"Trixie's Magic Trick" ~Complete

Jan 19th, 2017
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  1. The following is set before the story 'Sparkle Spanker 2000' ( but can be read without prior knowledge.
  3. Trixie's Magic Trick
  4. ~~~~~
  6. >Be a purple pony princess of friendship.
  7. >Be a skeptical purple pony princess of friendship ever since you had heard the infamous Trixie was back in town and advertising another magic show set for this afternoon.
  8. >Considering the last time she has visited she had almost unleashed a rampaging ursa major on the whole town you decided it was your princessly duty to pay a visit and head off any trouble before it got started.
  9. >With her usual showmareship Trixie had already whipped the crowd into a frenzy by the time you arrived.
  10. "That's right the Great and Powerful TRIXIE graces your town once again! Prepare yourself for a show of awe wonder and incredible MAGIC!"
  11. >While some townsfolk seemed to have forgotten about her last disastrous visit and cheered in excitement it seemed not everyone was so sold.
  12. "We don't want your show!"
  13. "Get out of town!"
  14. "Boooooo you destroyed my fence!"
  15. >Undaunted the entertainer faces the crowd with a confident smile.
  16. "Fear not good townspeople Trixie has not forgotten about her last visit. In fact to make everyone feel safer Trixie would like to invite your very own Twilight Sparkle up to the stage as Trixie's assistant! Surely you trust your princess to keep an eye on things yes?"
  17. >A small spotlight attached to the top of the stage swivels and turns to point at you.
  18. >Not wanting to spoil the bit of good cheer in the air and figuring you can control the situation better from up on the stage than down in the crowd you wave back and smile.
  19. >"I'd love to help Trixie, now let's put on a show!"
  20. >A small cheer goes up from the foals and some of the townsfolk as you approach the stage and climb up.
  21. "How gracious Twilight Sparkle, Trixie is sure you will enjoy this magical night!!!"
  22. >More fireworks shoot out from the top of Trixie's new stage as she hops up on her hind legs in declaration.
  23. >You clap politely and try to keep a positive attitude, whats the worse that could happen?
  25. 30 Minutes later
  26. ~~~~~
  28. >The show had started out with her usual illusions and fireworks getting more and more grand as time went on.
  29. >Sometimes she would have you help by jumping through or interacting with an illusion in one way or another before they vanished into a puff of magic.
  30. >You had to admit her act had improved since she last visited and the foals seemed to love it with most the townsfolk getting into the spirit of it now as well.
  31. >Most importantly her habit of picking on ponies from the last time she visited seemed to be gone.
  32. >Maybe she really had turned over a new leaf?
  33. "And now for Trixie's next act she will be cutting her assistant in half!"
  34. >You had seen the act before, according to your research it usually included having two mares in both halves on the box one with their head out and one with their legs out.
  35. >Did she just expect you know the old trick and follow along?
  36. >As soon as she wheels the 'box' around you dismiss the idea.
  37. >Where the box for the trick was usually quite large so a mare could hide most her body in it the stand Trixie wheeled around was hardly a box and more of a flat board with a narrow section sticking up out of the middle.
  38. >Opening the middle section Trixie motions for you to climb up and lay down on the board.
  39. "Trixie is sure you have all seen this trick before but most magicians try to hide the magic from you! The hide their assistants in boxes so you can't see the magic at work! Trixie says neigh to this!"
  40. >You climb up and lay down on your stomach on the velvet padded platform before Trixie raises and locks the wooden part around the small of your lower back.
  41. >It's just short of being tight but not uncomfortable and covered in velvet just like the rest of the platform, overall your pretty relaxed but curious as to the plan for the trick.
  42. >Trixie starts to slowly rotate the platform, you give a wave and a smile to the crowd and make sure your tail is presentable when your backside is pointed out.
  43. "As you all can see there are no tricks here. Nothing to hide just a wooden table and a lovely assistant correct?"
  44. >The crowd agrees and you blush slightly at being paraded around with so many watching.
  45. "But Trixie promised to cut her charming assistant in half and so she shall!"
  46. >Turning your side to the crowd and herself behind you Trixie's horn lights up in a beam of light a couple feet long.
