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Apr 26th, 2021
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  1. Curious Collection. (#AN'RYSHE_6)
  2. Poised to strike, an avaricious asp clutches a gold sovereign with its coiled body. A gilded music box rests nearby, playing a delicate tune at a low whisper. Shaking its rattle ominously, a rapacious rattlesnake stares at everything with the threat to bite. A gleaming cog of steel lies here, glinting ominously with occult patterns. The Corrupted Staff of the Soulless drifts through the air here, leaking clots of grease and noxious smoke. A lacquered puzzle box has been left here, its glossy wood in danger of being soiled. A menacing leather flog lies here in a tangle of rustic lashes. A burnished silver candelabra lies on its side, extinguished. A bit of wooden shaft still attached, a spearhead lies here, coated in a thin layer of frost. A fire jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. The Oozing Diamond of Disease hovers here, bubbling contagion leeching across the ground in its immediate vicinity. A muddy brown stalk lies here, topped by an enchanting lily of the loam, crafted entirely of jewels. Luminous sidereal head feathers lie here. A delicate pixie marionette hovers in the air here, wings sparkling in oceanic splendour. Positioned in a cute bow, a ceramic fawn stands on nimble, long legs. A wooden soldier stands at the ready, his tiny bow nocked with a lone arrow. Crimson fur in a soft mane has been tossed on the ground here. Gleaming radiantly, feathered plumes of argent down flecked with star-fire sapphires lie here. Crafted from fine silks and decorated with deep, rich gems, a regal silk spider rests here. Glittering with myriad gemstones, a jewelled turtle hides here in his exquisite shell. Emitting a gentle, ticking hum, a crystalline moon slowly spins along its axis. A rubber duck rests here flat upon the ground, squeaking occasionally. Resting upon its rows of spines, a murex seashell beacon lies here. A puzzleform sun rests here, its pieces shifting around to form itself anew. A brilliant jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. Her eyes narrowed in appraisal, a regal trill marionette poises here, her severed strings wrapped around her like a flowing cape. A whiplike emerald cobra is coiled here, a viridescent glimmer evinced by the available light. A midnight jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. Refusing to melt, a snowflake made of ice persists here. A leering tarantula with ruby eyes lies here. A lush brunette beard braided with bright yellow daisies lies here. A cast iron butterknife lies here, gleaming with subtle gold inlay. Gleaming with patterns of inlaid grasslands, a bronze-etched saw lies here. Glistening with radiant colour, a carnelian tulip of blushing ruby lies abandoned here. Wild pink hair has been tossed on the ground here. Gleaming with an aura of gentility, a silver spoon has been tragically abandoned here. A glaring eyeball floats here, staring ominously and unblinking at its surroundings. The Treasure Map of the Basin of Life has been tossed carelessly on the ground here. Hourglass glistening upon its exposed stomach, a small black spider hangs here from a single glistening thread of silk. A golden clockwork pendulum lies here, seemingly broken from some larger whole. A mask of a playful jester lies here, its features plastered with a massive grin. A wooden wakabi toy lies here, legs loose. A stained-glass butterfly casts shards of multicoloured light upon the ground. An alabaster fountain curio rests here amidst a spray of multi-hued energies. The Toxic Spine of the Bloodless juts upward from the ground, acrid venom dripping, sizzling, from its point. There are 4 scarlet, heart-shaped boxes here. A glittering, gem-wrought dragonfly of virid gems lies here, gleaming softly. Carelessly abandoned on the ground, a tidy little notepad sits here, pages splayed open. The bronze figurine of a tailor has been left here, tongue sticking out in concentration. A solstice dragon mask has been tossed to the ground here. The ground beneath him littered with flakes of snow, a frosty snowman marionette rests here. A lush, wavy beard in rich copper lies abandoned here. A dusk jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. Faintly-glowing viridian antennae have been dropped here. A mischievous sock monkey capers about here, squeaking impishly. A glittering trail of crystalline stardust lies scattered behind the centre of a comet lying here. A flurry of luscious plum-hued tresses has been tossed to the ground here. Tentacles trailing in brilliant tails, a sequined squid curio lies here. A splintered star of wood and gems lies here, shimmering in the ambient light. Absinthe green horns orbited by drunken fae charms lie here. A stylised eye crafted of precious jewels lies here, gazing out unblinkingly. Awaiting some grander use, wooden tongs have been placed upon the ground. A tin tinker stands here in miniature, hunchbacked and bearing minute metal implements. Decorated