The Eternal War, Session 25

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  1. Session Start: Sat Nov 24 14:09:22 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
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  21. 01[19:17] <Staffen> Six-Jay is able to climb back over the threshold - all that remains of his melta bomb and the daemonhost it took with it is a hole, rimmed with glowing hot molten slag.
  22. 01[19:20] <Staffen> In the square, Anselm roars in victory over smoldering piles of ash. From the central stairwell of your building, however, the clatter of plated boots echoes.
  23. 01[19:25] <Staffen> The statue of this unknown Space Marine seems to glare judgmentally at the Knight's exploits.
  24. 06[19:27] * Nyx begins to traverse down the stairs to go to a lower floor
  25. [19:27] <Nyx> "Time's wasting, Master Cain! Heretics and whatnot!"
  26. [19:30] <Petrus> "I still have to deal with that coward! Running away from your prey, HA!"
  27. 06[19:31] * Six-Jay pulls himself over the ledge, panting and eyeing the hole in the floor that used to be a Daemonhost, with a self satisfied smirk he quickly sets to work dropping the drum mag on his heavy stubber and slapping a fresh one home before hopping down the hole, ready to put some more holes in heretic bastards.
  28. 06[19:32] * Six-Jay lets out a sigh of releif as the floor appears to be clear of hostiles...
  29. 01[19:33] <Staffen> "Friends," Anselm calls, sheathing his sword, "are you alright?
  30. [19:34] <@Narcisa> "Something is in this building, not us!" she calls out not being one for subtly
  31. [19:35] <Nyx> ++If there's something in in here, I'm probably going to run straight into it!++
  32. 06[19:36] * Petrus fires again through the wall clearly annoyed his prey is escaping him "That's right run you bastard!"
  33. 01[19:44] <Staffen> In the distance, across the courtyard, the muzzle flash of a heavy stubber lights up the gloom. It catches Anselm off guard, and he is cut into by a flurry of bullets.
  34. 01[19:45] <Staffen> The Knight staggers, but doesn't seem to vocalize any pain - it just seems to be a nuisance to him.
  35. 06[19:55] * @Narcisa speaks lowly into a microbead "Plex! I can hear others on the floor you're on! We should all move to help her!"
  36. 06[19:57] * Plex peeks around the corner of her hidey-hole as the gunfire goes off, and catches a glimpse of the attackers. She sends a mental picture of them to the rest of the Cell, as well as Anselm, burrowing through the corrupted Warp in the area, before steadying her Fatebringer across her other forearm and drawing a bead.
  37. 06[19:59] * Nyx continues to move down floors, opting against safety be sliding down railings a half-story at a time
  38. 06[20:01] * Six-Jay having the images coupled with the sounds of gunfire flash through his mind, he spins and heads towards the nearest window, looking out he braces his stubber on the sil and opens up on full auto across the way towards where the vision indicated. ++Battle Brother! Please seek cover!++ He shouts into his vox-bead.
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  41. 01[20:08] <Staffen> Anselm of Silen turns to his assailants. ++You must go,++ he says into his comm-bead as he breaks into a sprint towards the gun line, ++return to the Crusade headquarters and report what's happened here! I'll clean up - go!++
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  43. 06[20:16] * Petrus starts sneaking trying to find a new vantage point
  44. 06[20:17] * @Narcisa had her plasma pistol put away, exchanged for the laspistol connected to a port in her wrist, the woman heading down after Nyx
  45. 06[20:20] * @Narcisa withdraws her head, hiding in her bit of the stairwell where she ended up "They're opening the door to Plexs floor," she reports in a whisper over her bead again
  46. 01[20:23] <Staffen> Narcisa's warnings mean that Plex is not taken off-guard when a group of gunmen open fire on her from the stairwell.
  47. 01[20:26] <Staffen> Their fire is rushed and misses, however.
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  50. [20:32] <Plex> Thanks to Narcisa's warning, Plex is ready for the incoming group; weathering the fire, she returns the favor with a mighty blast of mental agony, launching an assault on the minds of a half-dozen in the squad in the stairwell.
  51. 06[20:37] * Plex takes advantage of the bedlam caused to squeeze off a single shot into the mass of bodies.
  52. 06[20:39] * Nyx pants, making her way still lower towards the heretic congregation
  53. 01[20:40] <Staffen> Nyx comes to a stop almost directly in front of one of the gunmen, who had probably begun climbing the steps to go investigate Narcisa.
  54. 06[20:40] * Nyx raises her hand
  55. [20:40] <Nyx> "Hi!"
