. Two into one X2Import The other Spare sacred treasure: Kinetic Cestus form,Dainsleif-100
  111. Monoblade -50
  116. Abner Perry
  117. Tzeentch
  118. Adeptus Astartes
  119. Beefy McLargeHuge Free: Astartes
  120. Dominant Dedication Free: Astartes
  121. Mechanicus Hereticus -free
  122. Warpsmith-300
  123. Psyker Surprise -100 to access the supplement
  124. Artificer -200
  125. Astartes Package Free: Adeptus Astartes
  126. Servo-Harness free for Warpsmith
  127. -Eye for Mutation (Tzeentch Only fairly useful to help upgrade folks
  128. -Mind for Sorcery (Tzeentch Only): useful
  129. -Plans Within Plans (Tzeentch Only): more redundant planning
  130. -Crystal Talon -50 Discount for Tzeentch
  131. Warp Staff -150 Discount for Tzeentch
  132. Delta -400PP
  133. Ride the Lightning -200PP
  134. Mending Flesh -200PP
  135. Strength of Sense- 200PP):
  136. Truth Seeker- Chosen as free
  137. Interface Port -100GP
  138. Mind Impulse Unit -300GP
  139. Bionic Eyes X2-100
  140. Recall Core-100GP):
  141. Cogitator Core-300GP
  142. -Scribe-Tines -100
  143. mother box
  144. Adeptus Astartes
  145. Tzeentch
  146. Beefy McLargeHuge Free: Astartes
  147. Dominant Dedication Free: Astartes
  148. Mechanicus Hereticus -100
  149. Psyker Surprise (100CP): to access the supplement
  150. -Eye for Mutation (Tzeentch Only fairly useful to help upgrade folks
  151. -Mind for Sorcery (Tzeentch Only): useful
  152. -Plans Within Plans (Tzeentch Only): more redundant planning
  153. Astartes Package Free: Adeptus Astartes
  154. -Crystal Talon -50 Discount for Tzeentch
  155. Warp Staff -150 Discount for Tzeentch
  156. Alpha -600PP
  157. Enchantment Chosen as free
  158. Truth Seeker- 200PP):
  159. Twist of luck -200 PP
  160. Interface Port -100GP
  161. Mind Impulse Unit -300GP
  162. Psi Booster -600GP
  163. Meditation Chamber:Warehouse attachment.-100 Discount for TzeentchTaken from stipend
  164. Rak’Gol Rad-beam Cannon -100 Discount for Adeptus Astartes Taken from stipend
  165. Stryxis Æther Rifle -200 Taken from stipend
  166. Hrud Fusil -100 Discount for Adeptus Astartes Taken from stipend These will go nicely on my weapon mounts
  167. -Spyrer Hunting Rig:Patriarch armour:Import battler G-400
  169. Tin
  170. Adeptus Astartes
  171. Tzeentch
  172. Beefy McLargeHuge Free: Astartes
  173. Dominant Dedication Free: Astartes
  174. -Eye for Mutation (Tzeentch Only fairly useful to help upgrade folks
  175. -Mind for Sorcery (Tzeentch Only): useful
  176. -Plans Within Plans (Tzeentch Only): more redundant planning
  177. Ode to Malice -300
  178. Storm of Iron (100CP):
  179. Murderous Precision (100CP):
  180. Eternal Mind (50CP):
  181. Soul Sight (50CP):
  182. Mind of the Abyss (100CP):
  183. Warped Foresight (100CP
  184. Astartes Package Free: Adeptus Astartes
  185. Terminator Power Armor -150 discount for Adeptus AstartesTaken from stipend
  186. Golden Eye of Tzeentch -150Taken from stipend
  187. Beguiling Gem -100Taken from stipend
  188. Eclipse Pulsator -50 discount for Adeptus Astartes Taken from stipend
