Couples 101 ~ Yin Zhi Hao ( Yoo Jaehwa)

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  1. 🌹Boombayah🌹🌌
  2. ✒Username;; -timebombvengeance
  3. ✒Password;; Sehun
  5. 🌹Whistle🌹🌌
  6. ✒Name;; Yin Zhi Hao
  7. ✒Korean name;; Yoo Jaehwa
  8. ✒Nicknames;; Yoo-Loo, Jae, Zhi-Zhi, Koala
  9. ✒Birthday;; May 14th, 2000
  10. ✒Birthplace;; Shanghai, China
  11. ✒Hometown;; Shanghai, China
  12. ✒Nationality;; Chinese
  13. ✒Ethnicity;; Chinese
  14. ✒Languages;;
  15. ♡ Chinese/Mandarian - 100%
  16. ♡ Korean - 90%
  17. ♡ English - 10%
  19. 🌹Playing With Fire🌹🌌
  20. ✒Personality;;
  21. ♡ Loud ; Jaehwa can be loud at times. She always happy and energetic, which is why she always loud and a bundle of joy to be around
  22. ♡ Clingy ; Jaehwa is VERY clingy, so prepare to tons of cuddling and clingyness between her and Chenle
  23. ♡ Funny; Jaehwa is a very funny, but yet extra girl. she always tries to make everyone laugh by pulling something stupid off or something like that
  24. ♡ Helpdul: Jaehwa loves to help others out. She doesn't like seeing others struggle and wants to help them out the best she can
  26. ✒Background;; ( I used bullet points, hopefully that's okay)
  27. ♡ She was born in Shanghai, China on May 14th, 2000
  28. ♡ Moved to Taiwan when she was 6 years old, but moved back to China when she was 12 years old.
  29. ♡ Growing up, her parents got divorced in 9th grade, so she lived with her grandparents, who supported her of becoming a k-idol
  30. ♡ When Jaehwa was in high school, she worked at a daycare, where she would earn money and save it up, so she can invest it for the future and for college
  31. ♡ After she graduated high school, she used her money to get into college and is now a full time college student, who's majoring in music production
  33. 🌹Stay🌹🌌
  34. ✒Likes;;
  35. ♡ learning/creating choreography
  36. ♡ watermelons
  37. ♡ sleeping
  38. ♡ staying up late
  39. ♡ cuddling
  41. ✒Dislikes;;
  42. ♡ waking up early
  43. ♡ infomercials
  44. ♡ tik-tok ( the app )
  45. ♡ trap music
  47. ✒Trivia;;
  48. ♡ Jaehwa got the nickname Koala, due to her being clingy all the time
  49. ♡ She's friends with Kang Minah
  50. ♡ Mamamoo's Moonbyul is her role model
  51. ♡ Jaehwa wanted to audition for YG, but didn't because she wanted to focus on school rather than training to become a k-idol
  52. ♡ Her favorite kpop groups are Mamamoo and Shinee
  53. ♡ Sometimes when she's excited or happy, she'll start singing Sherlock by Shinee at the top of her lungs
  54. ♡ Jaehwa forgets that she's Chinese
  55. ♡ Her laugh sounds like she's murdering someone or a serial killer
  57. 🌹As If It's Your Last🌹🌌
  58. ✒Slot;; We Young
  59. ✒Backup;; -
  60. ✒Face Claim;; Dayoung ( WJSN )
  61. ✒Backup;; -
  63. 🌹Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du🌹🌌
  64. ✒Love Interest;; Chenle
  65. ✒LI personality;;
  66. ♡ Sunshine ; Chenle is a whole sunshine just like Jaehwa. So, they'll be known as the happiness couple.
  67. ♡ Sweetheart: Chenle is a sweetheart and will treat everyone with respect. He's usually careful around
  68. ♡ Childish: Now, Chenle can be quite childish sometimes, but you know.. he's still a teenager like Jaehwa, so they'll basically both act like the cute middle school couple
  69. ✒ How you and your LI met?;; Chenle and Jaehwa met in China. Jaehwa was visiting family and she was walking back to her hotel. Chenle was running late for something and he ran into Jaehwa, accidentally tripping her. Chenle immediately freaked out and helped her up and took her back to the hotel you stayed at.
  71. 🌹Forever Young🌹🌌
  72. ✒Self Introduction;; "Ni Hao! It's your Chinese cuddle machine, Yin Zhi Hao, but you can also call be Jaehwa"
  73. ✒How would she react to being eliminated?;; She wouldn't mind at all, she'll just deal with it and just move on with everything else
  74. ✒How would she react to others being eliminated?;; She'll feel sad for them. she doesn't like seeing anyone lose.
  75. ✒ Does she feel confident that she'd win?;; Maybe
  77. 🌹Really🌹🌌
  78. ✒Requested scenes with LI;;
  79. ♡ Chenle waking up Jaehwa in the morning
  80. ♡ When Jaehwa starts singing Sherlock at the top of her lungs, just so she can make Chenle laugh
  81. ♡ Cuddle session between Chenle and Jaehwa
  83. ✒Requested scenes with other contestants;;
  84. ♡ Sleepover with the other girls ( Minah, Seojung, Haena , Danielle, and Hyemi )
  85. ♡ Hanging out/Double Date with Kang Minah and her partner ( Changkyun )
  87. 🌹See You Later🌹🌌
  88. ✒Extra;; Nope!
  89. ✒Message to Kyra;; Okay, here's the last form you need! Can't wait to start!
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