  56. 01[20:45] <Staffen> Anselm can be heard howling as he smashes into the gunline. Small-arms light up the scene as his power sword's shining blade swings through various human shapes.
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  58. 03[20:52] * Staffen changes topic to 'Nyx, 6J, Anselm, Sokolov, Petrus, Narcisa, SL3, SL1, Plex'
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  62. [21:01] <Petrus> ++Lord Astartes I hear the engine of a vehicle, do you have any allies hiding that you did not tell us about?++
  63. 01[21:02] <Staffen> ++No,++ Anselm announces, ++but I hear it too. No more than two wheels on the ground, small engine... an attack bike, maybe?++
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  67. 06[21:11] * @Narcisa leans from aside the stairs, her hand extended holding her laspistol, snapping off a pair of shots at the horde.
  68. [21:11] <@Narcisa> She follows up with an "Oh, ah, sorry!" as she saw that Nyx had to put some effort into moving out of the way from one of her lasbolts.
  69. 01[21:11] <Staffen> Far off in the distance, gunfire can be heard, and Anselm's cries out in rage once again.
  70. 06[21:11] * Nyx leans back against the wall, her hat singed
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  72. 01[21:14] <Staffen> The squad splits and the few remaining men gang up on either Nyx or Plex.
  73. 01[21:14] <Staffen> They attack the psykers with bayonets, but are unable to strike them.
  74. 06[21:17] * Plex retaliates by delving into the squad's minds, forcing them to confront their greatest fears, one by one.
  75. 01[21:17] <Staffen> The remaining traitors fall to their knees, crying, clawing at their masks' eyelenses
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  79. 06[21:24] * Nyx conjures a glass-like blade in her left hand, preparing to finish off the men
  80. [21:25] <Nyx> "Cry to the Emperor for your souls!"
  81. 01[21:26] <Staffen> Nyx's psychic weapon fizzles out, and the psyker is instead slapped with a bolt of miscolored electricity.
  82. 06[21:27] * Nyx falls onto the floor, screaming and clutching her chest
  83. 06[21:29] * Nyx draws her force weapon and crawls over to the men, stabbing them
  84. [21:30] <Nyx> "Damned Warp...should have done this to begin..with."
  85. 01[21:31] <Staffen> The man falls, dead.
  86. 06[21:34] * Six-Jay moves with all speed to get the hell out of there.
  87. [21:36] <@Narcisa> "You think we should take one with us Nyx? For questioning?" she asks as she watches the psyker stab them
  88. [21:36] <Nyx> "Still three left.  Take your pick."
  89. [21:38] <Petrus> ++Lord Astartes it sounds like the bike is heading toward the Crusade Fortress++
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  91. 01[21:39] <Staffen> The response over the vox-line is a burst of confused static and warbled, incomprehensible voice.
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  97. 06[21:45] * Petrus works his way out of the building
  98. 06[21:47] * Plex moves down the stairwell, past the mewling squad members, urging both Nyx and Narcisa to follow sooner rather than later.
  99. [21:47] <@Narcisa> "Hold on Plex, shouldn't we take at least one of these men with us for later questioning? PErhaps one of those knocked unconscious?"
  100. 06[21:48] * Nyx follows along, clutching her torso
  101. 06[21:49] * Petrus starts making his way over to where the other sniper was hiding
  102. 06[21:49] * Plex lays a hand on Nyx's shoulder briefly, helping her healing along.
  103. [21:50] <Nyx> "My thanks, sister..."
  104. 01[21:50] <Staffen> As you exit the building, a fighter craft, barely visible in the night sky, passes by over head, its thrusters screaming loud.
  105. 06[21:51] * Plex flinches heavily from the unexpected noise.
  106. 01[21:51] <Staffen> Shortly thereafter a second, much different fighter flies by, and you can see tracers strafing the ground and cutting through the air towards the first craft.
  107. 06[21:51] * @Narcisa would follow after Plex as she doesn't say anything, leaving the men behind reluctantly as she works on fixing their commbeads
  108. 01[21:51] <Staffen> The first craft fireballs and hits a building in the distance.
  109. [21:52] <Plex> "...I hope the second one was on our side..."
  110. 01[21:52] <Staffen> Meanwhile, far overhead, faint flashes in the night sky can be seen far above you.
  111. 06[21:55] * @Narcisa looks to Plex "I've cleared my bead - if you have a message for Anshelm or anyone else I suggest you say it now," She hands the thing to the psyker
  112. 01[21:57] <Staffen> A trail of cables connects the side of the comm-bead to the back of Narcisa's neck.