  47. >Swinging her head to swipe it across some of her hanging decorations they soon fall to the ground completely severed.
  48. "The beam is sharp so stay back fillies and colts! Stay back and behold!"
  49. >You look back over your shoulder and watch as she aligns her 'cutting' beam with the grove in your restraint.
  50. >A quick charm had identified the spell as some sort of fixed teleportation spell as soon as you'd seen her swinging it around and threatening to cut you in half with it so you have no problem waving to the crowd calmly.
  51. >You do a few funny faces for the foals in the crowd as the beam passes through you, likely creating fixed teleportation points on both sides of your body.
  52. >It only takes her a few moments to finish the spell, which you have to admit is rather clever, and stand back up with a flourish.
  53. "Ta-da!"
  54. >Separating the two halves of the table you are treated to a unique view of your backside being rolled around the stage separate of the rest of you.
  55. >You give you hooves a quick kick to demonstrate they still work and the crowd seems quite impressed.
  56. "Thank you! Thank you! And a special thanks for our assistant!"
  57. >Cheers go up and you both wave and kick to show both sides still work.
  58. "Now what need have we for this old thing right?"
  59. >To your surprise Trixie wheels your bottom out the back curtain, its an odd sensation watching your own body leave the room.
  60. >"You had better not lose that Trixie i need all 4 legs!"
  61. >That get a light chuckle from the crowd and trixie herself.
  62. "Worry not my dear assistant i promise you'll be reunited with your hind quarters before the nights over and not a moment sooner!"
  63. >The show does indeed go on you suppose as the starts to move on to a new trick.
  64. >Thats when you feel you feel movement in you missing backside.
  65. >It's honestly kinda hard to tell whats going on without being able to see it but you definitely feel something being tied around your legs.
  66. >You try to squirm a bit only to feel whoever is messing with you tighten the restraints and even lower the table under your legs resulting in a more bent over position.
  67. >It soon becomes quite clear your back end is not leaving its seat and you start to worry whats going on with your wayward hiney.
  68. >Trying to get Trixie's attention your breath is taken away as you undeniably feel something wrap around your tail and pull it up and out of the way leaving you completely exposed!
  69. >"Oh um Trixie! Trixie??"
  70. >She ignore you until she finishes her current trick but its clear she hears you.
  71. "Trixie hopes everyone is enjoying the show! We will continue after a brief intermission!"
  72. >After getting a drink and taking her sweet time Trixie finally comes over to you.
  73. "Is something the matter Twilight Sparkle?"
  74. >"Trixie my my well um my butt! please go check on it someones messing with it!"
  75. "Someone is messing with your butt you say? Well that does sound serious Trixie will have to investigate."
  76. >Blushing at how weird the conversation you watch as she vanishes behind the heavy curtain, you don't see your tail in the brief view you got where is it?
  77. >You tense up and squeak as you feel a hoof start to rub your left cheek!
  78. >It runs a few light circles before being picked up then coming back down in a sharp smack!
  79. >You try not to but a light squeal escapes you drawing the attention of some audience members.
  80. >You try to give a casual wave and smile to dismiss their concerns as the hoof moves to your other cheek and repeats the process!
  81. >"TRIXIE!!"
  82. >You whisper as loudly as you can, anything to get her attention, what is she doing back there?
  83. >The hoof gives you a few light pats before being removed from your flanks much to your relief.
  84. >Trixie soon reappears through the curtain and walks right towards you with a suspicious grin on her face.
  85. "Your flanks look just fine back there to me Twilight Sparkle. Did you enjoy the attention i gave them?"
  86. >Your face goes bright red knowing it was her just marehandling your backside.
  87. >"What do you think your doing!!? let me go this instant!"
  88. "Oh Twilight why would Trixie do what? Shes got you right where she wants you, both halves!"
  89. >"You don't think my friends will help me if i just call them?"
  90. "Oh of course they will but then they might also see these..."
  91. >Floating out from somewhere offstage behind you trixie levitates a dozen photographs in front of you.
  92. >Your heart sinks when you see what they are.
  93. >You in your room.
  94. >With your flanks up and your hairbrush up in the air even higher.
