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  2. The Dragon model is now available to premium users! Try out the most powerful AI we've ever used.
  4. You are aaaa, a peasant living in a small village in the kingdom of Larion. You have a pitchfork and nothing else. You dream of getting out of your village and having an adventure. You go to your fields and begin working. You look up and see a caravan roll in. A merchant steps out of it and begins walking around the village.
  6. You walk over to him.
  7. "Hi, can you tell me where I can find the nearest town or city?"
  9. > You over yonder.
  10. "Hello, you wouldn't happen to be heading to the city of Oaktown would you?"
  11. "Why ask me when you can ask the driver of that wagon?" He says pointing at.
  13. > You ask driver if he is heading to Oaktown.
  14. "No he isn't, in fact he isn't heading anywhere in particular. He just said he had some trade goods he was going to trade for. I'm just here for the ride.
  16. > You what goods are you looking for?
  17. "I've got some old Goram's Gloves that I'm looking to get rid of. I don't really need them anymore, and I'd like to get a little more for them than what I was paid."
  18. inventory:
  19. 2 old Goram's Gloves (giving one to the merchant)
  20. 1 hat
  21. 1 t-shirt
  22. 1 pair of pants
  23. You walk back over to the merchant.
  25. > You say "Where are you from"
  26. "I'm from the town of Fushô."
  27. "What brings you to our fair kingdom?"
  28. "Well, it's uh... it's a long story..."
  30. > You say "what would you like for the goram's gloves"
  31. "You don't want to know."
  32. You nod.
  33. "Well, I'll be off then."
  34. You turn to leave when you feel a shove in the back.
  36. > You say "excuse me"
  37. "Excuse me, but the driver of the wagon just said he doesn't want to know."
  38. You turn around to see the merchant trying to pick a fight.
  40. > You say "I wish you would"
  41. You see the merchant lean in, you react instinctively and lean in too. In this close proximity, you notice he has a rotten mouth odor. He begins to push your head forward.
  42. This is the moment of truth.
  44. > You swing on him.
  45. You swing with all your might and hit him right in the eye.
  46. You pull back your fist and slam it into his face repeatedly. He falls to the ground grabbing his face.
  48. > You rummage through his pockets.
  49. You feel something cold. It's a knife.
  50. You grab the knife and start to get up.
  51. The merchant pulls a small pistol from his pocket and points it at you.
  53. > You stab.
  54. The merchant fires the pistol and you feel the burn of a lead bullet tear through your side.
  55. You look down to see a bullet hole right in your shirt where you were stabbed.
  57. > You undo.
  58. You pull out your dagger and go to town on him. He screams like a little girl and begs for mercy.
  59. You slash him across the face and kick him in the face when he was on the ground.
  61. > You grab pistol.
  62. You grab the pistol from his limp hand and shove it into your belt.
  63. You walk back to your village intent on telling everyone about what happened.
  65. > You say "speak to driver"
  66. You see the driver of the wagon sitting on the ground rubbing a sore eye. You walk up to him.
  67. "Hey, I'm looking for the local tavern or bar or whatever where I can get a drink."
  69. > You say "over yonder"
  70. You walk over yonder.
  71. You see a large sign hanging over the door that says "CLOSED."
  72. Great.
  73. You walk in anyway and find yourself looking at a large room with a bar on the right.
  75. > You say "anyone home?"
  76. You hear a shout from behind the bar and a roguish looking man walks out.
  78. > You say "ya'll open"
  79. The man looks at you with a cocked eyebrow.
  80. "What can I do for you stranger?"
  81. "Well, if it isn't Youngblood Jack, it's about time you open up your place.
  83. > You say "anything to drink?"
  84. "Now now, don't be calling attention to yourself. I'm currently serving my guests. What are you looking for?"
  85. "You got any ale on tap?
  86. am I the bartendeer?
  87. "I happen to have a few ale kegs stored in the back. Do you want a glass?"
  88. "Sure."
  89. He goes back behind the bar and comes back with two pint mugs of ale.
  91. > You sip ale.
  92. "So, where's the rest of your crew?"
  93. "Ah, it's just me tonight."
  94. "Oh."
  95. You finish the pint and set down the mug. The barkeeper comes up to you.
  97. > You can you help you youngblood jack?
  98. "Well, I'm sure you've had enough to drink considering you just saved my life."
  99. "I could say the same to you m'boy."
  100. "Well, I suppose I have. See ya round."
  102. > You head home.
  103. You stumble out the tavern door and into the streets of Hessla.
  104. You wander a bit, taking in the lively night life of this pirate town. One thing is for sure, everyone here is having a great time.
  106. > You head home.
  107. You walk back to the Welcome Mat.
  108. Along the way you bump into a couple of whores.
  109. You figure you should probably give them a whirl.
  111. > You no thanks.
  112. You don't really feel like whoring out your Alice right now.
  113. You walk into the Welcome Mat and collapse in your bed. You're dead to the world.
  115. > You wake up.