with an elaborate mosaic of ceramic tiles, the form of a regal parrot stands here. Flickering and twisting wildly, the Guttering Flame of Damnation burns here. A diamond skull lies here in the dust, grinning with unsettling intensity. Oiled and gleaming, an assembled, copper igasho leans against his axe. A brass sprocket lies here, teeth glinting. Floating a few feet above the ground, a small, delicate glass angel spins languidly around in graceful circles. Carved from jointed sticks of ash, a dracnari driver curio lies here. A miniature ivory skeleton dances about here to the rhythm of his own clinking bones. Tiny paws clutching his tummy, a pudgy, stuffed panda bear sits here. Electricity crackles in flowing arcs around this crystal-hewn lightning bolt. An aquatic kelpie mask lies here, its leafy features staring out at the world. An aquamarine shark floats here upon the air. Glittering with pale beauty, an orchid of gems and precious metals has been left behind. An austere clock tower rises from the floor, ticking with unerring regularity. A sprig of coltsfoot daintily clasped in its painted beak, a delicate porcelain dove has been placed here. Looking rather odd bereft of a head, a severe warrior's plait lies here. Regal spires of bejewelled crystal have been discarded here. A miniature candy mountain rises from the ground here, rock candy crystal formations glittering on its surface. A copper-tinged boa constrictor rests here, coiled upon itself. Gleaming with gems, a pearlescent swan lies here upon the ground. A sky jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. Coiled upon the ground is a miniature ruby dragon, tongues of fire washing over his form. A mask of a bawling squonk lies here. Shimmering an exotic hue, a feathery quill lies here. A black three-braid goatee lies here. A square inkwell of bubbled green glass lies here, filled to the brim with dark ink. A stained glass peacock curio is perched here, feathers frozen in a glittering fan. A burnished bronze feather lies here shimmering on the ground. Rays of golden light flickering across its plumes, a delicate feather has alighted here. Covered in splotches of green mould, a wedge of cheese lies here, succumbing to spoilage. Cracked and weathered, an onyx gargoyle sits here, looking forlorn. An eerie floating nose swirls around the room attempting to huff in the scent of everything in sight. The glittering boughs of a crystal tree refract and reflect all available light in brilliant, prismatic colours. The tiny wooden replica of a pile of luggage rests here. Tongues of heatless fire whisper at the end of this rune-inscribed torch. Alighted gently on the ground, a shimmering silver feather lies here. An enchanting butterfly mask lies here, painted in warm tones of blues and yellows. A rotund, stuffed piglet lies here, rolled onto its side. A frosty blond two-braid goatee lies here. Curled in a shimmering ribbon of light and colour, a bright rainbow stretches here. Painted in dark tones of brown and deep purple, an alluring moth mask lies here. A rustic carriage curio rests here on four tiny wheels. Flawless gems and polished gold have been moulded into the form of a rose that lies here. Interlocking pieces of jade form the shape of this luna moth, poised as though ready to flit away from its perch. Glittering richly, a jewelled stalker's skull lies here, polished and adorned. Glistening with oil, a gear lies ready for use. A frosted basket filled with cloudberries drifts here, aloft upon a soft mist. Ethereal blue dorsal fins have been discarded here. A long horseshoe moustache lies here, limp and pitiful. Messy, spiked blonde hair has been tossed on the ground here. Daintily curled up in a ball, a glass kitten watches the world around her through a pair of large emerald eyes. Gently seated upon the ground, a dainty dining fork lies here. A pair of gleaming steel handcuffs lies here, touched in places with flaking, dried blood. Tossed helter-skelter upon the ground, a brass knuckle bone lies abandoned. There are 2 ceramic death watch beetles here. A squashy, stuffed wakabi lies here, button eyes gazing vapidly at its surroundings. Multicoloured birds take flight together across the surface of this charming, though misplaced, pan flute. Cast aside, a crystalline femur lies awaiting its long-deceased owner. An electrified steel wrench has been cast aside, jags of power arcing erratically across its surface. An iron spy figurine rests here, dropped into a wary crouch. Perfectly smooth and round, a sileni songstone marks the way with its white, carved surface. A mask of a featureless marionette lies here. A stuffed donkey has been cast aside, frowning to itself as it lies on its side. A disembodied, thin-lipped mouth floats here, babbling nonsense phrases. As still as death, a disembodied ear floats here as though listening with utmost care to the world passing around it. Made of glittering crystals held in a delicate metallic frame, a broken dimensional mapper of mugwumpi design rests here. A silver ratchet lies here, oil