  113. [21:58] <@Narcisa> "Interestingly enough, the jamming itself seems to be originating from the Crusade Fortress. Hopefully not from some manner of sabotuer."
  114. 06[21:59] * Six-Jay moves up and takes the communicator, careful not to pull the plugs as he speaks into it. ++Lord Anslem, are you alive?++
  115. 06[21:59] * Plex pales. "Or a larger attack than anyone anticipated."
  116. [21:59] <@Narcisa> "Yes."
  117. 01[22:01] <Staffen> A snarl comes over the vox-line. ++What?! What is it?++ There is a pause, followed by the sound of distant gunfire when it reopens. ++I told you to leave! What is going on?++
  118. [22:02] <@Narcisa> "This jamming is coming from the Crusade Command!"
  119. 06[22:02] * Six-Jay responds cooly despite the space marines rage. ++Our Magos suggests that the Interference is coming from the Fortress itself, I suggest you find a method by which to disengage and return to rendevous with us or your Battle Brothers post-haste, Six-Jay Out. ++
  120. 06[22:04] * Plex yanks the bead when 6J signs off. ++My Lord, we're clear of the building and on our way away from the ruins. I am attempting to inform them via...non-technical means of the goings-on.++
  121. 01[22:05] <Staffen> ++Nonsense,++ Anselm growls, ++Crusade command cannot be the source of any interference.++ The line closes again momentarily, and when it resumes you can hear something like the sound of water boiling. ++There are too many hostiles here. You'll have to do what you must, psyker, but I must remain here.++
  122. [22:05] <Plex> ++As you say, milord.++ She hands the bead back to Narcisa.
  123. 06[22:06] * @Narcisa plucks it back into her ear
  124. [22:07] <Six-Jay> "Lead on Interogator, we had best hurry or I suspect Battle Brother Anslem will end up being no more before we can requisition extraction for him."
  125. [22:09] <@Narcisa> "Of course." She says to nobody in particular. SHe looks to Plex "Our Lord wishes we ensure the guard is watching the Grand Master and that we find an Amandus and ensure their safety." She looks up at the sky and watches for the source of the flashes for some time before blurting out "Oh Omnissiah, those are voidships exchanging fire!"
  126. [22:11] <Plex> At the last exclamation, Plex picks up into a jog. "Quickly, then--we're no good to anybody standing around!"
  127. 06[22:12] * Six-Jay takes up a quick jog despite the weight of his equipment. "Void-ships?" he glances up, reinforcing Narcisa's words in his own mind as anouther flash lights the heavens. "Winterscales fleet is more treacherous than My Lord ever imagines it seems."
  128. 06[22:17] * Plex is moving away from the ruins, back toward the fortress, as quickly as possible, supporting the injured Nyx while doing so.
  129. 06[22:17] * Petrus follows the group grumbling to himself
  130. 06[22:18] * Six-Jay jogs up beside plex and glances at the injured. "Perhaps we should make her a litter?"
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  133. [22:22] <Plex> "Hold!" she calls, motioning for the group to stop. "There's a...mine, of sorts, ahead. I don't recognize its like."
  134. 06[22:23] * Six-Jay pauses and squints. "How big?"
  135. [22:23] <@Narcisa> "Where?" She looks to Plex "Point it out."
  136. 06[22:24] * Plex points to a spot on the ground several meters ahead, indicating the faintest glimmer of non-pavement material among some disturbed ground.
  137. 01[22:24] <Staffen> Indeed, located in the middle of a four-way intersection is the object Plex speaks of.
  138. [22:25] <Plex> "...This wasn't there on our way in."
  139. [22:26] <Nyx> "Should we shoot it?"
  140. [22:26] <@Narcisa> "You are certain it's a mine?"
  141. 06[22:26] * Six-Jay immedietly starts looking for cover. "You dont drop a single mine on an enemies escape route and then leave it. There are either more of them, or the people who planted them cant be far."
  142. [22:27] <Plex> "There's...something else around it. Liquidy. And it trails off to that building." Her pointing finger shifts to the accused structure.
  143. 06[22:29] * Six-Jay glances to the Magos. "I know something about bombs, but not enough to get this done with any time soon. You?"
  144. [22:30] <@Narcisa> "I am... particularly curious about the liquid," she removes a small device that was situated over her eye similar to a monocle or half of a pair of glasses, and fiddles with it for a moment to activate scanning procedures
  145. [22:31] <@Narcisa> "It is vehicular prometheium. This is likely a fire bomb," she looks to the building where it trailed off "There could also be a vehicle hidden near that tructure."
