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Taxiforsure fiasco

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Nov 23rd, 2014
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  1. After @bigfatphoenix's Taxiforsure fiasco a couple of days ago, it was my turn today. I had two bookings, one from home to school (8am) and another from school to home (8.15am), back to back. It looks like Taxiforsure has interchanged the pick and drop locations to both drivers, but funnily (and adding to confusion), the first one managed to reach home for pick up while the other one was waiting at school, despite them having the reverse addresses sent to them on their mobiles. May be as they called to take directions from me, I guided them as per my original booking and they reached. Now, the guy waiting outside school for a 8.15am booking had reached there by 7am, and when i got into the cab, he starting grumbling how i had kept him waiting from 2 HOURS!
  2. Even when he called me at 7am to take directions, i had told him my pick up is at 8.15am. He grumbled and nagged me throughout the 15 minute ride, saying how i had messed up the booking etc - i told him, it is clearly not my fault but Taxiforsure who has messed it up, he refused to understand. I even apologised to him saying sorry that I had to get into your cab, i really didn't have a choice.
  3. After alighting - i get sms - bill amount Rs.63 and he is cribbing, give me 100Rs extra for waiting. I told him on principle, i will not, as i have gotten into his cab at 8.17am, for an 8.15am booking and i cannot pay 100 rs for making him wait for 2 minutes.
  4. I offered to pay him Rs.80 and get off, which he refused to let me. He asked me to call the TFS call center, and after wasting 10 more minutes on a call with them (which i must admit, the lady was sympathetic and helpful), she said pay him exact amount and give him the my phone. I told her to call him on his phone as I didn't want to spend more time bantering around with the driver. I placed the money on his dashboard and scooted inside. For once, I am happy in my smartness of not taking the cab to my door, but stopping outside the main gate.
  5. I have another 2 rides to do with Taxiforsure this afternoon, to get back A from school and I can say, I am nervous and not looking forward to it.
  6. If this goes not get me driving, i don't know what will.
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