  189. Boarding Shield -50 discount for Adeptus Astartes Taken from stipend
  192. Leonardo da Vinci
  193. Tzeentch
  194. Adeptus Astartes
  195. Beefy McLargeHuge Free: Astartes
  196. Dominant Dedication Free: Astartes
  197. Mechanicus Hereticus -free
  198. Warpsmith-300
  199. Psyker Surprise -100 to access the supplement
  200. Artificer -200
  201. Servo-Harness free for Warpsmith
  202. -Eye for Mutation (Tzeentch Only fairly useful to help upgrade folks
  203. -Mind for Sorcery (Tzeentch Only): useful
  204. -Plans Within Plans (Tzeentch Only): more redundant planning
  205. -Crystal Talon -50 Discount for Tzeentch Taken from stipend
  206. Warp Staff -150 Discount for TzeentchTaken from stipend
  207. artistic studio: warehouse attachment-200 Taken from stipend
  208. Alpha -800PP
  209. Enchantment -200
  210. Fiery Might Chosen as free
  211. Interface Port -100GP
  212. Mind Impulse Unit -300GP
  213. Psi Booster -600GP
  217. Monique
  218. Adeptus Astartes
  219. Tzeentch
  220. Beefy McLargeHuge Free: Astartes
  221. Dominant Dedication Free: Astartes
  222. -Eye for Mutation (Tzeentch Only fairly useful to help upgrade folks
  223. -Mind for Sorcery (Tzeentch Only): useful
  224. -Plans Within Plans (Tzeentch Only): more redundant planning
  225. Ode to Malice -300
  226. Psyker Surprise (100CP): to access the supplement
  227. Eye of Evolution -200
  228. Sides of the Coin -200
  229. Terminator Power Armor: Import Her armor -150 discount for Adeptus AstartesTaking from siphon
  230. Pleasurable Robes -50 Taken from stipend
  231. Nightmare Choir -300 Taken from stipend
  232. Alpha -800PP
  233. Blood Warping Chosen as free
  234. Touch of Madness -200 TZEENTCH discount
  236. Dante
  237. Adeptus Astartes
  238. Tzeentch
  239. Beefy McLargeHuge Free: Astartes
  240. Dominant Dedication Free: Astartes
  241. Psyker Surprise -100CP): to access the supplement
  242. Black Sun of Medrengard -300 Taken from stipend
  243. Import Rebellion as a melee weapon -50
  244. Melee weapon customization
  245. Shock Weapon -50
  246. Inferno Weapon -50
  247. Relic-100CP
  248. Nemesis Force Weapon -200
  249. Plasma weapon customization:
  250. Apollo -100 Taken from stipend
  251. Phased -100
  252. Terminator Power Armor -150 discount for Adeptus Astartes
  253. Psyker Level: Theta (Free)
  254. Eclipse Pulsator -50 discount for Adeptus Astartes Taken from stipend
  255. Blood Warping -200
  256. Fiery Might -200
  257. Ride the lightning chosen as free
  258. Illusionism -200
  259. mending flesh -200
  260. Touch of Madness -200 TZEENTCH discount
  261. The tendrils of my vast mind reach out to the immaterial realm like attracting like as my Legion the neon rats teleport to me some foulness of denied causality having tainted the immaterium We must scour and renew this universe once more remolding this place in our image and with the might of a jumper this is not beyond hope.
  263. PART 2: The Crimson Path
  264. -----------------------------------------------Meta-entity----------------------------------------------------------
