hyun sooah / eunoia high !

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  1. ☆*:.。. they say you're the one
  2. username: evermcre
  3. password: done !
  4. slot: cheer up !
  5. name: hyun sooah (휸수앟)
  6. birthday: september 5th,2001
  7. age: 18
  8. ethnicity: korean
  9. nationality: south korean
  12. ☆*:.。. but can i trust you
  13. trivia on your character:
  14. - • a type of person who always get drown to the world of book. sooah is a reading maniac, and always surrounded herself with books.
  15. - • due to her love of books and constant reading, sooah is able to call out many words off the top of her head and use them in the correct context in order to prove a point or state a fact
  16. - • she also is apparently a speed-reader, having managed to complete a book in a short amount of time.
  17. - • sooah might not looks like one, but she has few athletic abilities, such as horse riding and also has enough strength to lift heavy things.
  18. - • this girl literally could do waltz.
  19. - • she is fluent in english, other than that sooah also fluent in japanese and currently she is studying french.
  20. - • people are not expecting her to be a romantic type of person, but in reality, she is really romantic.  
  21. - • she said, in the future she probably want be a novelist.
  23. faceclaim: naeun of april
  24. backup faceclaim: chaewon of izone
  26. ☆*:.。. because i'm still so blind
  27. house: uzuri
  28. your character's backstory:
  29. hyun sooah was born in an ordinary family, which makes her pretty much ordinary. although she lived and born in seoul, actually her hometown is far from the central of the city, which is near the nam mountain. since she was a child, sooah has been known for an attractive girl, but ignorant because she always focus with her books even when she was a child. she spent most of her time indoor and alone, due to her being an only child in her family and her parents are always busy with their works. sooah mostly took care of herself most od the time, which makes her really independent. but, sooah didn't mind, because she thought that no one will actually understand her. sooah was really bad at socialising back when she was a child, thats why sooah often struggled in school, not with the subjects, but with making friends. but, sooah didn't really care back at that time, because she thought it will be better like this. as time passed, sooah has a really strong personality in her. due to her intelligence and knowledge she get from her books, she never afraid to outspoken her mind, though she could be pretty obstinate sometimes.
  31. ☆*:.。. blind in seeing the world
  32. your slot's friendship dynamics:
  33. sooah probably won't has many friends, due to her being too focus with her books too much. she usually spent most of her spare time with books, rather than chatting with other students. sometimes students see her as a weird girl, and there are some students who don't want to be friend with her. yet, sooah believes that even though she has a little amount of friends, they will be loyal to her.
  35. anything to say to your slot:
  36. seriously i could relate to my character so much, because myself spent most of my times with books. i'm pretty much ignorant with people around me-
  38. anything for me: oof finally i could done the form! i hope you like it dear!
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