PBN - Buying domain part - Are we paranoid?

Oct 4th, 2020
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  1. PBN - Buying domain part - Are we paranoid?
  2. I have a question in mind,
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  15. And you build your own PBN network, you need to buy domains, and some people think that we need to buy from different network.
  16. The part of buying domain for PBN network is vague for me, even on tutorial I think this part isn't detailed.
  17. It means that you need several GoDaddy, Namecheap etc accounts with different username, password, need to connect to all to manage it and seems like a pain!
  18. Imagine if you have maybe 100 domains and 5 over 20 differents accounts on different providers.
  19. Since now we have WhoIsGuard (on NC) for example, and if we put our PBN on different IP(hosting) like EBN or PP, different themes, different articles and footprints cleans, you really think that Google will penalize you because it seems that several websites that are powerful are all bought on Namecheap for example(among the thousands of websites that's hosted on NameCheap)?
  20. If yes, how do you manage it? You don't think that the risk and diffulty is increased since you need to put fake informations and maybe you'll lost all of the domains cause of that?
  21. Thanks for you insight and opinion about this. Let's have a good day!
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  27. PBN - Buying domain part - Are we paranoid?
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