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  1. A physically fit and muscular Gnome, her healthy physique is a product of an active lifestyle, regular exertion and dedicated care. Crafty carries herself with an air of quiet confidence, exercising great posture and quick, deft movements that are free of doubt.
  3. Her face is free of blemishes, peering out at the world with a pair of bright green eyes, alert and perceptive. She sports a dainty nose and lips that are inhabited by a small smile more often than not. Her head’s crowned by a short crop of practical, tousled hair, silky smooth and full of volume thanks to religious maintenance.
  5. Though her face is unmarred, the rest of her person is sparingly scattered with a number of old scars. Her hands are hardy yet far from exceptionally rough or calloused, the product of low level manual labour. She keeps her fingernails neat and short.
  7. Crafty’s wardrobe is diverse yet there are defining factors throughout, a concerted effort having been made to be practical above all else. Her garb fits well and is usually of a respectable quality. Despite this, she can at times come across as scruffy.
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