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Favorite Episodes with Akeno

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  1. Episode 5- It shows her real fighting style for the first time, in the novels, she uses all the main elements and is proficient with Lightning. Most of the time in the anime Akeno only uses Lightning, (though through out the anime is shown to use Fire, and Water techniques but out of combat) Akeno can use really strong defensive magic, it also implies a background with Miko's since that is what her clothes transform into magical girl style it also implies that she knows purification techniques and strong healing techniques as well, and in the episode it shows her undying loyalty to Rias not only as a friend but as her evil piece.
  2. S2 Episode 10- You learn a little bit of the history of Akeno's life. You learn that she has fallen angel blood inside her thus making her a hybrid of a fallen angel and a devil, (Because of this this makes Akeno not only a rarity but this makes her super special and this makes her proportions during puberty spike up more. It is said by Azazel that Fallen Angel women have super erotic proportions but that Akeno has a body more erotic than the most beautiful angel in the series Gabriel.) You also learn from this episode that Akeno's father Baraqiel may or may not be alive and that yes Akeno does have a background with Mikos because of her Mother being from a clan of mikos
  3. S3 Episode 5- In an earlier episode you learn that Baraqiel is fine and that Akeno and him are not on speaking terms. You also learn that the person Akeno has been training with is him because she can learn Holy Lightning from him because it is a techniqe that can be passed down through birth. In the actual episode Akeno really hates her father because he left their mother and her to die. This is far from the truth as later in the episode you see what transpires during the day Akeno's mom dies and their family falls appart. Before Akeno was born, her mom Shuri Himejima was part of the Himejima clan and they are a very strict xenophobic clan of Miko purificationists. One day while Shuri was doing her daily duties she found a man with black wings, knocked out on the floor. This would be Akeno's father Baraqiel a high ranking fallen angel. Shuri decides to go against her clans teachings of being xenophobic and helped the knocked out Baraqiel (He also has injuries from a mission he was on). After a couple of hours of resting, Baraqiel wakes up and thanks Shuri for tending to him. This is how their love sparked, because no one ever would do something like this for him in Grigori (except may be Shemhaizai or Azazel but they were on missions too). So fast forward a few years and Akeno is born. But here's the catch she has both the qualities for purification and has fallen angel wings which is a big no no in the Himejima clan. So what happens is that there was a set up from one of the villains of the previous season Kokabiel and the Himejima clan. The Himejima clan being Xenophobic Zealots wanted to purge Akeno from existence but Shuri being Akeno's mother sacrificed herself to keep Akeno safe, at the same time Baraqiel would be on a mission that he couldn't refute going to because of Kokabiel. By the time Baraqiel makes it back Shuri tells him her last words and that Akeno was running away from the Himejima's. When Baraqiel finds Akeno she thinks it is all his fault that Shuri died and that he should have been there for her and she continues to run away. A year and a half later after Akeno ran away and is still running away from the Himejima clan. Rias with her brother's Bishop Agrippa finds Akeno alone being surrounded by the clan members in a forest. They talked to Akeno's grand uncle who tried to kill her out of killing her if she did the following. First, Akeno is to never enter the territory under the Himejima Clan and second, to always stay beside Rias. She then moved into the Gremory Palace where she was taught various things from studies, to how a lady should act as well as deepening her bonds with Rias, becoming her best friend/sisters in the process. Akeno remembering all this reminded her that it was not Baraqiel's fault and that it was the circumstances that they were in that drove their family appart. She goes and apologizes to her father and gives him a bento box with some dinner she made as he leaves with Odin.
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