  266. Plasma Wave Launcher: Does not count towards limit
  267. Augmented Ship Bridge: Does not count towards limit Potentially useful an upgrade is an upgrade
  268. Tempest-class Strike Frigates: Yeah going to need those since we lack point defenses
  269. (Chaos Only) Angelic Army Welcome brotherAstartes
  270. Destroyed Xenos
  271. Everlasting Attire Does not count towards limit
  272. Furnished Flesh Does not count towards limit
  273. Adamantium Deposit: For armor
  274. Blackstone A very useful mineral
  275. Hidden Starcraft: I'm going to need lots of ships
  276. Holy Knight Attire Does not count towards limit Me and the wife likes to dress up okay?
  277. Psionic Focus: Does not count towards limit Could always use more of these
  278. Aeldari Crystal: Does not count towards limit This has potential
  279. Slayed Warboss Voidzundah): Because there's no reason not to kill them
  280. Dreadfang’s Legacy I can't just leave them there
  281. Hammer of the Just The LoT needs this
  282. The Second Coming
  283. Ancient Wings does not count towards your limit An interesting attachment
  284. Convince ghost of our cause.
  285. Compact Thrusters: does not count towards your limit
  286. Looted Armor: does not count towards your limit
  287. Rapturous Umbrage Removed Ghost
  288. Destroyed Kyrios Yeah machines are equals not superiors
  289. Iron Throne Does not count towards limit
  290. Iron Cult Need more folks who know their way around a wrench
  291. Iron Men: Dr. Steel.mp3
  292. Iron Web Could be useful
  293. Shukra, “Scholar of Sin”
  294. Faction Ally: Does not count towards limit I hope this guy doesn't think he's getting imported
  295. Tanks: Does not count towards limit I've got better ones but there free and we need as many as we can get
  296. Faction Troops (Required: Survivors Does not count towards limit Plenty of survivors since the neon rats did most of the fighting
  297. Weapon Collection: Does not count towards limit There are going to need guns
  298. Mobile Manufactorum A workaround for pesky logistics problems
  299. Castigator-class Titan Always love these things
  300. Kha’choz (Challenged): Does not count towards limit You might be useful later
  301. Warp Forge (Challenged): The tools for the skills
  302. Ark of the Champion More battleships
  303. Gilded Life Support Systems: Does not count towards limit
  304. Ancient Teleportarium: This might come in handy
  305. Descend into the pool and conquer myself
  306. Pools of Vigilant Trials: does not count towards limit I've never been big on trials of worthiness however as a way to judge someone this might help
  307. Bone Core :Does not count towards limit Not sure what to do with this
  308. The Whisperer: This is pretty bad ass
  309. a adventure worthy of its own saga this will be getting its own set of tapestrys soon in the halls of the flat spire As the new forces are brought into the fold
  310. Triumphant return
  311. Power armor customization
  312. import battler G Free
  313. -STC Print [Free This is the important part I must re-create this armor for the rest of my legions
  314. Combine with Zokuto Yoroi-50 For Its kinetic dynamics And other abilities
  315. combine with Saints Row power armor-50 Because it doesn't get enough attention
  316. Combined with retainers armor -50
  317. Servo-Manipulators [50AP]:
  318. Autosenses free for Astartes Armor
  319. Life Support free for Astartes Armor]
  320. Servo-Manipulators [50AP]:
  321. Aesthetic décor:Something worthy of a neon rats Primarch -50
  322. Device donation:Super Controller From captain SNES jump -100 It's very useful
  323. Device donation:manaphone -100 It's very useful
  324. Device donation:The backpack from Stealth Symphony -100 Damn near everything with hostile intent is pretty obvious about it here.
  325. Device donation:Obliteratum-50
  326. Device donation:Weaving Zero-100 My most easily mass-produce God slayer
  327. Device donation:Guardian keytool-100 I want to know how to make them
  328. Device donation:goober from Spiderman: Into the spiderverse the movie one-100
  329. -Mechadendrite Attachments Free with Servo-Harness
  330. AVE DOMINUS NOX (CHAOS REJECT) This guy is never going to be anything more than what he was, he is an absolute failure
  333. Weapon Import [Free]: Dainsleif Boosting it further
  334. Kha’Choz +500WP] What else am I going to do with him?
  335. Weapon Reformation [Free]: Scale it up to something either me or Buddy could handle
  336. Blood Tracker [Free]: A backup in case my other senses fail me
  337. Corruptive Might [Free: Chaos Only]: Semi-useful
  338. Grievous Strike [Free]: It has a similar ability already
  339. Feardrinker [Free: Kha’Choz Only]: Potentially interesting if not my style
  340. -Glittering [100WP]: There are not enough appearance perks for items!