  116. You wake up and get your day going in Hessla.
  117. This is the first time you're staying in Hessla for any extended period of time, so you want to explore the city a bit.
  119. > You inventory.
  120. As you wake up, you notice something is off.
  121. Your side still itches, but it's not quite as bad. You can also feel a bandage wrapped around your middle.
  123. > You check wound.
  124. You move your hand slightly and feel the bandage. You try to pull it away, but it seems to be stuck on something. You call out for help, but nobody is in ear shot.
  126. > You cut bandage.
  127. You pull harder and it comes off with a ripping sound. What lies beneath is indeed stuck on something, but it isn't skin. It's a wooden object!
  129. > You pull wooden object out of side.
  130. As it comes out, a wooden hand, or rather the hand of some poor soul, comes with it. You freeze for a second when you see the bloody stump where the hand used to be attached.
  132. > You inspect wooden hand.
  133. As you hold it, you can feel the dead hand still attached to the bloody stump. Dead eyes peer at you from the end of the wooden hand. You drop it and back step away from your bed.
  135. > You ask hand what it thinks it's doin.
  136. The wooden hand utters a few unintelligible sounds. It seems pretty broken, but manages to tell you that it was attached to a man named Barnacle.
  138. > You where is barancle.
  139. The wooden hand has no idea, but you do know that there are a few places to look for more of them. The docks in particular might be worth checking out.
  141. > You pick up hand.
  142. You put the hand back on the bed and pick up the wooden foot it was still attached to. You place the hand back down.
  144. > You head to docks.
  145. The docks aren't too far away from your room, but there are some stairs you have to take first.
  146. When you finally reach the bottom of the stairs, you make your way through the market.
  148. > You look around.
  149. As you walk the market, you get to examining the various wares for sale. This seems like a good place to get some supplies, but you aren't exactly sure where to go next.
  151. > You ask about barnacle.
  152. Several people tell you they don't know, but one man says something a little more interesting.
  153. "Did you hear about the gambling dens that were just raided by the law?"
  155. > You ask you about loom.
  156. "Oh, you must mean the Weaver. It's closed right now, but you should go past that tavern called the Sultry Siren. Maybe they know something."
  158. > You go past that tavern called the sultry siren.
  159. You pass by the tavern and continue down the road. You figure you might as well see if there is anything else in the tavern to help you on your way.
  161. > You go in the sultry siren.
  162. You walk into the tavern and see several people sitting around a table playing cards.
  163. "What can I get for you?" A woman with an interesting accent asks you.
  164. "Three mugs of the ale please."
  166. > You know barnacle.
  167. "I'm trying to find Barnacle. Do you know where I can find him?" You ask politely.
  168. "I think he's around here somewhere, but I'm not really familiar with the guys that frequent here."
  170. > You new in town?
  171. "Yeah, just got here yesterday. I don't really know the place well enough to tell you where to find anyone that might help you."
  172. "I'll figure it out some other way."
  174. > You working all night.
  175. You quickly agree and the woman goes to get your drinks. You return to sitting at the table and wait for the woman to come back with your drinks.
  177. > You whistle.
  178. You start to whistle a tune to try to get the attention of the people playing cards.
  179. "What do you want?" A man stands up and asks you.
  181. > You lookin for barnacle.
  182. "Yeah, I'm looking for Barnacle. Some people told me I could find him here."
  183. "I'm not Barnacle." The man says.
  184. "You aren't?
  186. > You know where you could find him.
  187. "No, but I know someone who might be able to help you." The man says and points to a man across the room. "Go talk to Tom. He's an "old friend" of ours.
  189. > You hi tom.
  190. You walk over to the man he points to and ask if he knows where Barnacle is.
  191. "Yeah, I believe his name is Barnacle."
  192. "Is he around?
  194. > You say "I've got to give him a hand"
  195. "No, but he may know where to find him."
  197. > You say "where is he?"
  198. "I dunno, I've never talked to him before. What's it all about?"
  199. "It seems that some people are looking for him.
  201. > You say "speak to bartender"
  202. "No, she doesn't speak much English and she has a panic disorder.
  203. "Well, where is he then?"
  204. "I'm sure I don't know. You want to try the barber next door?
  206. > You say "where is the bartender from"
  207. "She's from the Canary Islands.
  208. "Ah, it's good to know the accent isn't hard."
  209. "Yeah, you want another beer?"
  210. "Yes, please."
  212. > You say "I'm new around here myself"
  213. "Yeah, I am."
  214. "Don't let the scary face and quietness putting you off. She's actually a bit chatty when you get to know her."
  215. "I'm sure."
  217. > You say "I murdered a guy yesterday"
  218. "Did you now?"
  219. "Yeah, I found him trying to sell me some old dagger for five gold. The dagger was cursed."
  220. "Hm, I see.
  222. > You say "would you help me look for barnacle after you're done with work?"
  223. "Yeah, sure. I'm not working for like two hours yet, so what's it all about?
  225. > You say "Well let's get out of here then"
  226. "Yeah, let's."
