[REQ] Meet and Eat [WIP]

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  1. *Glurgle...groooaaann...* "uuuUUUURRPP! Mmm...excusez-moi..." A soft titter followed, a sound not unlike the soft tinkling of glass sounding out as its owner chuckled mirthfully at her own display of gluttony. The source was none other than one of Canterlot's richest and most desirable upper-echelon mares: the flatteringly beautiful Fleur-dis-Lee, looking ravishing as always as she strode through the hallways of Canterlot castle, the very picture of self-confidence and indulgence. Once upon a time Fleur was a model without match, her bombastic curves and ultra-appealing color palette universally appreciated—if not outright desired—and lending itself perfectly to just about any photo shoot imaginable, making her the most popular and highly sought-after.
  3. Recently, however, fads had started to spring up trending in a slightly...heavier direction. The world of fashion began to diversify, the boundaries between 'in' and 'out' starting to blur. And so, as a mare of Canterlot whose entire career depended on keeping up with the times, Fleur was free to pursue the direction of her choice. And boy, was she ever glad with the path she chose. Gone were the days of cutting back and counting calories, in were the days of succulent consumption and indulgent splurging! Fleur took to her new lifestyle with gusto, leading the charge into a brand-new arena of looking and feeling good that, as she was increasingly being led to discover, was equally as popular and desirable as her previous undertakings, if not even more so!
  5. Fleur hummed contentedly as she ran her hands over her outrageously curved figure, relishing in the knowledge that she was without compare. Though she knew where this new lifestyle of gluttonous indulgence was headed, she was taking her time getting there. As such, the changes to her body were still mostly subtle: her trademark slender muzzle and thin, elegant neck remained virtually untouched, her shapely shoulders exposed to the crisp night air by the form-fitting maroon tube-top dress she wore, the garment sparkling and glimmering as it caught any and all light cast upon it with its hundreds upon hundreds of glittering sequins. She purred as her hands met the silky-smooth fabric, the texture sending gentle shivers up her spine with how sensually thrilling it was.
  7. She continued downwards, her hands cupping her enormous breasts, a feature that had only been significantly enhanced over the recent weeks. Bulging outwards and overflowing her palms, her chest had expanded well beyond the rather pedestrian 'E' tier and even now was straining her FF bra to well beyond its comfortable limits. She giggled again as she envisioned snapping yet another undergarment into smithereens with her explosive body, completely unabashed at the thought of doing so in public and, in fact, almost wanting the opportunity to do so. After all, who would complain? Mares and stallions alike would stare, open-mouthed and drooling, as she put on a one-mare show no one in their right mind would want to end.
  9. A coo left her lips as she continued lower, satisfied with her exploration as she reached her newest favorite feature about her body: her swollen, weighty stomach. Rare was the day that she went without filling herself well and truly to the brim, in fact recently she'd even started partaking heavily more than once a day more often than not. As it was, she had just finished an outrageously heavy dinner, the walls of her stomach groaning morosely as they struggled to contain their weighty payload. Though she was nowhere near her ultimate limit, she was well beyond what most would consider 'comfortable,' though by now she got quite the thrill by pushing past said limit and venturing further and further into the territory of 'thrillingly uncomfortable.'
  11. She sighed with strained contentment as she felt the surface of her taxed stomach ripple once again with digestive distress, her painfully overfilled belly forcing her normally elegant walk to take on more of a widened, waddling gait. Her breaths came in short, gasping heaves, her lungs deprived of their usual space to expand by her over-expanded gut. The apex of her swollen tummy reached well past that of her bodacious bosom, a testament to how truly gluttonous she was capable of being these days. With such an overloaded tummy pushing her slinky garment to its limits, everything else her body had to offer was on full, exaggerated display. Her thick, meaty rump cheeks wobbled and wiggled as she walked, putting on a mouth-watering show for whomever might be lucky enough to view her retreating form from behind.
  13. All in all, she was a sight to behold. Between a canyon of cleavage one could threaten to get lost in, a thick rump and shapely thighs that were to die for, and a woefully insufficient garment that was designed to reach to the knees but just barely concealed her panties thanks to the oversized body crammed into it, everything about her just screamed as loudly and confidently as possible: *SEX*. She was the very image of feminine confidence and beauty, and she loved every second of it.
