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  1. Birth Name : jun junsung
  2. Stage Name : junsung
  3. Position :
  4. Birthday : june 7 2000
  5. Hometown : seoul, south korea
  6. Nationality : korean - chinese
  7. Height : 183 cm.
  8. Nicknames : junsung-i, junnie, junjun
  9. Facts :
  10. + junsung is a black belt in taekwondo
  11. + he auditioned for two entertainments (but sadly wasn't accepted) before auditioning for rose entertainment
  12. + he is very clumsy, and he can trip on the smallest thing
  13. + the most embarrassing incident was when he tripped in front of the entire school during their elementary graduation
  14. + he isn't that fluent with korean so he's often quiet
  15. + he was often bullied for being timid and shy when he came back to korea
  16. + if he isn't given the chance to debut, he would choose to be either a taekwondo trainer or an opera singer like his grandparents
  17. + his role model is bts' taehyung and namjoon
  18. + three things that describe him is; "quietly charming. powerful. and the one with the 'jun' surname."
  19. + his favourite quote is, 'when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, give it a thousand reasons to smile.'
  20. Personal Fandom Name : sung(s) (a chinese dynasty)
  21. Personal Fandom Color : white, gray, red, blue and yellow
  22. Ideal Type : someone who doesn't mind anything about him and someone who will accept him wholeheartedly.
  23. Instagram : @jun_sung_jun
  24. Love Interest : choi cho hee (saturday)
  25. Back up love interest : sally (gugudan)
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