  146. [22:31] <@Narcisa> "Otherwise I suggest we avoid the area around the liquid and continue on."
  147. 06[22:32] * Six-Jay shakes his head. "Can you tell anything about the mine? Size, yeild, trigger?"
  148. [22:33] <@Narcisa> "No."
  149. [22:33] <@Narcisa> "If you wish, throw your grenade-  that may trigger it."
  150. 06[22:34] * Nyx holds up a hand
  151. [22:34] <Nyx> "I sense a great disturbance in the Warp."
  152. [22:34] <Nyx> "As if a great many souls scream out near us."
  153. 06[22:37] * Six-Jay takes a deep breath and edges closer to get a better look at the mine... After a few moments he lets out the breath and waves the others on around the kill zone of the mine. "Walk where I walk."
  154. 06[22:37] * Plex follows 6J's steps almost literally.
  155. [22:37] <Nyx> "Why are we not walking around the mine and the malign spirits in the  Warp?"
  156. 06[22:38] * Nyx follows after Plex gingerly
  157. 06[22:38] * Six-Jay ignores what in his short association he has come to regard as the *Crazy one* of the party.
  158. 01[22:39] <Staffen> Soon after the party is again properly underway.
  159. 01[22:39] <Staffen> A short while later, you arrive at the outskirts of the city ruins, and in the distance is the Crusade's prefab fortress.
  160. 06[22:40] * @Narcisa follows after Six-Jay as he suggested, re-affixing the auspex to her face
  161. 01[22:40] <Staffen> Fires rise from within the compound. Burning husks of fighters are scattered across the area, and gunfire lights up the night on both the ground and in the sky.
  162. [22:40] <Nyx> "See, these people had the right idea.  They're already dead."
  163. 06[22:42] * Six-Jay curses and glances back at Narcissa, noticing as he looks down a very thick and singular track mark in the broken pavement. "Magos, can you break through the jamming yet? I must speak with My Lord Octavius and ascertain his safety!"
  164. 06[22:47] * @Narcisa hands Six-Jay the bead, "The signals potency here is far greater as we have moved closer to the source; however my earlier methods to bypass it still work."
  165. [22:48] <Plex> "Watch over my body." And she sits down, closing her eyes.
  166. [22:48] <@Narcisa> "If you may do me a favor and your master is fine, ask him about the status of the Grand Master and Amandus when you are finished?"
  167. [22:48] <@Narcisa> The small microbead abuzz with frantic chatter as she held it out.
  168. 06[22:49] * Six-Jay nods his head in thanks and begins speaking into the combead, clearly trying to get into contact with his fellow acolytes in the Inquisitors retinue or the Inquisitor himself if possible.
  169. 06[22:50] * Petrus looks up at the ships in orbit and sighs
  170. [22:51] <Six-Jay> ++My lord, Inquisitor. Are you alright. We have reached the fortress, someone please respond.++ He does not sound frantic, but he is clearly worried.
  171. 06[22:54] * Six-Jay lets out a sigh of relief. ++The Lady Inquisitors retinue is impressive, Magos Narcisa is quite adept at her work my lord. Are you safe my lord? What are your orders? Shall I secure you extraction?++
  172. 02[22:55] * Nyx ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])
  173. 06[22:59] * Six-Jay stops cold and glances to the others. "Confirmed my Lord, Chaos Space Marine Presence, Iron Warriors. Machine-Men... Atomic device in the main keep... Shall we engage the group seeking Sierck or deal with the device my lord?++ As he speaks he grows deathly calm.
  174. 06[23:02] * Six-Jay nods his head as more information comes his way. ++Yes my lord, Sierck will not escape. We will prevent his capture at all costs. For the Emperor My Lord.++ He signs off quickly and looks to the others. "We push to Siercks cell now. We prevent his escape at all costs. Eliminate the target if we must."
  175. [23:02] <@Narcisa> "And of this atomic?"
  176. [23:03] <Six-Jay> "My lord has anouther team on route to deal with it. Sierck is our concern."
  177. 06[23:04] * @Narcisa nods "Very well."
  178. 06[23:04] * Six-Jay does not wait for more debate, he quickly readies his weapons and reload before setting off at a run towards the nearest point of egress into the Fortress.
  179. 06[23:05] * Petrus follows after Six-Jay
  180. 06[23:05] * @Narcisa looks to Plex on the ground and then the others. She moves to pick the woman up.