  15. Fleur paused as a most pleasing scent found its way into her nostrils, the faint wisp of air promising a most succulent selection of delicacies to whomever could follow the trail. Her overstuffed stomach let out a groan, torn between the desire to consume further and the hesitance to push even farther past the limit. But while her stomach struggled with its quandary, Fleur's mind had no qualms about the matter whatsoever. She wasn't entirely sure yet what she was smelling, but whatever it was it smelled DELICIOUS. And she wanted some. Hell, she wanted all of it! As her confidence and body grew, so too did her greed, her desire to gorge and glut and consume anything and everything that caught her fancy. And this? This had her full and undivided attention right now.
  17. "Mmmmm," she murmured to herself as her feet changed direction without her direct bidding, already obeying the overpowering command of her brain to find whatever it was that smelled SO GOOD. "Zat smells seemply divine..." Though she was vaguely familiar with the twisting confines of the castle through her various visits over the years, she was far from an expert. This was of no matter to her now, her able nose and more than willing feet easily carrying her farther and farther into the depths of the castle, egged ever onward by the titillating scents. To an onlooker, she was the picture of confidence, navigating the halls as though she'd lived there her entire life.
  19. Eventually, her feet carried her to the Royal Kitchens. Ah, but of course! It only made sense that such divine scents would come from none other than their Royal Highnesses' personal chefs. Her heart sank slightly as she realized she probably wouldn't be able to just walk away with whatever it was that had just been made, even she wasn't foolish enough to steal food made for the Princesses. But still...such a temptation warranted taking a little peek at least...maybe sneaking a bite or two...just to make sure it wasn't poisoned, right? She was just doing her best to protect the Princesses...Her Highnesses would understand, yes...
  21. Pushing the small man-door open as quietly as she could, her eyes widened and her jaw fell open as she beheld what appeared to be a veritable *feast* laid out on the counters before her. There was no way this was all for the Princesses! Even taking into account their recently expanded appetites, this was simply far too much food! And the variety! There was just SO MUCH! Platters of steak, grilled to perfection and lathered in butter, roasted poultry of several varieties, rows of sausage links, huge bowls of savory stir-fry, piles of fried rice, mashed potatoes, fried vegetables of all sorts...
  23. Fleur's stomach ROARED with hunger, completely oblivious to its previous unpleasant situation as every aspect of her being began firing on one single wavelength, her mind screaming out for what she wanted right now more than anything: FOOD!! Licking her lips, she slipped gracefully into the kitchen and closed the door softly behind her, so caught up in her eagerness to sample the deliciousness laid out before her she neglected to take in her surroundings... "HALT! Who goes there?!"
  25. "Eeeep!" Fleur nearly jumped out of her skin in shock as the deeply powerful male voice rang out sharply, instantly snapping her out of her greed-induced trance. Whirling about, she searched desperately for her accoster, eager to begin flirting her way out of a potentially incriminating situation. Her panicked expression quickly morphed into a sensual smirk as she beheld the hapless stallion she was about to beguile with her feminine charms. This one in particular, she was *quite* familiar with... "Oh! Captain Valiant...I deed not see you zere...tis a fine evening we are haffing, non?" She giggled softly, fluttering her eyelashes at him in the way she knew he liked. In fact, it was quite fortuitous that she should find him of all people here with all this food...this could very much work in her favor indeed...
  27. "Fleur?" he replied softly, eyes widening as he realized whom exactly he had found sneaking about the Royal Kitchens. Said eyes quickly zoomed downwards as they often did, only a moment needed to take in and appreciate the incredibly alluring body she had to offer him, before snapping back up to her face, his usual trademark smirk making itself known as he began swaggering his way confidently towards her. "You look ravishing, tonight, love~" he cooed softly, stopping right before her and unashamedly grabbing her enormous breasts in either hand. "These are coming along wonderfully," he commented with a smirk, his hands moving lower to cup and heft her heavy belly. "But *this* is on a whole 'nother level. I hope you didn't swallow anypony I know," he teased, delighting in the soft moan that worked its way out of her mouth under his touch.