  95. >Even a few action shots of the brush doing its work and some shots of your face covered in tears.
  96. >"What? I... How did you get these?"
  97. "Oh thats not important Twilight Sparkle what is important is if you don't want them all over town you will be a good filly and not say a word about this to anyone!"
  98. >Blushing you look from picture to picture, your flanks are bright red in half of them and nothing is hidden from the camera.
  99. >"fine..."
  100. "Trixie always knew you were a reasonable filly Twilight Sparkle. Now one more question... brush or belt?"
  101. >You are confused for a moment til you feel both implements rub up against you defenseless cheeks!
  102. >She was going to do it now!??!?!
  103. >"No Trixie no please you cant!"
  104. >Both implements vanish from a moment before painfully connecting with your bare bottom!
  105. "You had best pick one Twilight Sparkle or it will be both."
  106. >Her confident smirk is disgusting but as a second double spanks lands on both your cheeks you can't help but squeak out your answer.
  107. >"Brush!"
  108. >Trixie giggles and pats you on the head patronizingly.
  109. "Trixie thought you'd go with the filly implement. Well try to be a big girl about it, the show must go on afterall!"
  110. >You prepare some kind of retort but it dies on your lips as the hairbrush smashes into your unprotected flanks.
  111. >Your response turns into a muffled squeal as the curtain rises on more of Trixie's magic act.
  112. >She turns and gives you a wink as the brush spanks you again and again, you are sure its leaving bright red circles on your seat.
  113. >It takes all your effort to not squeal as the crowd comes into view while your bottom is pounded out of sight.
  114. "Thank you for waiting and now for act Two! Don't worry fillies and colts we're just getting started!!!"
  115. >HELP!!!
  117. >And go on the show does.
  118. >Trixie jumps right back into her usual tricks fortunately ignoring you for the time being so you can suffer in silence.
  119. >The hairbrush continues to pound your bottom like a bratty filly and it takes everything you've got not to cry out and give yourself away.
  120. >Sweeping your gaze across the crowd to make sure no one is looking at you funny you catch pinkie's eye.
  121. >She gives you a cheerful smile and wave that takes considerable effort for you to return.
  122. >The brush has continued its steady work punishing your bare bottom for what feels like hours now but in reality has only been a few minutes.
  123. >Your feeble efforts to escape prove worthless against the well secured restraints pointing your now red bottom up in the air.
  124. >You can only hope shes hidden your tail well in a place no one is going to find your exposed parts on display.
  125. >There isn't a ton of room backstage and you can just barley hear your bottom getting its firm lesson but the WHACK WHACK WAHCK is distinct to at least you.
  126. >Caught completely off guard you startle when you suddenly find Trixie and the crowd looking at you once again.
  127. >What had she said?
  128. "It would appear Trixie's assistant was a bit distracted. We ask again Twilight Sparkle how are you enjoying the show?"
  129. >You swallow and put on the bravest face you can muster.
  130. >"It's WONderful TriXIE!"
  131. >Your voice spikes as you're violently spanked but you manage a fake smile that only gets a few odd looks from the crowd.
  132. "Trixie knew you would enjoy the show! Now for our next act she needs your help as well."
  133. >She uses her magic to move your upperbody's cart center stage causing you to gulp in nervousness.
  134. >At least when you were on the side you were out of the way now all eyes are on you!
  135. >"For our next trick Trixie needs just a bit of help and she knows her assistant's magic is up to the challenge!"
  136. >A spellbook floats into view from offstage, it's a thicker tomb on advanced magic research opened to a section detailing resonance field overlap.
  137. >Pointing out a rather complicated spell Trixie addresses you once again.
  138. "Now all you need to do is maintain this field for trixie and the show can go on! Trixie is sure the element of magic will have no problem with a feat such as this!"
  139. >You gulp but nod with a fake smile and confidence.
  140. >The spell was not complex but required concentration.
  141. >Concentration you lacked as your flanks got deeper and deeper deep fried back stage.
  142. >At this point your hind end was on fire and if this were a private session you'd have been crying and begging all over the place.
  143. >The brush had worked over every inch of your exposed rump and even some upper thigh, if your rear was not naturally purple it was going to be very very soon.