  181. 06[23:06] * @Narcisa grunts with effort, speaking in machine tongue some rite or litany before she, along with Plex, lift off the ground. The pair floating, she would make after Petrus and 6-J a bit easier
  182. 01[23:10] <Staffen> As you approach the gate and the wall looms, Six-Jay seems to spot something.
  183. 01[23:11] <Staffen> Meanwhile, rubble shoots over the edge and shouts and screams and sounts of explosives detonating can be heard beyond.
  184. 01[23:11] <Staffen> The gate, meanwhile, is in fact a smoldering ruin stuck in an open position.
  185. 06[23:12] * Six-Jay grins and says a quick prayer to Drusus as they stumble across one of his fallen brethren, a melta-gun across his lap and a spare flask in his belt. "Thank you brother." Six-jay mutters softly as he slings his stubber and gathers up the weapon and the spare ammo. He seems to be at the limit of his carrying capacity for the moment however.
  186. [23:13] <Plex> It is at this moment that Plex wakes up. eyes popping open suddenly...and flashing a look of disquiet. "...Why am I floating?"
  187. 06[23:15] * @Narcisa looks down at Plex, her arms straining, she would slowly let the woman slip down back onto her feet
  188. 06[23:16] * Six-Jay newly equipped he nods back to plex before moving to the gate and glancing inside, searching for signs of hostiles.
  189. 06[23:16] * Plex looks around once she's upright. "...Ah. I see." Dusting off her legs, she straightens again. "I spoke with Balmung. He and some others are tasked with destroying the jamming, though making no progress. Traitor legions abound." She clears her throat. "Amandus' last known location was the cells, where Sierck was kept."
  190. [23:18] <@Narcisa> "Ah, well. Yes, Iron Warriors as Six-Jay here was kind enough to tell us."
  191. 06[23:19] * Six-Jay glances back. "Ladies, we havent got much time. We need to move to the cells NOW. My lord has decreed that Sierck can not escape. We have to reach him, secure him or eliminate him ten seconds ago."
  192. 06[23:20] * Plex nods. "Then let's be about it."
  193. Session Close: Sat Nov 24 23:25:10 2012
  195. Session Start: Sat Nov 24 23:25:10 2012
  196. Session Ident: #eternalwar
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  198. 02[23:25] * Attempting to rejoin channel #eternalwar
  199. 03[23:25] * Rejoined channel #eternalwar
  200. 03[23:25] * Topic is 'Nyx, 6J, Anselm, Sokolov, Petrus, Narcisa, SL3, SL1, Plex'
  201. 03[23:25] * Set by Staffen on Sat Nov 24 20:52:04
  202. [23:25] <Petrus> "Want me to handle the Iron Warrior?"
  203. 01[23:26] <Staffen_> In the courtyard, improvised cover conceived of overturned shipping crates and relocated vehicles create a maze. On top of one of the buildings an Space Marine in unpainted armor, yellow-and-black warning stripes decorating his pauldrons, fires an autocannon down at the Ultramarines, who hide in the cover of a Rhino.
  204. 01[23:26] <Staffen_> Through the crates you can see the Storm Wardens' Chapter Master Maclir fighting with a Marine wielding a wicked chainsword.
  205. [23:27] <Six-Jay> "Glances to Petrus, if you can kill a Chaos Space Marine with a single shot to the head without giving away our position. Be my guest. Or priority is not this fight, it's reaching the cells." He huffs, looking to Narcisa again before quickly keying his own com.
  206. 02[23:27] * Staffen ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  207. 03[23:27] * Staffen_ is now known as Staffen
  208. 06[23:28] * Petrus grins under his mask and begins to sneak into the courtyard
  209. [23:29] <Six-Jay> ++Ultramarines, This is Inquisitorial Representive Solomen Praetus. We are at the gate, we need you to provide cover for us to reach the Cells, it is imperative he not be allowed to escape. With all the authotity of the Inquisition I request your immediate assistance."
  210. [23:29] <Six-Jay> ++
  211. 01[23:30] <Staffen> The response is static.
  212. 03[23:30] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  213. [23:31] <@Narcisa> "They're still jamming us." She replies flatly
  214. 03[23:32] * Staffen changes topic to 'Plex, Narcisa, Lorgath, Pet, Champ, SL, IW, 6J, UM,'
  215. [23:33] <Six-Jay> "Then give me your bead." He says simply glancing at her.
  216. 01[23:34] <Staffen> The Iron Warrior turns his upper torso to Petrus. "Lambs to the slaughter!" he shouts, laughing hatefully to himself.