  29. Fleur sighed happily as she felt his hands work their magic on her soft, pliable body. The two had been having an affair for some time now, and their bodies drove each other completely mad with passion and pleasure time and time again. Valiant loved everything about the new Fleur, often pushing her to new and exciting heights, farther than she alone could ever manage. Something about making him happy, about *pleasing* him just felt so right...and it helped that they both loved the same thing. "Mmmm...fancy seeing you here, although with thees much food am I really zat surprised?" she teased back, her stomach growling once again as if to remind her of her original reason for being here. Turning to once again look over the spread with a hungry eye, she continued: "So handsome...who's ze lucky mare thees time? Thees all looks exceptionally tasty..."
  31. She trailed off, licking her lips hungrily as her overfull tummy grumbled once more. At this, Valiant looked uncomfortable, clearly not happy about something regarding the situation. "Erm...unfortunately this all is for neither of us. Tia's meeting with a delegation from Yakyakistan and this is to be their feast as soon as the negotiations are almost through. I've been assigned to ensure nothing happens to it until then."
  33. Fleur smiled slyly as he finished, the gears in her mind already whirring at high speed in an effort to turn the situation to her favor. "Ah, my brave Capitaine," she cooed. "Always tasked with ze most eemportant of tasks...thees job ees simple for you, non? You are to keep ze feast safe...well I can theenk of a very, *very* safe place for eet all..." She trailed off in a sultry whisper, starting to press her alluring body into Valiant's firm musculature. Uncertain, and in a manner most unbecoming the normally brash and bold Captain, Valiant began to step backwards as she advanced on him, grinning like a cheshire cat all the while. "Come now...geev in, you know you want to...feed me, Vally..."
  35. "Fleur," he replied shakily, his breathing quickening and his brow furrowing with sweat as he valiantly battled against his inner demons. "We can't..." he protested feebly, his willpower crumbling further by the second.
  37. Eventually, she had him backed up to the wall. With nowhere to go, she eagerly pressed her body against his, grinding her swollen belly and giant tits against his midsection, purring sensually as she felt the beast she knew he harbored begin to stir. "Come now, Vally," she whispered, eyes lidded as she stared deep into his unblinking ones. "Why do you theenk Celestia chose *you*, of all ponies, to guard thees grand banquet? Hmm? She knows what you like, Vally...thees was a geeft for all your dedicated service..." she cooed softly, her muzzle whispering gently right next to his ear as she began to nip playfully, further driving the stallion's failing willpower out the window. "She will understand..."
  39. "Fleur, I'm warning you," he growled, his tone of voice sending that familiar thrill of danger racing up Fleur's spine that she craved whenever in his presence. It was a reminder that the stallion she was with was dangerous, prone to flying off the hook at the slightest provocation, and fully giving himself over to his hedonistic desires, no matter the consequences. And that was what she was banking on.
  41. "Hmph. Or else what?" she snapped arrogantly, stepping away from him completely as if taking offense from his outburst. "I suppose you theenk you could stop me? Hah!" She laughed coldly as she turned away, moving once again towards the objects of her desire. "You couldn't stop me even eef you wanted to," she continued, eyeing him over her shoulder with a smoldering gaze. "We both know what you really want..." She paused before an absolutely enormous steak, licking her lips once before picking it up with her bare hands and taking a massive bite, moaning ecstatically as juices ran down her chin, the flavor completely overwhelming her taste buds in the most delightful manner imaginable. "Mmmm, so good," she called before cramming the rest into her maw, cheeks bulging with meat as she struggled just to chew, her horn lighting up and forcing her jaw up and down to chew faster.
  43. "*That's it!*" Valiant growled loudly, storming forwards with fire in his eyes. Fleur giggled as he began to move closer, gleeful that she'd finally managed to break his will. But, as was often the case, she underestimated just how wound up she had gotten him, and he had crossed the distance before she could even finish chewing, grabbing her forcefully by the shoulders and spinning her around forcefully before shoving her face into a pot of hearty beef and barley stew. "*Eat!*" he commanded, his tone of voice brooking absolutely no argument.