  144. >Lighting up your horn you try to drown out the pain and focus on the spell.
  145. >The nebulous reality altering field expands from your horn then instantly collapses as the brush redoubles its efforts to turn you into a crying filly!
  146. >Trixie turns around with fakes suprise.
  147. "Is something the matter assistant? Trixie knows you can do it!"
  148. >"I'm sorrRRYYYYY Trixie just give me AAAAA Moment!..."
  149. >Lighting your horn again you get a bit further into the spell this time before to your horror a second brush slams into your right cheeks the same time as one slams into your left cheeks.
  150. >Left completely unprepared for the double spanking you scream out in pain!
  151. >"OWWWWWWWWW!"
  152. >Collapsing onto the padded board you grasp at the soft cloth like a spanked filly as you simply close your eyes and endure.
  153. >The new brush is a lot more determined than the last one and practically picks you up with its heavy thudding spankings to your already abused bottom!
  154. >Both continue flattening your bottom as trixie approaches with concern on her face.
  155. "Twilight Sparkle are you alright?"
  156. >She uses her magic to lift your chin so you can no longer hide your fresh tears in the fabric below you.
  157. >Your completely at your limit, this is the worse spanking of your life you doubt you'll sit for days and theres no way you can pretend anymore.
  158. >"PLEASEEEE trixie i just need a QUICKKKKKKK break!"
  159. >At this point every parents in the crowd is probably putting two and two together.
  160. >You can't help but grit your teeth and let out sharp gasps and whimpers with every spanking even thrashing your head back and forth in agony.
  161. "Of course of course, Trixie appologizes ladies and gentlecolts the show will go on after a brief intermission"
  162. >As soon as the curtain closes and she wheels you behind stage the manufactured kindness vanishes.
  163. "Haha Trixie though you would last longer than that Twilght Spankle!"
  164. >You try to ignore her as you bury you face in the cloth again and let out a scream while you pound your hooves in agony.
  166. "Awww still not used to a long one huh? We'll have to work on your endurance in future shows my lovely assistant."
  167. >The sound of wood against flesh gets louder and louder until she finally wheels you into view of your bottom.
  168. >It's even worse than you thought the entire seat is big macintosh red and only getting worse.
  169. >At this point you just hope you don't have to go to a doctor and try to explain why your flanks looks like they went through an industrial press.
  170. >The tears are flowing freely now as you thrash both sides of your body in search of relief.
  171. >You only accomplish wiggling your flanks which from your unusual perspective of them just makes it look like your begging for more spanking or something even lewder.
  172. >Trixie walks over to your wiggling bouncing cheeks and lets out a whistle.
  173. "Trixie can admit you already did have nice flanks Twilight Sparkle, She never knew they got all their exercise like this though! Imagine her surprise when she while spying on you she finds you spanking yourself like a little slut! Though now that i see your bottom in action i can see why you did it, this is the most deserving bottom Trixie has ever seen!"
  174. >To your eternal relief the brushes stop their vigilant pounding of your vulnerable bottom for the first time in what feels like forever.
  175. >To your embarrassment Trixie takes this as a chance to take over herself.
  176. >You watch as to your horror she not only walks up behind your raised tail and takes a look but rears up putting both her fore hooves on both sides of your hips.
  177. >The image is forever burned into your mind as she climbs up further onto your back and flanks mounting you like a stallion.
  178. >Your blush whimper and squirm before seeing how much worse thats making it as she wraps her fore hooves around your sides securing herself in place.
  179. "Oh yes Twilight Spankle Trixie can see why the stallions would enjoy this! Your flanks feel so nice and warm!"
  180. >With your legs slightly spread by the restraints her rear hooves reach the floor easily giving her leverage to do anything she wants.
  181. >You'll never forget the feeling of Trixie giving you a firm hump...
  182. >Your indignation was quickly lost though as she raises her right hoof and brings it down on your right cheek!
  183. "MMMMM yes is this how they do it Twilght Spankle? Get your cute little flanks nice and red before mounting you like a whore?"
  184. >You open your mouth to retort but find your response turned into a squeak as the sudo-mating continues.