  217. 06[23:39] * Plex attempts to reach into the Iron Warrior's mind to erase her presence, but runs into a solid wall instead, so she slinks off to look for suitable cover instead.
  218. 06[23:40] * @Narcisa follows Plex into cover, the woman quick drawing her plasma pistol and taking aim at the marine with the heavy weapon. She speaks into her beads "While his back is turned, Astartes! Strike!"
  219. 01[23:44] <Staffen> Elsewhere, you can see the Storm Wardens' Chapter Master cleave through a Renegade Marine, power sword and all, with a gleaming silvery blade that easily is as large as he is, making a mockery of the sword Anselm was using earlier.
  220. 06[23:49] * Petrus fires at the autocannon wielding Traitor Marine.
  221. 01[23:50] <Staffen> The shot leaves a visible dent in the cranium of the Renegade's helm. He snarls. "I felt that, lapdog!" he shouts, and brings his autocannon to bear on Petrus.
  222. 02[23:51] * Petrus ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  223. 03[23:52] * Petrus ( has joined #eternalwar
  224. 01[23:54] <Staffen> Petrus successfully slides out of the Iron Warrior's field of firw.
  225. 01[23:54] <Staffen> *fire
  226. 01[23:54] <Staffen> Elsewhere, the characteristic hissing discharge of lasguns can be heard, accompanied by shouting.
  227. 01[23:55] <Staffen> Boltguns can be heard as well.
  228. 06[23:59] * Six-Jay spins out of cover and levels his Melta-gun at the Chaos Marine with the Autocannon. "ULTRAMARINES! To the FRAKKING CELLS!" He bellows at the top of his lungs as he pulls the trigger and turns the Iron Warrior into a steaming pile of molten ceramite and offal.
  229. Session Time: Sun Nov 25 00:00:00 2012
  230. 01[00:00] <Staffen> "Negative," one of them calls, "the Codex demands we prioritize the atomic device being planted in the keep. Best of fortunes to you, mortals."
  231. [00:01] <Six-Jay> "FRAK!" He shouts at the top of his lungs before bellowing towards Lorgath. "Lord Lorgath, they are attempting to free the prisoner! We must not let them escape!"
  232. [00:01] <@Narcisa> "He has a point. Let us be on our way," she moves from cover, still floating as she ushered Six-Jay onward
  233. 01[00:03] <Staffen> The Storm Warden Chapter Master looks your way, shakes his head apologetically, and then turns and rushes some other target.
  234. 06[00:04] * Six-Jay wishing the fires of all the saints on the Astartes Six-jay makes a beeline for the cells.
  235. 06[00:05] * Plex heads to the cells as well, breaking cover after hearing the melta roar and do its job.
  236. 06[00:05] * Petrus reloads his rifle "I don't think you would have wanted to be here if I died and Winterscale or Victoria found out."
  237. 01[00:07] <Staffen> Overhead, a strange vessel glides over the fortress. It is a strange, ovular thing covered in pods which idly spit electricity. The craft enormous, easily the size of a large cargo lighter. Turret-pods along its side twirl, turning towards defenders on the ground.
  238. 01[00:10] <Staffen> A hatch opens up on its underside and disgorges a group of cyber-partisans. Deafening cracks are on the air heard as the turret-pods on the vessel emit an arc of electricity at their targets.
  239. [00:11] <Petrus> "Damnit"
  240. 03[00:12] * Staffen changes topic to 'Plex, Narcisa, Lorgath, Pet, CP1, SL, CP2, 6J, UM,'
  241. 03[00:15] * Staffen changes topic to 'Plex, Narcisa, Lorgath, Pet, CP1, SL, CP2, 6J, CP3, UM,'
  242. 01[00:15] <Staffen> The cyber-partisans block the way to the cells.
  243. 03[00:16] * Staffen changes topic to 'Plex, Narcisa, Lorgath, Pet, CP1, SL, CP2, 6J, Am, CP3, UM,'
  244. 01[00:16] <Staffen> Behind them, however, you can see Amandus charging towards this new group of combatants with a sword in hand.
  245. 06[00:18] * Plex funnels the Warp into steadying her hand, though the squeezed-off shot misses wide of the nearest partisan's head.
  246. 06[00:21] * @Narcisa speaks in the same tech-tongue, the techpriestess raising her left arm, ports sparking with lightning and blue electricity as a gentle hum filled the air around her, a faintly visible barrier surrounding her in a sphere
  247. 01[00:25] <Staffen> One of the partisans dodges Petrus's rifle to charge him with its shock-staff at the ready.
