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  1. Thank you all for coming yesterday! Despite not clearing it was good clean run nonetheless with a number of new people. As the guild grows we would like to bring in some guidelines
  2. 1. From now, regardless of content, raid nights will be for raiders and trials
  3. 2. The raiders will broadly be split in 2 groups. About 22,23 main raiders for the night that have to show, and roughly another 10 reserves. We might assign ranks for this distinction if needed
  4. 3. Loot rolling will be prioritised by raiding rank
  5. 4. Members are like socials. We will plan non main raid nights and do things such as lockout a heroic id to do a couple of curve runs. We will give trial opportunities to members if asked.
  7. Feel free to air any concerns, questions and suggestions. There are finer details that for the sake of space we are not talking about. But I think the overall message is that the guild is growing and we plan to continue mythic progression in earnest now. Therefore we are evolving to the next stage if you will :)
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