New World - 79

Aug 23rd, 2020 (edited)
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A Wonderful New World

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
/ MC
/ FMC²
/ Glasses
/ Bitch
/ VP
/ Blonde

고손작: Author (Kosonjak)

윤곤지: Artist (Yoon Gonji)

Script Information:

Lee Ho-Seung MC
Kim Mi-Jung FMC
Kim Hyomin D
Yoo Sook-Young SY
Seo Jeong-Sook JS
Na So-Ri NS
Cha Joo-Hee VP
Jin Seo-Rin SR
Random R
Secretary / Assistant S

Dialogue / linked bubbles
{Inner talk / Thought}

Note and other stuffs

Chapter - 79

Thump thump

Thump thump

Thump thump

Thump thump

MC: {My... My heart...}

MC: {What's wrong with it...?}

Thump thump

Thump thump

SY: Uh,

SY: Mister,
Let's go together ~!

MC: Ah, yes!

MC: {It happened,}

MC: {The moment I saw you, Miss Sook-Young...}

SY: Mister~

SY: Wow ~ It's been a long time since I saw you on my way to work.

MC: Haha...

Thump thump

Thump thump

MC: {What's wrong with me...?}

Thump thump

MC: {I've never felt as nervous as now in my whole life...}

Thump thump

MC: {Yeah,}

MC: {She's the reason why I couldn't give a proper answer to Seo-Rin...}

SY: How have you been?

MC: !

SY: Why did it become so hard to see you~?

MC: I don't really know...

SY: By the way mister,
There is one thing I've been curious about...

MC: What is it?

SY: ...

SY: M-mister...?

SY: Do you have a girlfriend?

MC: Eh...

MC: No, no way~

SY: Hmm... That's weird~

MC: Why do you-

SY: No, forget it. It's nothing!


SY: Let's have a coffee this morning!
It's on me!

MC: F-fine...!

MC: But you know, I can buy it myself...

SY: I feel sorry because you're always paying the bill, so this time it's on me~

SY: ...
That's a relief.

MC: What?

SY: Ah...

SY: Nothing!







VP: Has the schedule been set yet?

S: The vote is expected to be held at the end of the year.

S: I'll tell you the details on the way.

S: Out of the 12 voters, 4 of them are expected to give their vote to the Vice-President unless there is a major change.

S: Another 4 are not expected to give their vote to the Vice-President because of their deep-seated aversion for the chairman.


VP: In times like this, being blood-related with this old geezer isn't at my advantage...

VP: Anyway, everything will depend on our ability to get the last 4 voters...
That's all we need to think about...

VP: {I'm wondering how it's going for your other whore of daughter...}

VP: ...

VP: Hmm?

SY: Mister, it always amazes me how much you like sweet things~

MC: Life is bitter... So I want to eat something sweet.

Even if the taste is similar to what I get from a vending machine coffee...

VP: Lee Ho-Seung?

VP: The woman next to him...
She's the candidate I chose for my father.

SY: What's this? It's so cheezy~
It sounds like a soap opera line~

VP: ...

VP: The relationship between these two doesn't look formal at all, interesting...

S: Shall I investigate that female employee?

VP: ...

VP: No, you don't have to.

VP: Pull over.

S: Yes.


SY & MC: ...?

Hiss- [or] Wiiiing- (Dunno xd)

VP: You're going to work, right?

VP: Get in.

SY & MC: ...


VP: What're you doing? Quickly, get in.

VP: Let's go together.

To be continued...
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