  228. > You say "I'll show you his wooden hand"
  229. "Nice" You think.
  230. "It's not as cool as the crab one though..." You think.
  232. > You say "Go back to room"
  233. "OK"
  234. "For a second I thought you weren't going to follow me..." You joke.
  235. "Alright, alright, I know where it is." He replies.
  237. > You say "what are the canary islands like?"
  238. "The Canary Islands? They're hot, and there are a lot of canaries."
  239. "No, I meant the people.
  241. > You say "why did you leave?"
  242. "Oh, sorry. I don't really like talking about myself. I guess I got sick of the cold."
  243. "Oh, well that's no skin off my back if you want to talk about yourself.
  245. > You say "would you rub my shoulders?"
  246. "I thought you said you were posessed by a demon."
  247. "It's a special type of demon. They rub your shoulders when you're tired."
  248. "Well, OK then."
  250. > You say "I can't stand demons"
  251. "Don't worry, he's not like the other demons you've dealt with. He's a friendly demon."
  252. "How do you know?"
  253. "Because he's my friend.
  255. > You say "who's your friend?"
  256. "Huh?"
  257. "Who is this demon you're talking about?
  258. "I said, don't worry, he's not like the other demons you've dealt with. He's a friendly demon.
  260. > You say "Never dealt with any demons before, can't say I'm prejudiced against them"
  261. "Great!"
  262. You go with the demon to Barnacle's house, having forgotten your torch.
  263. As you're walking, you think to yourself how easy this all is.
  266. Suddenly, Barnacle appears before you.
  267. "Oh look, it's the canary seller." He says.
  268. He raises a crossbow as you, though his eyes narrow while doing so.
  270. > You say "hey whoa I gotta give ya a hand"
  271. "What the hell are you doing here?"
  272. "I'm giving this bum a hand."
  273. "No, I mean who are you?"
  274. "I'm his friend.
  276. > You say "I found this I wanted to return it to you"
  277. "You what?"
  278. "I found this on the street."
  279. You show Barnacle the dagger.
  281. > You give barnacle the wooden hand.
  282. He shakes his head.
  283. "You idiot, why would you give a bum a wooden hand?"
  284. "I gave him a new one, I wanted to return the old one."
  285. "Idiot"
  287. > You say "well have a nice day barnacle"
  288. "Yeah, and to you as well" Barnacle smiles, as you leave.
  290. > You say "go sleep"
  291. You nod, and head to Barnacle's room.
  292. As you enter, you notice that there's a lack of beds.
  294. > You say "oh well guess I'll sleep on the floor"
  295. As you lay down, you notice that Barnacle keeps a large wooden crossbow under his bed.
  296. "Is that..."
  298. > You grab crossbow.
  299. As you grab the crossbow, Barnacle's eyes widen
  301. > You say "Is this a Red Riding Bolt Buster 3000?"
  302. "You know how much those things cost?"
  303. "200 gold coins."
  304. "And in the state the country's in, we can't even afford that."
  305. "What are you talking about?
  307. > You say "top of the line crossbow you got there barnacle"
  308. "You don't know? Of course you don't. You're a bum, for God's sake."
  309. "I do too..!"
  310. "Ok, so what do you want to know?
  312. > You say "Can I have it?"
  313. "Is that what you really want?"
  314. "Well yes."
  315. "It's not like I can just give it to you. You have to do something for me in exchange.
  317. > You say "whatever it takes Barney"
  318. Barney begins to tell you about his family, which resides somewhere in the Cara district.
  319. "My mom's a barmaid in the "Silver Anchor".
  321. > You say "I've been having bad luck with barmaids lately"
  322. Barney begins to tell you about his family, which resides somewhere in the Cara district.
  323. "My mom's a barmaid in the "Silver Anchor".
  324. "You have?
  326. > You say "weirdest things, last one turned out to be a demon"
  327. "You sure you don't know? She looked pretty human from what I heard, and she had a different smell then most demons I know.
  329. > You shoot barnacle.
  330. "Wait, why'd you do that?"
  331. "You told me to give you the crossbow in exchange for the hand, and I hate to fail to live up to your expectations."
  333. > You shoot barnacl.
  334. "You're the worst."
  335. "You can have the thing, but on one condition."
  336. "What's that?"
  337. "You have to go down to the lower district, and bring me back a girl."
  339. > You shoot barnacle.
  340. "Seriously, I don't have much time. My family needs that money."
  341. "How is snatching a girl going to get you out of trouble?"
  342. "He doesn't need a bribe to do his job."
  344. > You stab barnacle.
  345. "Well if you don't want to do it for the money, do it for the girl."
  346. "I can't wait that long.
  348. > You leave with the crossbow.
  349. "Fine, but we're not going to the lower district, we're going to the harbor."
  350. "Why?
  352. > You say "harbor has the late night snacks"
  353. "Because if my family wants me to come home, they're going to have to give me some money."
  354. "Fine, but we need to get some food on the way back. Oh, and bringars."
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