streaking its handle. An antiqued, gilt-framed looking glass hangs here upon thin air, its surface brightly reflecting its surroundings. Delicate and frigid, a bubble made of pure ice floats serenely here. Bobbing here pleasantly, a crystal sphere hums with energy as it floats upon an invisible cushion of air. A silver penknife lies here, malachite handle gleaming with a polished sheen. A gentle buzzing sound emits from this intricate gold and obsidian bumblebee. A cuddly, brown-furred teddy bear sits here complacently, button eyes gazing upward. Shimmering with an icy lambency, a platinum white feather lies here upon the ground. A mask of a regal chicken has been discarded here. A heliotrope jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. A radiant jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. Wooden handle smoothed by years of consistent use, a screwdriver awaits patiently for its owner. A maroon jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. A translucent crimson rib lies here as though awaiting its previous owner. A buxom milkmaid marionette lies on her side here. A delicate, enamelled teapot sits here, hiccuping occasionally as steam curls from her spout. A mask bearing the likeness of a bright-eyed maiden lies here. Grinning mockingly, an ice devil's skull lies here. A mask of a mischievous imp lies here, a disconcerting grin on its face. A porcelain mask lies here, offering up the bright and beauteous features of a swan. Rising in an imposing mass of black iron, an iron cross stands here, radiating a miasma of dread and pain. A ceramic puppy stands here at alert. Wide, blue eyes alertly surveying his surroundings, a steely grey sphynx kitten lounges here. Downy, dove-grey feathers have been tossed on the ground here. A pristine dove mask lies here, pale and resplendent. Its features set in a permanent grin, a chubby cherub mask lies here. Its expression one of duty, a mask of a fae knight lies here. Discord silenced, twisting iron horns strung with cracked bells lie here. A curious harlequin mask lies here, its expression inconstant. A fiery mane lies here. Examining the ground for crumbs and seed, a bleeding heart dove with shimmering plumage bobs his head here. A purple mohawk has been tossed on the ground here. Blond hair styled in a neat chignon has been tossed on the ground here. Long, curled blonde hair has been tossed on the ground here. Short, powder-blue pigtails have been tossed on the ground here. Aglow with a flickering, lavender aura, a truss of shimmering grapes has been left behind. Exuding a mist of fragrant scent, a perfumed bubble floats here. Severed strings trailing from his gleaming crown, a noble igasho marionette stands here in heroic pose. Unruly curls are forsaken amidst tangles of seaweed and nacreous shells here. Moving and writhing like a nest of snakes, a grey, scaled hood rests here with a menacing aura. Fox-like face set with a wide, doggy grin, an ivory-furred pompom puppy with a fanned tail prances here. A flirty blonde ponytail has been tossed on the ground here. A manicured salt and pepper scruff beard lies here. Unkempt rainbow plumes have been tossed on the ground here. An ornate, decadent copper chignon has been tossed on the ground here. Woody-scented and musky, a floral and veiled crown lies here in a pool of gossamer fabric. A crimson jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. A scarlet jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. Leaning forward on squat legs with her stubby tail straight up, a munchkin kitten with blue points exhibits keen curiosity. A fluffy husky puppy sniffs anything that isn't moving here. A lustrous, shadowy mane lies here. Regal horns of purest white have been cast aside here. Mischief personified, a patchwork calico kitten is here with head in her paws ready to pounce on anything that moves funny. Rakish black scruff lies here. A remarkably fancy mullet has been discarded here. An arid bubble of dead, sable hues floats sombrely here, seeming to draw light in from the surroundings. Tilting his head in curiosity, a corgi puppy is here with big, perky ears alert and erect. Chattering endlessly, a vibrant and petite peachface lovebird displays his playful spirit with vocal expressiveness. A soft chorus of hissing issues of its own accord from a weathered, carven bone flute resting here. Short, rainbow-striped hair has been tossed on the ground here. Mouth ajar, a hungered zombie marionette lumbers about the room emitting low grunts and growls. Rough-shorn crimson hair has been tossed on the ground here. Shoulders square and pose rigid, a stern krokani soldier marionette stands here, awaiting orders. A lion jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. Short brown hair has been tossed on the ground here. Serrated onyx spires beset with dark turquoise inclusions lie here. A bubble of viscid black tar floats incongruously here, smaller bubbles popping and squelching upon its surface. Austerely short black hair has been tossed on the ground here. A tangled beard nettled with