Tamako Market BD-Box store bonus items

ultimatemegax Dec 26th, 2014 199 Never
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  1. Tamako Market Blu-ray Box store bonus list:
  3. Animaru!: B1 tapestry
  4. Animate: to be determined
  5. Amazon Japan: Cloth poster
  6. HMV: A3 poster
  7. Canime: Tamako Out-Takes (CD-R of unpublished sound clips)
  8. Chara-Ani: Cushion cover
  9. KyoAni Shop: Creators Book "How we made Tamako"
  10. Gamers: A4 microfibre towel
  11. Tora no Ana: to be determined later
  12. Neowing: Tote bag
  13. Bunkyodo: B3 tapestry
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