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Sep 11th, 2019
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  1. - possible krypton and themyscira inclusion (paradise being locked away and discovered like nova roma(neo-romans?!?);
  2. krypton/argo or time displaced version(maybe being part of the independant planets or kara's pod the reason for the brood in Milky Way))
  3. - genetic strands examples to hammer in the human issue(white,black,asian male/female and mutant)
  4. - ani and metamorph -magus inclusions (if metamorph/ani-magus fusion is possible for multiple forms and that of magical creatures,
  5. using his animagus form DNA to clone them or breed them in existing species)
  6. - magia/maggia typos
  7. - one time use of Daphne instead of Jean
  8. - Paige trying other non magical substances for her skins(liquids as well, together with thougher metals like adamantium or vibranium)
  9. - asking Gaia/Gaea about the TWATS
  10. - Fenrir/Fenris interchanging
  11. - FutureTech/ArcTechnologies/ElementalEnergies interchange and why he doesnt sell his permanent wind turbines as alternatives
  12. - Tony's new element from IM2 movie
  13. - Pinoptes upgrade and creating a sattelite system under Fidelius that will help them with communications
  14. (given the telephatic application Reed is working on; or just normal information transfer speed for Earth based needs)
  15. - Amora's last name change
  16. - MJ,Felicia,Gwen and Spider-boy details and story(who is MJ's friend in the USA space think tank after NASA dissolution?)
  17. - Avalon Academy and Camelot being called Haven or something like that a few times
  18. - Brotherhood's telephatic blocking collars
  19. - High Note/Babylon interchange
  20. - Sudanese boys names keep chaging between Jess(i)e , James and Cristopher
  21. - Nikolai/Nicolai typo
  22. - Mikhail/Mikail and with c's typo
  23. - Sweden/Switzerland interchange
  24. - telepathic and telekinetic mistaken use a few times
  25. - Amara being called Amora a few times
  26. - people calling Guardian by his name before the secret was revealed
  27. - Rika/Rica typo and whatever happened to his planet crusher(called planet her crusher too)
  28. - runic doorway on mars needing to be recharged even though it was said only one side was enough to charge both(by ambient magic)
  29. - project ultron being called project ultra or just ultra a few times
  30. - Wendy being called Emily a lot of times
  31. - Morph being called Moth a few times
  32. - Avalanche called Richter
  33. - Hogwarts getting an avatar thanks to all the super powered magicals living there compensating for hundreds of years of absence
  34. - Sinister title to the human supremacist side was changed a few times
  35. - Cory/Corey switches
  36. - Are electromagnetic mutants like Lorna,Eric and Einzahl able to manipulate magical metals like Orihalcum
  37. - more information on Cordelia's reaction to the reveal of the relationship(Sandman and Firestar too)
  38. - reducio instead of the reducto spell name
  39. - lack of use on the heat dissipation system to further enhance the arc reactors(and why they dont use a better end point than the lake, like space or bottom of ocean somewhere)
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