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  1. ______          _           _     _    _           _   _    _ _           _
  2. | ___ \        (_)         | |   | |  | |         | | | |  | (_)         | |
  3. | |_/ / __ ___  _  ___  ___| |_  | |  | | ___  ___| |_| |  | |_ _ __   __| |
  4. |  __/ '__/ _ \| |/ _ \/ __| __| | |/\| |/ _ \/ __| __| |/\| | | '_ \ / _` |
  5. | |  | | | (_) | |  __/ (__| |_  \  /\  /  __/\__ \ |_\  /\  / | | | | (_| |
  6. \_|  |_|  \___/| |\___|\___|\__|  \/  \/ \___||___/\__|\/  \/|_|_| |_|\__,_|
  7.               _/ |                                                          
  8.              |__/                                                          
  11. We have set out to raise awareness towards the changes made in today's education, how new laws imposed by politicians affect us, our economy and overall, our way of life. How far we have ventured from learning valuable skills that would normally help us be prepared in life, to just, simply memorizing large chunks of text in exchange for good grades. How our very own traditions are heard less and less, losing touch with who we truly are. Slowly casting the identities, that our ancestors fought to protect, into exile. - TGS
  13. As a wise man once said: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
  15. Updates* We wanted to bring to your attention different examples from Europe, how the laws change so often that even the teachers have a hard time adjusting to them, let alone, the students, to the US, where tuition fees have spiked up so much that by the time you finish any sort of degree, you will be in more debt than you can handle and with no certainty that you will get a job, to Asia, where strict & limited teachings still persist and never seem to catch up with the times and most of the time fail to prep you up for a world where foreign affairs are crucial in this day and age.
  17. Even so, we figured, how hypocrites we'd have to be to enforce our own beliefs in this release, that's why, this turned out into an open debate where you are all welcome to participate. You don't have to talk about it with us, what's important is that you bring up the subject "today's education" in day-to-day conversations with your family, friends, people close to you and try to understand the system better, together. How it works, how a certain type of diploma can or cannot help you in your road to the career you want to pursue.
  19. As for us, we have taken the time to gather opinions and points of views from different anonymous members, all around the globe. On behalf of Team GhostShell, I would like to respectfully thank all those that have contributed to this release. It has been a unique experience. - DeadMellox
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  23. -the situation and Europe are nowhere near comparable - the cost of an education in the US is astronomically higher. However, I feel that you do have a point.
  24. - Solutions: Look in the open-source community. Find those willing to provide educational literature and have it for free for students. The issue with this is that all universities have some agreements with publishers about books for courses and there seem to be few ways to circumvent this. I've said it in the past and continue to attempt to work on this now - make a viable, functioning online university with people in the education field. Advertising and donations for revenue [a radical idea, but something that is in sync with reality in the 21st century]
  25. - "Teacher excitement" sorry, there are many educators that are enthusiastic about their careers, but classroom sizes are ever-increasing. I feel that encouragement and programs to make those interact with their peers and "self-teach" is effective. Self teaching is effective, especially in children. Example: http://neapriorityschools.org/successful-students/flipping-the-classroom-homework-in-class-lessons-at-home-2 has had tremendous success.
  27. Quality: Mcdonaldization of the education system, classroom sizes, decrease in critical thinking skills - Anonymous
  30. Learning. has been reduced to LEARN and REPEAT information, as in MEMORIZE.
  32. If intelligence is not defined by data retention, but the ability to understand data "at present moment" and creativity.
  34. Why to follow old procedures? why not create a channel where everything can be learned? online, officially with the help of schools nationally. - Anonymous
  36. The easy answer is student loans, and they are a big deal.  However I am more frustrated that we designed our current educational system in the 40s/50s when our school system was designed to output 50-70% of students for manufacturing jobs.  We have kept this same system for over 60+ years.    Now the manufacturing jobs market is almost gone so those students are finding themselves net receiving the education that they need for jobs in the information age, and they know it. A common complaint for dropouts is that they feel that the school system is not benefiting them.
  38. This may be part of the root cause of why we are facing high drop out stats and unemployment for students that do not go on to higher education.  Part of the problem is that our current system was only designed to output ~20% to higher education.  - Anonymous
  40. Student: 17 year old female, last year of highschool from a latin third world country:
  41. asi que te doy mi punto de vista como una persona normal
  42. te hago una pregunta
  43. para que vamos al colegio?
  44. Anon 1: a EDUCARNOS. a aprender a pensar.
  45. Student: exacto esa palabra aprender, pensar
  46. primero.
  47. nos enseñan cosas mucha informacion
  48. pero jamas de los jamases nos enseñan metodos de estudios eficaces
  49. por lo que nos vamos y solamente estudia de memoria y solo para el examen para pasar de grado
  50. por lo que esa informacion despues de pocos dias
  51. se va..
  52. bueno..
  53. lo mejor seria fomentando la imaginacion y el pensamiento individual de cada persona
  54. por eso casi siempre los paraguayos son timidos
  55. no les gusta hablar
  56. porque muchas veces sus palabras no son escuchadas
  57. entendes eso?