  248. 06[00:26] * Petrus dodges the partisan's charge
  249. 01[00:26] <Staffen> The second goes for Petrus as well.
  250. 06[00:27] * Petrus dodges the second's charge
  251. 06[00:32] * Six-Jay takes aim and opens up on the Partisan that is giving him the stink-eye, hopeing to vaporise it and instead ends up only severely damaging it.
  252. 01[00:36] <Staffen> Amandus collides with the third partisan, bisecting it with a hard swing of his sword.
  253. 03[00:37] * Staffen changes topic to 'Plex, Narcisa, Lorgath, Pet, CP1, SL, CP2, 6J, Am, UM'
  254. 01[00:39] <Staffen> Meanwhile, the craft overhead continues to issue electrocutions.
  255. 06[00:44] * Plex ignores the craft overhead to take aim at the first partisan to harass Petrus; her single pistol shot tears a remarkable chunk out of it.
  256. 06[00:47] * @Narcisa turns, pistol at the ready as she prepares to empty her weapons ammunition flask upon Petrus, only for it to overheat for the third time she had witnessed the thing firing, the magos dropping the weapon as she was rendered unable to hold onto it again.
  257. 01[00:48] <Staffen> A severed hand, catapulted from some distance away, hits a partisan in the head, but otherwise does not disrupt it.
  258. 06[00:54] * Petrus draws his Carnodon and fires a round into the Partisan's head blowing chunks of skull everywhere
  259. 02[00:54] * Petrus ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  260. 03[00:54] * Petrus ( has joined #eternalwar
  261. 01[00:55] <Staffen> The remaining partisan attempts to jab at Petrus, but he carefully dodges.
  262. 06[00:58] * Six-Jay dives forwards, past Petrus and aims his Melta at the Partisan, he pulls the trigger only for the thing to jerk aside. "FRAK!"
  263. 01[00:58] <Staffen> Amandus, howls out a war cry that rivals his master as he charges the remaining partisan, lancing it through its chest.
  264. 03[00:59] * Staffen changes topic to 'Plex, Narcisa, Lorgath, Pet, SL, CP2, 6J, Am, UM'
  265. 06[01:01] * Plex re-tunes her Warp-made targeting sight before loosing another shot that hits, but does little appreciable damage to the final partisan.
  266. 06[01:08] * @Narcisa draws her las pistol quickly, hooking it up and snapping a shot off at the final cyber partisan, missing horridly all the same
  267. 06[01:10] * Petrus fires another shot at the partisan
  268. 01[01:11] <Staffen> The partisan attempts to hit Amandus, but the Knight's Squire dodges.
  269. 06[01:13] * Six-Jay bullrushes the partisan, shoulder slamming it to the ground and roaring in triumph as he pulls the trigger on his melta and vaporises the upper half of the cursed thing, spattering his armor with glowing flecks of slag. "Heretek garbage!"
  270. 06[01:13] * Plex nods to Amandus briefly as the last partisan falls; then she turns back to her team. "To the cells! Go, before they bring more reinforcements!"
  271. 06[01:13] * @Narcisa reaches down to pick up her plasma pistol, hands wrapped in cloth as she tried to grasp by the handle alone, bouncing it between hands "Ah, ow, ah, gah, hot hot hot." She muttered as she followed after!
  272. 01[01:14] <Staffen> Amandus grimaces. "I am told it was once custom to kill a mortal who claimed a kill I had attempted to make," he says. He unclamps his helm and dons it. "But there is too much at stake here. I will fight on in my master's name!" He waves to you as you pass. "Best of fortunes to you!"
  273. 06[01:14] * Six-Jay kicks the remains once and snarls back at Amandus clearly high on battle rage. He does not speak, merely thunders off after the rest, intent on fulfilling his masters mission.
  274. 01[01:15] <Staffen> The cell-block door closes behind you. The cell hall itself, however, is a complete mess - ruined lumin-fixtures flicker, partly broken from the ceiling.
  275. 01[01:15] <Staffen> The Knight who earlier guarded the door lies dead, his chest caved in. The door itself, however, appears unharmed, and is still locked.
  276. [01:18] <@Narcisa> "THis wound is fresh, everyone else was freed. This is either a trap, a waste of our time, or he was left behind - all three of which I'd suspect Vok would do."
  277. 06[01:20] * @Narcisa shakes her head and walks up to the keypad "Everyone else stand back."
  278. 06[01:20] * Six-Jay is panting slightly, the weight of his weapons only now starting to drag him down. He levels his melta at the door but does not fire yet. When he speaks his voice is harder, less controlled than usual. "Get this door open fast, or Ill blast it open. We need to know if he's here. Alive or dead it does not matter."