  341. Backlash [300WP More things that it can cut through
  342. Accursed [300WP]: Even more things that can cut through
  343. Impossibly Sharp [300WP]: Yes must have all the cutting
  347. Companion armor builds
  348. Ugg
  349. Tau Fio’Tak Principles [100AP]:
  350. STC Print [
  351. Weapon Points [100AP]:
  352. -Necron Hyperphase Sword [+200AP]:
  353. Aeldari Flip-Belt [100AP]:
  354. Physical Shield -300
  355. Life Support-100
  356. Autosenses -100
  357. retainers
  358. Weapon Points-100
  359. Tau Drone Controller [200AP]:
  360. Tau Self-Repair Systems [200AP]:
  361. Necron Canoptek Scarabs [200AP]:
  362. Life support X2 -50
  363. AutosensesX2 -50
  364. Aeldari Flip-Belt -100
  367. ,Abner Perry,
  368. Mechadendrite Attachments 100AP]:
  369. Servo-Manipulators [50AP]:
  370. Material Donation:Auramite-50AP
  371. Life Support-100
  372. Autosenses -100
  373. Tau Self-Repair Systems [200AP]:
  374. Teleporter System [200AP
  375. Hexxagrammatic Wards [200AP]:
  376. STC Print [Free
  377. mother box,
  378. -Psionic Boosters [200AP]:
  379. Material donation:Aeldari Crystal -50
  380. Servo-Manipulators [50AP]:
  381. Life Support-100
  382. Autosenses -100
  383. Tau Self-Repair Systems [200AP]:
  384. Teleporter System [200AP]:
  385. Tau Fio’Tak Principles-100
  387. Tin,
  388. Tau Drone Controller [200AP]:
  389. -Obliterator Virus [300AP]
  390. Necron Canoptek Scarabs [200AP]:
  391. Terminator Upgrade [300AP]
  392. STC Print [Free
  393. Leonardo da Vinci
  394. Tau Drone Controller [200AP]:
  395. -Psionic Boosters [200AP]:
  396. Aeldari Holo-Field [200AP]:
  397. Weapon Points [100AP]:
  398. Aeldari Death Spinner [+200AP]:
  399. STC Print [Free
  401. Monique,
  402. -Obliterator Virus [300AP]
  403. Terminator Upgrade [300AP]
  404. -Compacted Engine [+100AP]
  405. -Necron Hyperphase Sword [+200AP]:
  406. Aeldari Flip-Belt [100AP]:
  407. STC Print [Free
  409. Dante
  410. Tau Drone Controller [200AP]:
  411. -Psionic Boosters [200AP]:
  412. Aeldari Holo-Field [200AP]:
  413. Weapon Points [100AP]:
  414. -Necron Hyperphase Sword [+200AP]:
  415. Aeldari Flip-Belt [100AP]:
  416. STC Print [Free
  417. These STC prints are invaluable now we can mass-produce these armors much easier
  422. PART 3: The Gate of Divinity
  424. Legacy of Iron free Nothing kills space Marines like this place and I'm improving it further
  425. -Turret Emplacements (Free)Las-cannon +Volkite-50
  426. Attack craft free with hidden StarCraft
  427. -Icarus Stormcannon Arrays (100BP):
  428. -Psionic Annihilator (Required: 'Iron Web
  429. Armor plating plus material import: MTG darksteel -50They can't breakthrough this
  430. Decoy command bunkers plus iron jaws -100 Keep them on the run
  431. -Immaterium Mirrors -100BP An excellent trap
  432. -Orbital Defenses (100BP): A great concern
  433. -Barracks (Free): Everyone needs a place to stay. It’s a given, and any base that does not have
  434. -Water Filtration (Free): You need to be efficient in your use of resources. After all, not everyone
  435. -Hydroponics Section (Free): Supplies will only last so long, especially if the enemy is vigilant on
  436. -Monotask Servitors (Free): It’s all hands on deck for a battle, and the enemy isn’t going to simply
  437. -Medicae Station (Free): Whether it’s las burns, or severed limbs, or infectious diseases, or even
  438. -Vox Chambers (Free): It’s a standard, really. Your soldiers need to communicate with each other.