  45. Not that Fleur would have put up any. Gleefully she began slurping at the soup as fast as she possibly could, paying no heed to how exposed she was bent over like this or how uncomfortable it was to have her face partially submerged in still-hot soup. On and on she drank greedily, slurping her way to the bottom of the pot in record time. "Aaaah," she sighed contentedly as she came up for air, having vanquished it all to her even more heavily swollen belly, a subtle sloshing sound audible as she shifted her stance thanks to the large quantity of liquid taking up residence inside. "Delicio-UMPH!" She was unable to finish her statement as yet more food was shoved into her maw, much to her delight. Valiant was in full feeder mode now, and she knew it was far too late to have any hope of not ending the evening horribly overstuffed. Honestly, she wouldn't have it any other way.
  47. "I hope you're hungry, *slut*," Valiant spat, forcefully grabbing her swelling belly as his magic continued to funnel food down her throat. "Because we're not stopping until either it's all gone or you fucking *burst!*"
  49. Fleur trembled with need at that statement, her own horn flaring to life before her panties forcefully shot down her legs, leaving her marehood exposed and dripping underneath her barely-sufficient dress, which soon wouldn't even be that. The wet *PLAP!* of her panties hitting the floor, along with the sudden aroma of a mare in need were all the clues Valiant needed to know what needed to happen next. With an almighty *snarl* he dropped his own pants, allowing his bulging stallionhood to spring free before shoving it roughly into her thoroughly-lubricated passage. Both ponies moaned loudly as the pleasure began to course through their bodies, Fleur continuing to eat with reckless abandon as he began plowing in and out of her bountiful body, her ass rippling with each powerful impact as her belly gurgled morosely as it continued to swell.
  51. A sudden yelp sounded out from a panicking mare as Valiant's arms wrapped around her waist and under her growing belly before lifting her completely off of the floor! She squealed and squirmed with pleasure, the sensation of being completely impaled and suspended on his immense member causing her to shower his lower half with feminine fluids. Her orgasm continued as he leaned back to counteract her weight before taking a few staggering steps across the room, continuing to fuck her mercilessly as he walked her over to the next serving of food. Reaching his destination, he groaned loudly as he threw her down, her face landing into a heaping pile of fried rice before beginning to consume with a frantic determination. Fleur wrapped her legs around Valiant's, locking herself into place as he continued to pound away, a small tear starting to make itself visible at the apex of her tummy as she continued to eat.
  53. One empty plate turned into two into four, the mare's consumption continuing on and on with no sign of slowing down, easily matched in intensity with Valiant's passionate lovemaking. As she came up for air from her fifth plate her jaw parted as a the air reverberated with a loud, explosive belch: "bbbbBBBBBUUUUUOOOOOORRRRRRPPPP!!" Fleur's tongue flapped idly as she belched, spittle flying from her lips and leaving her heaving cleavage damp with a combination of spit and sweat. The sight proved too much to bear, as Valiant gave a low groan of pleasure before blowing his load deep inside her...the first of many. As the two orgasmed together, Valiant the ever-diligent horndog began power walking her over to the next dish, even as he spent his essence within her. But with a mare like Fleur, once was just never enough, and he was still just as hard and ready to go as he was when they started.
  55. So on and on he thrusted, his impressive size keeping it all sealed deep inside her as she continued to swell with food and cum, the tear at her navel pulling wider and wider all the while. This continued for some time, Fleur inhaling everything she could get her hands on with a frightening zealousness, Valiant humping away at her all the while, continuing to blow load after load as she skyrocketed his lust and desire higher and higher with her unbelievable feats of gluttony. By the time they were about halfway through, Fleur's stomach was almost beachball-sized, incredibly firm to the touch and sloshing and glunking all together as one big mass, undulating constantly with his powerful thrusts. It was around this time that the two passionate lovers heard something that just about made their hearts stop.
  57. "Captain Valiant! The Princess is ready for the feast! Please bring it out immediately," a voice called out, one of the other guards standing at attention in the Royal Dining Hall having poked his head in to deliver the message. Fortunately, at the angle he was at he could see neither the two of them nor the half-destroyed feast. He didn't bother trying, either, since he assumed the Captain had things well taken care of. He was the captain, after all!
  59. Fleur and Valiant's eyes met, both temporarily frozen in place from their respective motions as they struggled to come up with a way to wiggle out of their current situation. Neither having any sort of bright idea, Valiant summed up what the both of them were thinking with a very succinct statement: "...Shit."
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