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  1. Kland: tbh
  2. Kland: why don't u like me match
  3. gen 8 jesus: @Kland: i've once brought back an impossible to win game
  4. Kland: i did
  5. gen 8 jesus: @Kland: because i slowly grinded my way back int othe game
  6. gen 8 jesus: @Kland: making plays for 50+ turns
  7. gen 8 jesus: @Kland: so no offense doing it in offense for 20 turns
  8. gen 8 jesus: @Kland: isn't really that impressive
  9. Kland: you have to udnerstand
  10. Kland: people who are winning
  11. gen 8 jesus: did you think this through in your head before you typed this out?
  12. Kland: are less likely to make plays
  13. Kland: it's not though
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