MGE Side III De Ryua

Jul 31st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. The Sixth Song Island of Love
  2. Dé Ryúa
  3. The mermaids dance sensually, a city of lust swirling with desire
  5. Diva: Meivia (Nereid) Inherited Song: Love
  6. Main Residents: Nereid, Sea Bishop, Mermaid, Satyros
  7. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. Welcome to our debauched world♥ The sixth song island “Dé Ryúa” is a paradise of lust where alluring mermaids swim through the air, awaiting your desires♥
  10. Guided by the whirling tides, should you get lost, bewitching mermaids will greet you with a pole dance♥
  11. Brothels that suit your tastes, and strip shows that expose naughty bits!
  12. All of the city tempts you! Please choose a mermaid you like♥
  14. Dé Ryúa is the number one pleasure quarter in Court Alf!
  15. The various casinos and amusement centers are places where a man can play and be served by women with no worries!
  16. Of course, if you come as a couple, we can also prepare a wonderful plan where you can enjoy yourselves together and make love with wild abandon♥
  18. When you get turned on by the excessively lewd cityscape, have no fear!
  19. The mermaid you choose will humbly become a slave to serve you♥
  20. When you want to do it, do it as you like! Please enjoy yourself as much as you desire♥
  21. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  22. A festival of light and lust where the 7 islands gather
  23. Dé Ryúa Row Parade
  25. The season of the “Dé Ryúa Row Parade” has finally come again this year♥
  26. Participants decorate every boat with neon lights and magic, together with brightly glittering artwork imitating things like mermaid statues and buildings, and then advance down the central waterway, “Pleasure Street”, while the beautiful and bewitching monsters riding them conduct all sorts of performances like music, song, and dance♥
  27. In a single word, the sight of the parade stretched out is gorgeous♥
  29. Including Dé Ryúa of course, each of the other six islands will be participating as usual; however, this year from far away, the young and lewd members of “Momonika Sabbath” have decided to join♥
  30. You can’t help but get excited about the participation of the girls rumored even amongst Sabbath to be particularly dirty and lewd♥
  32. And of course, this is a festival of light and lust♥
  33. The graceful monsters riding the parade boats are all unmarried women. They are women with outstanding immoral lust from each island, who dream of being enslaved to men♥
  34. Just like the song maidens of Dé Ryúa, the monsters riding the parade boats are free to touch, and free to take away♥
  35. Attending men may take the hand of a monster they like from the parade passing by, and enjoy themselves as they please at a hotel, back alley, and of course even right on the spot♥
  37. But be careful, what would be a one-night mistake in the human world is an eternal mistake in the monster world♥
  38. The Dé Ryúa Row Parade is a cage of lust woven by mermaids♥ You absolutely won’t be allowed to escape all night♥
  40. ※Every year, each and every participant is connected with her dear husband♥
  41. Participation is limited, but if you would like to participate as a group or an individual, please feel free to apply♥
  42. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  43. For Men! Recommendations for singles♥
  44. Dé Ryúa is a pleasure quarter that serves as Court Alf’s greatest red-light district♥
  45. It is an island that naturally specializes in single men that just want to take a partner they like from the monsters before them and fuck to their heart’s content♥
  47. There are many establishments in this town for men to enjoy, such as brothels, casinos, strip theaters, adult bars, etc., but all of the employees at these shops work within touching distance of such single men, and are just waiting to be chosen by you, so it’s absolutely a city of choice♥
  49. However, the partner you chose will of course never be a one-night stand and will become a partner forever enslaved to you, so when choosing, please be prepared to spend your whole life pouring your spirit and lust into your partner♥
  50. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  51. Advice for those that want such a bride!
  52. The indecent mermaids with lewd bodies trained by the diva look forward to becoming an outlet for your desires♥
  53. However, as the owners of inexhaustible passion, these girls will welcome being treated as a plaything, but they will not permit “deeds left undone”♥
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