Metasploit grep command

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  1. msf > grep
  2. Usage: grep [options] pattern cmd
  4. Grep the results of a console command (similar to Linux grep command)
  8.     -A   Show arg lines of output After a match.
  9.     -B   Show arg lines of output Before a match.
  10.     -c        Only print a count of matching lines.
  11.     -h        Help banner.
  12.     -i        Ignore case.
  13.     -k   Keep (include) arg lines at start of output.
  14.     -m   Stop after arg matches.
  15.     -s   Skip arg lines of output before attempting match.
  16.     -v        Invert match.
  17. msf >
  18. msf > grep http search oracle
  19.    auxiliary/scanner/http/oracle_demantra_database_credentials_leak      2014-02-28       normal     Oracle Demantra Database Credentials Leak
  20.    auxiliary/scanner/http/oracle_demantra_file_retrieval                 2014-02-28       normal     Oracle Demantra Arbitrary File Retrieval with Authentication Bypass
  21.    auxiliary/scanner/http/oracle_ilom_login                                               normal     Oracle ILO Manager Login Brute Force Utility
  22.    exploit/multi/http/glassfish_deployer                                 2011-08-04       excellent  Sun/Oracle GlassFish Server Authenticated Code Execution
  23.    exploit/multi/http/oracle_ats_file_upload                             2016-01-20       excellent  Oracle ATS Arbitrary File Upload
  24.    exploit/multi/http/oracle_reports_rce                                 2014-01-15       great      Oracle Forms and Reports Remote Code Execution
  25.    exploit/windows/http/apache_chunked                                   2002-06-19       good       Apache Win32 Chunked Encoding
  26.    exploit/windows/http/bea_weblogic_post_bof                            2008-07-17       great      Oracle Weblogic Apache Connector POST Request Buffer Overflow
  27.    exploit/windows/http/oracle9i_xdb_pass                                2003-08-18       great      Oracle 9i XDB HTTP PASS Overflow (win32)
  28.    exploit/windows/http/oracle_beehive_evaluation                        2010-06-09       excellent  Oracle BeeHive 2 voice-servlet processEvaluation() Vulnerability
  29.    exploit/windows/http/oracle_beehive_prepareaudiotoplay                2015-11-10       excellent  Oracle BeeHive 2 voice-servlet prepareAudioToPlay() Arbitrary File Upload
  30.    exploit/windows/http/oracle_btm_writetofile                           2012-08-07       excellent  Oracle Business Transaction Management FlashTunnelService Remote Code Execution
  31.    exploit/windows/http/oracle_endeca_exec                               2013-07-16       excellent  Oracle Endeca Server Remote Command Execution
  32.    exploit/windows/http/oracle_event_processing_upload                   2014-04-21       excellent  Oracle Event Processing FileUploadServlet Arbitrary File Upload
  33.    exploit/windows/http/osb_uname_jlist                                  2010-07-13       excellent  Oracle Secure Backup Authentication Bypass/Command Injection Vulnerability
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