  185. "MMMMMM Trixie could get used to this, beneath her is just where you belong Twilight Spankle!"
  186. >"OW OW please Trixie I'm sorry I'm sorry!"
  187. "Yes Trixie is sure you are you little skank. Maybe next time you will think twice about humiliating Trixie in front of the whole town! Is that right?"
  188. >"YES PLEASE YES!"
  189. "Hmmmmm"
  190. >the heavy hoof spankings stop replaced by some flanks rubbing and a bit of grinding thats starting to get you hot under the collar despite everything.
  191. "Trixie supposes she could give you a break while she finishes the show. Just remember Trixie still has the photos so if you want to keep whats left of your dignity you'll be waiting right here for me once the shows done."
  192. >You can only pathetically nod and whimper and she climbs off your back.
  193. >Turning to go back on stage the gives you a quick flick across the flanks with her tail
  194. "Now stay right here, Trixie is not done with you yet Twilight Spankle."
  196. >Collapsing onto the bench with both halves of your body you can only lay there panting and exhausted.
  197. >Trixie was kind enough to leave you facing your shiny red sore flanks, no doubt just to humiliate you even more.
  198. >All the attempts at kicking and squirming had left your backside covered in a light sheen of sweat which only made the red show up even more.
  199. >If anyone saw this they'd know without a doubt you'd just had the bottom blistering of a lifetime...
  200. >The show does on outside the curtain, you can't hear much but the cheers of the crowd are distinct.
  201. >The longer she takes the better as far as you're concerned, it just means more time for you to recover before she comes back and does who knows what.
  202. >How long could she keep you here anyway? She'd already spanked your bottom mercilessly surely she couldn't do much more right?
  203. >You shutter knowing your only fooling yourself.
  204. >She had been having fun lighting up your rump like a naughty filly and is likely no where near done.
  205. >You almost slip off into an uneasy nap until a louder cheer gets your attention.
  206. "Thank you! Thank you! You have all been such a wonderful audience that Trixie has decided to come and visit this lovely town more often!"
  207. >More cheers go up, you find it a bit odd she went from mildly hated to loved so quickly but it was a good show you had to admit.
  208. >Your musings are interrupted when you hear movement behind you.
  209. >Movement that had better be Trixie, the only thing you had a good view of was your well reared rump.
  210. "Did you hear that Twilight Sparkle they loved the show."
  211. >"Thats umm thats great... I'm glad it went well for you..."
  212. >Her face is unreadable to you, is her mood better or is it another facade?
  213. "Yes Trixie is sure you are but more importantly what do we do with you my naughty little spankle?"
  214. >You flush and look away from her, the gaze is practically predatorial and it sends a shiver down your spine.
  215. >"I umm I've learned my lesson i swear..."
  216. "Hmm yes Trixie is sure you think you have... Did you enjoy the view Trixie left you with?"
  217. >She takes a few steps and places a hoof on your rump juggling it a bit for you.
  218. >You blush and can't help but squirm your backside as she reminds you just how sore and exposed you are.
  219. "Quite a well spanked bottom you have Twilight Spankle. Tell Trixie were you spanked growing up? Trixie knows you have been spanking yourself lately but has anyone else ever done it?
  220. >Despite what some thought you were not a spoiled high noble filly who had never been in trouble in her life.
  221. >Both your parents and the princess herself had worn your flanks our when needed and you didn't blame them, you were quite a handful after all.
  222. >"...Yes..."
  223. "Hmm yes what Twilight? Trixie wants to hear you say it."
  224. >"Yes I was spanked growing up..."
  225. "Trixie thought so, you have the air of a bratty filly who outgrew her spankings too soon after all."
  226. >You blush but just look away from her, what does she know anyway?
  227. "Trixie can tell you don't believe her but you will don't worry. Trixie will get the whole truth out of you and teach you an overdue lesson before the night is over my naughty spankle."
  228. >Without warning Trixie's horn lights up a bright red and you find yourself abruptly teleported into what looks like her wagon.
  229. >You didn't know Trixie knew teleportation at all much less was powerful enough to cover that distance with another in tow.
  230. >Seeing the surprise on your face Trixie laughs.