  439. Beast Pens (50BP): We've got plenty of monsters to throw at them
  440. -Surplus Plasma Reactors (50BP)Backup power is essential during wartime
  441. -Teleportarium (Free: 'Ancient Teleportarium Yeah I don't trust this thing
  442. -Manufactorum(Free: 'Mobile Manufactorum In case supply lines are hurt
  443. -Pylon Devices (Required: 'Blackstone')Always wanted some of these
  444. -Orbital Shipyards (200BP): Always get these
  445. Hidden turrets free
  446. Army import X?: my various stellaris armies, my Army from civilization etc. Free This should cover Everything I need AloneSurprise
  447. -Trigger Runes Free: Tzeentch
  448. -Bastion of Iron (Required: 'Iron Men'/'Iron Cult') free
  449. legendary general free I will need one against both the master of organized warfare and the master of human wave tactics
  450. -Rise of Dreadfang (Required: 'Dreadfang's Legacy'
  451. -10,000 Operators (1st Purchase Free):
  452. -10,000 Guardsmen(1st Purchase Free)
  453. -2,500 Tech-Priests (1st Purchase Free
  454. 1,000 Electro-Priests X5-5
  455. -2,500 Adeptus SororitasX4 -8
  456. -1,000 Skitarii Vanguard+Upgrade X3 -9
  457. 2,500 Specialists -1 X3 -6
  458. 250 Scyllax-Class RobotsX3-9
  459. 1,000 Adeptus Astartes: Neon ratsX6 -12
  460. 300 Legion of the Damned X2-8
  461. 250 Librarians:Neon ratsX3 -6
  462. 250 Techmarines:Neon ratsX3 -6
  463. -15 Baneblades-4
  464. -5 Sokar Stormbird -4
  465. -1 Capitol Imperialis -8
  466. -1 Emperor-Class TitanX3 -30
  467. EZEKYLE ABADDON, WARMASTER OF CHAOS The armies he brings are bigger threat than him
  469. The battle is massive but I have brought the might of not just what I purchased here but an entire galactic supercluster spanning Empire against them and the neon rats alone are greater than anything chaos or the imperium alone can hope to field and since I've upgraded their armor there is little chance of significant resistance. Soon begins the hard part
  471. DAEMONHOOD (REQUIRED: CHAOS/MALICE) One of the best rewards here
  472. TREE OF LIFE Useful
  473. Council of Five: The last time I killed chaos against the hard way, now I do it the easy way By being on their level
  474. DAEMONIC/CELESTIAL WORLD New throne world get
  475. -Immaterial Constitution (Free):
  476. -Immaterial Power (Free):
  477. -From Beyond (Free):
  478. -Stuff of Nightmares (Free):
  479. -Psychic Boon (Free):
  480. -Aura of Corruption (Free/Required: Daemon Prince):
  481. -Song of Souls (Free/Required: Daemon Prince):
  482. -Touched Machine (100IP):
  483. -Infused Might: Dainsleif (200IP):
  484. -Face of Eternity (300IP):
  485. -Martial Deity (300IP):
  486. Enfeebling [200WP]:
  487. -Decay of Time [300WP]:
  489. Here's the next part, with the ultramarine's gone and chaos slain we move on to the rest of the imperium of man we have brought justice and freedom to this galaxy.
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