El Ganado (2.1)

Jun 24th, 2014
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  1. Name: El Ganado
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Minotaur
  4. Class: Knight
  5. -Rouge (sub)
  6. -Bard (sub)
  7. Age: 33
  9. Skills:
  10. -Show Them You Rock: once per day; force your point of view on someone else. This allows allows one verbal based skill check to automatically succeed.(i.e. Bluff, Inspire) This does not work on characters with a resistant mind.
  11. -Fight with your Enemies
  12. -Humanoid stance: with your bipedal abilities you have your forelimbs free to block, parry and dodge much faster. +1 to defensive rolls while unarmed, dual wielding or wielding a shield.
  13. -Unorthodox: Switch the tag of one of your skills to Spell, Weapon, Ranged or remove the tag entirely (Suppress' weapon tag has been removed) (DISREGARDED FOR FAST MOVES)
  14. -Slam: recharge 1; damages the enemy via a crushing body slam. Crits on 9+
  15. -Grapple: passive, +1 to unarmed grabbing, throwing and wrestling down opponents
  16. -Suppress: requires non-ranged weapon, weapon; overpowers the target, rendering it helpless. This skill can be used Unarmed. 9+ crits and applies +1 bonus to all actions against the target next turn.
  18. New skill!
  19. Martial Defender
  20. Fast Moves
  22. Talent: Lucharando: +1 to unarmed attacks
  23. Inventory:
  24. The Mask (must never come off)
  25. Light blue wrestling tights
  27. Appearance:
  28. A sky-blue minotaur wearing a brilliant shining red mask with golden trims over his face, possesses a golden bull symbol embezzled on the forehead. El Ganado is a honorable and competitive luchador who believes that all disputes should be settled with glory and respect in the ring. Will do anything to prove that he can wrestle his way out of any situation, will never give in, never give up, and above all else: NEVER remove his mask.
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