briars and stray feathers lies here. Slender azure fins decorated with shells have been tossed on the ground here. A set of milky-eyed, gold antennae lies here. A sleek chestnut goatee lies here. Unable to hold still, a bright tangerine canary hops about here, curiously taking in her surroundings. A rickety frog marionette lies sprawled across the floor here. Vainly arranging his brilliant feathers, a turquoise and yellow parakeet with emerald banding preens here. Frizzy brown hair has been tossed on the ground here. A thick regent moustache lies here. Coiled horns of bloodied hues have been dropped here. A sassy bob in elegant magent has been tossed to the ground here. Long, decorated dreadlocks have been tossed on the ground here. His porcelain features painted with a wide grin, a jester marionette jingles here in bemusement. Left in a tangle, shining blue-black dreadlocks lie here. A jagged beard of frigid onyx lies here. A panther jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. A shining jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. Short, messy electric-blue hair has been tossed on the ground here. A venereal beard of immaculate silver lies here. Long white hair in an elegant braid has been tossed on the ground here. A tiny furrikin farmer marionette moves about here, in search of crops to harvest. Pitted by time and corroded black, an ancient memory recorder of mugwumpi design has been abandoned here. Thin, brittle white hair has been tossed on the ground here. Slicked-back black hair has been tossed on the ground here. Looking forlorn, a mugwumpi prince marionette leans on his sword here. Close-cropped blonde hair has been tossed on the ground here. A plump, stuffed teddy bear sits here, head canted at an angle as his button eyes gaze brightly ahead. Sand churns within a tawny bubble left behind here. Chestnut hair woven with earthen ornaments has been tossed to the ground here. Boldly-striped antennae have been discarded here. Discarded carelessly, a powdered wig lies on its side here. Glamorous emerald horns lie here. Neatly-parted green hair has been tossed on the ground here. A posh rolled-back blond ombre updo has been tossed to the ground here. Looking much like a dollop of cotton candy, a frothy cloud of curls lies here. Cascading, fiery red curls have been tossed on the ground here. Short brown hair has been tossed on the ground here. Slick, greasy black hair has been tossed on the ground here. A bubble of heady, fragrant smoke hovers here, hazy shapes visible within. Violet hair with long, soft bangs has been tossed on the ground here. Emanating dark plumes of shamanistic smoke, a ghostly grey bubble floats here. Spiky black hair has been tossed on the ground here. Wavy red hair has been tossed on the ground here. A dawn jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. A small flavour saver beard has been left here. Black hair dyed with purple swirls has been tossed on the ground here. A refined updo of raven-black wavy hair has been tossed on the ground here. Glamorous bronzed-brown finger waves have been tossed to the ground here. A wispy fall of head feathers has been cast aside here. Coifed auburn ringlets have been tossed on the ground here. Shifting with many vague symbols, a white bubble floats here. Thick, bushy mutton chops have been discarded here. A bubble made of silk floats here ready to blow away. Dark fur in a feral mane has been tossed on the ground here. Delicate strands of clarion crystal have been discarded here. A daring auburn pixie cut has been tossed to the ground here. Blond pigtails have been tossed on the ground here. Exuding the fresh scent of loam, a forest green bubble floats here. Long black hair pulled into a tail has been tossed on the ground here. A tiny pug puppy, cute despite her flat black snout, sniffs around here. A scraggly red pirate beard lies tangled here. A bubble of swirling swamp gas floats about here, filling the air with a fetid stench. Shuddering in the air as though in conflict with itself, a strange bubble floats here. Long, silky sable hair has been tossed on the ground here. A pearl-studded crest swagged with gold chains lies here. A lynx jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. A tiger jewel glitters invitingly on the ground here. A frosty mane woven with snow blossoms lies here. A thin delportian moustache has been cast aside here. A sinister black moustache complete with a curling goatee has been left here. Demanding attention, and perhaps inviting laughs, a radical rainbow mohawk lies here. Exotic sunset hued fins lie here. Her marionette strings severed, a bashful tae'dae princess stands nearby, her face half-hidden by her folding fan. An intoxicating scent hangs in the air about a bubble of scarlet petals. Glowing softly with tendrils of fiery lava, a lambent bubble of ignited rock floats here. A glimmering miniature of a snow phoenix rests upon the ground, wings unfurled majestically.
  3. You see a single exit leading west (open door).
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