  231. "Trixie has grown much more powerful since our last encounter Twilight, do not be surprised."
  232. >She walked past you and casually kicked your cart on the way.
  233. >Much to your dismay this just happened to force you face first into your own butt, you bounced off but the term 'kissing ass' has taken on all new meaning for you now.
  234. >Shaking your head you hear Trixie return from rummaging around behind you and try to turn your head to look at her.
  235. >Before you can you gasp as something heavy and very powerful slides down over your horn.
  236. >Your worst fears are realized as the inhibitor ring locks into place.
  237. >In a panic you flare you horn attempting to break it, your an alicorn after all, but the ring holds strong.
  238. >Before you can focus even more power to battle the ring your concentration is shattered by a horrible pain in your flanks.
  240. >You squeal and squirm as the gigantic paddle in Trixie's hoof slams into your unprotected and sore flanks 5 horrible times.
  241. "Did SPANK Trixie SPANK say SPANK you could SPANK struggle???" SPANK!
  243. "You will be Twilight Spankle! You will learn to behave if it takes Trixie all night!"
  244. >You gasp and whimper as Trixie's magic flows over the paddle and it takes on a life of its own beating your backside into submission!
  245. >It's not as bad as when Trixie wielded it herself but its still a paddling!
  246. >Over the next minute your struggles fade into pathetic sobbing as the paddle continues its brutal work on your raised rump.
  247. >Trixie simply watches with a satisfied look at her nemesis goes from proud princess to bawling foal in front of her very eyes.
  248. >With a spark of her horn the paddle finally stops, your bottom feels like your sitting on hot coals and you can't stop the tears rolling out of your eyes.
  249. "There there its stopped your ok. All you have to do is be a good filly and do what Trixie says and you'll be fine ok?"
  250. >You can only pathetically nod your head.
  251. "Trixie knew there was a good filly in there somewhere! Now tell Trixie all about your past, she knows your a spanked filly so tell her everything."
  252. >"I... um well... what do you want to know?..."
  253. >The paddle lightly taps your abused seat and Trixie gives you a meaningful look making your eyes widen in terror at the idea of more paddling.
  254. >"NO please my parents and the princess both spanked me! Please no more!"
  255. "Shhh shhh you're not getting more yet just tell Trixie everything."
  256. >She floats over a notepad and quill.
  257. >The next half hour is perhaps the most embarrassing of your life.
  258. >You tell Trixie everything from how your parents and the princess spanked you to when, why, how often and when the last time was.
  259. >She was delighted to learn the princess had disciplined last only a couple years ago but kept the teasing to a minimum.
  260. >Recording everything about your discipline history in her notepad she then pulled out some photos from a nearby desk.
  261. >You blush realizing they are of course ones of you tanning yourself with the brush.
  262. >In truth you had no idea why you'd done it, it just felt right even as you got bright red.
  263. "Trixie is sure your curious why she's writing all this down so she will tell you."
  264. >Closing the book she scribbles something on the front then turns it around to you.
  265. 'Effects of corporal punishment on Subject Twilight Sparkle'
  266. "Now don't worry Trixie is not going to show this to anyone, it will remain between the two of us."
  267. >Opening the book she shows you a few pages on the inside.
  268. >You blush when you see shes included pictures and diagrams of your purple butt being turned bright red including some from today.
  269. "As you can no doubt tell it is a study. A study of spanked princess plots that will go on far past today."
  270. >You gulp at that past part.
  271. >"Trixie please you can't hold this over my head forever this is blackmail..."
  272. "Oh don't worry Trixie will not be the one running the study Twilight Spankle, you will!"
  273. >Opening her cloak you only now notice something around her neck, some kind of winged amulet.
  274. >You have no idea what it is but it positively radiates powerful dark magic.
  275. "Trixie searched far and wide after you disgraced her and found this Twilight Sparkle! The Alicorn Amulet!"
  276. >Trixie's horn sudden lights with magic causing you to scream as it smashes into your mind!
  277. "You will not remember today Twilight Sparkle! You will only remember helping Trixie with her act and going home! But from this day forward you will have an insatiable need to be spanked! You will spank yourself! You will have others spank you! You will become the princess of spankings for all to know!"