  279. 06[01:21] * Petrus pulls out a multikey "Let me try"
  280. [01:21] <Plex> "Wait"--she lays a hand on Petrus' arm, eyes unseeing for the moment. "There are two beings in there...I cannot tell more than that." She steps back, nods at 6J. "Remove the door."
  281. [01:22] <@Narcisa> "If you wish to waste precious ammo instead," She backs away from the door
  282. 06[01:22] * Six-Jay nods his head once and levels the weapon. He pulls the trigger without a moments hesitation, slagging the door without a doubt.
  283. 01[01:27] <Staffen> As the door is vaporized, possibly the most ear-splitting sound any of you has ever heard fills the hall. There is a bright flash from inside the room, and Six-Jay is hit with the force of a cannon, knocking him clear of the doorway.
  284. 06[01:28] * Six-Jay flies like a ragdoll through the air, but manages to keep his grip on his gun despite the impact.
  285. 01[01:28] <Staffen> Within is a soldier in dark grey fatigues and a grinning skull mask. An enormous rifle sits between his legs. He is wagging his finger at you.
  286. 01[01:28] <Staffen> Every door on the block opens then,
  287. 01[01:28] <Staffen> And from them appears Iron Warriors and more of these strange renegade troopers.
  288. 01[01:29] <Staffen> And from the cell behind you emerges Sierck, smiling like a dork.
  289. 01[01:30] <Staffen> "I could have left at any time," the Magos tells you, holding up what looks like an omnitool. "The thing is, though, I needed a diversion."
  290. 01[01:32] <Staffen> Sierck points the tool at Six-Jay's meltagun. A pale-blue beam dances from the device at the gun. "Melta weapons usually have a... zappy-wappy component that starts the microwave process. It's delightful-good fun to see someone angrily bang the thing over their leg after I do that."
  291. 06[01:32] * @Narcisa makes a face of utter hopelessness, mouthing the words 'Zappy-wappy'
  292. 01[01:33] <Staffen> "Master Sierck," one of the Iron Warriors grumbles, "all preparations are in place. Warsmith Todt will be pleased to have you back aboard the Chronos."
  293. 06[01:34] * Six-Jay is gasping for breath on the floor, with one hand he lifts the melta and valiently pulls the trigger, despite the fact it's been disabled, hoping that the Emperor might intervene and allow him to turn that smiling magos into a pile of slag.
  294. 01[01:34] <Staffen> The Magos smiles. "Yes, and I'll be happy to be home, Chosen. I think Vok will want to see these ones though."
  295. 01[01:34] <Staffen> Sierck notes Six-Jay's struggling, and gives him a soft nudge with his foot. "There's no use, trooper. Your gun's as good as useless for a while at least. But, don't you worry..."
  296. 01[01:35] <Staffen> He points his omni-tool towards the ceiling some ways behind him. It explodes, and crumbles inwards.
  297. 01[01:35] <Staffen> Sierck chuckles. "The Steel Legion laid charges before they entered. I wish this thing could do that. But, you'll be coming with us."
  298. 01[01:36] <Staffen> He looks over the Cell. "All of you. Warsmith Ludwig Todt wishes to meet the people who nearly cost him his biggest collection yet."
  299. 06[01:36] * Six-Jay spits blood and hisses through his helmets speakers. "Frak you, bastard. Ill wear your eyes for pendents."
  300. 01[01:45] <Staffen> The renegades begin to push you towards the hole with their weapons. Several lines of cable drop down from the opening.
  301. 06[01:46] * @Narcisa begrudgingly shimmies up one
  302. 01[01:46] <Staffen> One of the Iron Warriors picks up Six-Jay by his carapace's collar. "This one's going to need to see the physician."
  303. 06[01:48] * Petrus puts his hands up and knocks off his hat
  304. 01[01:48] <Staffen> Plex suddenly, almost melodramatically faints. One of the renegades shudders. "You get this awful feeling something's just gone wrong?"
  305. 01[01:49] <Staffen> Another renegade grunts. "It sure as shit has for these dogs."
  306. 06[01:49] * Six-Jay struggles vainly, thundering his fist against the ceramite of the creatures leg's until his own armor has dented and scratched.
  307. 06[01:50] * Petrus moves to pick it up
  308. 01[01:50] <Staffen> One of the renegades kicks Petrus's hand away. He points his lasgun into the noble's face. "No sudden moves, scumbag."
  309. [01:52] <Petrus> "I believe you are the scumbag here."
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