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  1. //Stage Cycling
  2. alias Xbase "x1"
  3. alias x1 "command; alias xbase x2"
  4. alias x2 "command; alias xbase x3"
  5. alias x3 "command; alias xbase x1"
  7. //Layered
  8. alias bonusaction "Non Standard action you want while holding key"
  9. alias default "Normal action when key isn't held"
  10. alias +menu "bind x bonusaction; bind y bonusaction; bind z bonusaction"
  11. alias -menu "bind x default; bind y default; bind z default"
  12. bind shift "+menu"
  14. //Double Layer
  15. alias -menu "bind x default; bind y default; bind z default"
  16. alias -menu2 -menu
  17. alias +menu "bind x layer1bonus; bind y layer1bonus; bind z layer1bonus"
  18. alias +menu2 "bind x layer2bonus; bind y layer2bonus; bind z layer2bonus"
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