  278. >You uselessly thrash your head back and forth trying to resist the invasive magic.
  279. >Mind magic has been illegal for centuries so very few were trained in the defense of it including yourself.
  280. >Ideas flowed into your head faster than you could stop them.
  281. >You were pretty bratty after all.
  282. >You had spanked yourself before perhaps you just needed more?
  283. >You would ask celestia. You would ask your friends.
  284. >They would understand you just needed a good lesson right?
  285. >Even better you could make a machine!
  286. >The sparkle spanker 3000!
  287. >The schematics formed in your mind and you pictured yourself tied down and bawling as you got your well needed lesson!
  288. >How had you not seen it before? Forget friendship the princess of discipline was your true calling!
  289. >Suddenly the ideas all stop and you collapse onto your table.
  290. >The next few minutes you simply pant as you try to sort out your mind.
  291. >The hot sore status of your bottom suddenly feels very deserved as you wiggle it remembering the paddling you had just received.
  292. >Your thoughts are shattered as a hard wooden paddle is placed under your chin and lifts your gaze up to Trixie's.
  293. "Well Twilight Sparkle. Do you have anything you want to ask of me?"
  294. >You lick your lips and blush but know what you have to do.
  295. >"Yes Trixie would you please... would you umm well... would you please finish with my lesson..."
  296. "Your lesson Twilight? Trixie is unsure what you mean?"
  297. >"My umm... with the paddle..."
  298. "You have to say it spankle."
  299. >"Please spank me trixie..."
  300. >A huge grin spreads across Trixie's face and she ruffles your mane happly.
  301. "Of course my little Spankle. Trixie knows what you need."
  303. >An hour later you leave the wagon.
  304. >Your rump is beyond red but all things considered not brutalized too badly, most likely due to your earth pony stamina you muse.
  305. "Now Twilight you are to go home to your castle right through the town square. Ponies will see your spanking but if they ask you are to just tell them you deserved it, do you understand?"
  306. >"Of course it was necessary afterall."
  307. "Good. Trixie will stop by every few weeks as her schedule permits to check on you and you had better not be overdue for a lesson when she arrives!"
  308. >"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!"
  309. >Having shared your goodbyes you happily trot off towards your castle as fast as your unsteady legs will allow.
  310. >What a great day!
  312. >Ugh what time is it?
  313. >You feel like you slept on your head or something...
  314. >Crawling out of bed with your usual grace, falling onto the floor, you make your way to the bathroom.
  315. >As soon as you take a seat in front of your vanity though you quickly jump back up and squeal!
  316. >Turning your hips towards the mirror you are greeted by the sight of a bright red princess plot that looks like it's been spanked into next week!
  317. >Reaching back to rub it even hurts! what happened!
  318. >And why does it say 'Property of Thunderlane' on your left cheek?...
  319. >OMG did you sleep with Thunderlane? Had he worn out your backside like this?
  320. >Running a towel under some cold water and placing it on your backside helps a little as you go back to your room to look for any extra clues.
  321. >A magical check of your 'parts' revealed that you had not slept with Thunderlane after all but if that was the case why had he reddened your seat like a foal?
  322. >Suddenly out of the corner of your eye a notebook catches your eye.
  323. 'Effects of corporal punishment on subject twilight sparkle'
  324. >You don't remember writing this... or do you?
  325. >Taking a look inside makes you blush redder than your seat.
  326. >Especially the most recent page.
  327. >On it is what seems to be a first hand account of your encounter with Thunderlane!
  328. >Including a few tears you must have dropped onto it as he did his painful job!
  329. >Sweet celestia there was even pictures of you over his lap screaming like a foal!
  330. >You vaguely remember talking to him about researching the effects of punishment on princess performance.
  331. >Was that why you did this? It must have been.
  332. >Based on your other notes in here it didn't seem like such a crazy idea the more you thought about it.
  333. >And oh my this machine diagram!
  334. >That looked very painful but a part of you knew you needed to build it...
  335. >Opening to the schematics page you begin writing up a list of needed parts.
  336. >Might as well get started on this 'Sparkle Spanker 3000'
  337. >It was for the good of the kingdom after all... right?
  339. end.
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