  58. osea cuando sos chiquito te tendrian que dar premios por responder
  59. por saber
  60. y aca eso no hacen
  61. por lo que le importa un comino
  62. y piensan que hablar en publico es pelada
  63. se concentran mas en que van a fallar que en otra cosa
  64. mm
  65. mm
  66. que otra cosa
  67. a mi hubiese
  68. encantado aprender musica
  69. pero las clases simplemente no las entendia
  70. eran muy dificiles para mi comprension
  71. porque con nosotros no empezaron desde cero
  72. y muchas veces los profesores no estan lo suficientemente capacitados para enseñar
  73. si para dar e imponer informacion
  74. pero no enseñan
  75. y muchas veces no tienen paciencia
  76. profesores hay muchos..
  77. maestros pocos.
  78. y la forma en que enseñan aca
  79. da asco
  80. porque vienen se sientan y solo se escucha bla bla bla
  81. la informacion no viene solamente a travez del sentido auditivo
  82. sino tambien a travez de la vista
  83. tenemos un infocus
  84. en el cole
  85. pero los profesores nunca lo usan para sus clases
  86. sin dudas seria mucho mas divertido y definitivamente pondria mas atencion si lo usaran
  87. que se acostumbren a utilizar las ventajas de la tecnologia
  88. que no se queden en lo antiguo de venir hablar y dictar
  89. lo mejor de mi especialidad es cuando salimos
  90. baba
  91. pero cuando salimos a ver cosas referntes a salud
  92. como a las facultades
  93. porque te muestra como va a ser tu posible ambiente de trabajo
  94. y que si se puede
  95. que noes taaan difcil
  96. mm creo que lo basico es que nos enseñen a aprender desde pequeños y que no den clases aburridas y antiguas porque esta es una epoca moderna con muchos metodos de aprendizaje interesantes.
  97. y bueno creo que eso es todo - Anonymous
  99. Anon 1: concuring with the above opinion, school should first of all teach to THINK independently and not think DEPENDENTLY, as to be creative, to solve problems on their own and not use techonolgy as an excuse to depend on it, techonology is used as a tool to asiste learning without giving in to dependence, also break the habits of old obsolete info, and update constantly, learning should be creative, adaptive, evolving. Teaching like i said: TO THINK and not to DEPEND. - Anonymous
  102. If we want change we must be ready for it. the future is technology. physical school will become obsolete.
  103. Thanks for sharing this "moment" with us. we luvz you all - #OpPortugal @ anonops
  106. <nick> Why do you think Mathematics isn't taught in most "modern" countries?
  107. Do  you really think governments want countries full of people who can  think things through and find the right answers to questions? - Anonymous
  109. Is there a way to measure/determine the proficiency level of various instructors?  Possibly a database of questions which anon-instructors can quiz themselves on, giving a score of how well they are able to "teach" a particular subject and which subjects would prove most informative for a pupil, then match students to teachers. - Anonymous
  112. We shall see the gradual errosion of institutional structures which become increasingly more out of step with modern technology and social mobility. There was a trend towards centralisation during a period of low energy and housing costs when we lacked the technology to provide high quality distance learning. Oil, housing and other costs are now being felt across the demograpghic, at the same time governments are no longer able to fund higher level education. We will now experience a trend toward decentralisation geographically but centralisation digitally where the best teachers can be streamed into local colleges. The cost of education will reduce with this trend as will the barriers to higher education. We are in the middle of a transition where change is being driven by afffordability. - Anonymous
  114. Det svenska utbildningssystemet:
  115. Från statlig verksamhet till kommunal/privata alternativ en medveten sänkning? Det tror jag, och framledes kommer de offentliga (dvs de ickeprivata alternativen) förmodligen vara av så dålig  kvaliteé att det kommer att kosta att ge sitt barn en utbildning. Som i USA och England. Nya korta gymnasiutbildningar som varit på förslag är också ett sätt att försöka "slå sönder" och öppna dörren till "lågstatusyrken". Studielånen kommer det löna sig i framtiden att ens ta dem? Inte säker på det heller.
  116. Generellt anser jag att utbildningssystemet  andvänds för att forma individen in i samhället, inte mycket till självtänk ingår. Vi bor alltså i ett land där man utbildar sig för att föda barn, något vi gjort i alla tider :)
  117. Svår fråga egentligen...försökt lära mitt barn självständigt tänkande och ändå passa in (utbilda dig) ingen vill väl att ens avkomma skall bli anarkist? (dubbel där.)
  118. De mest korkade i mina ögon är ofta de som gått på universiteten. De sväljer allt utan någon tillstymmelse till ifrågasättande, lustigt!
  119. Vi går igenom förändringar i vår tid, det som en gång varit, kommer inte tillbaka och ställer mig frågan hur har makten tänkt sig sysselsätta undersåtarna framledes? Det pågår saker på flera plan, och de hör på sätt och vis samman. Vem skall äga rätten till orden? Ser en desperation från de "där uppe" ...de gör allt för att behålla kontrollen. Tror i förlängningen inte de kommer att lyckas och när den släpperm kommer vi förmodligen se ett helt nytt samhälle formas. Vi är inte där ÄN, det är som bekant alltid mörkast före gryningen. - Anonymous
  121. Skolan ger våra barn grunden för kritiskt tänkande och ifrågasättandet av etablerade ”sanningar”. Genom att försämra skolans möjligheter att ge barnen bra utbildning urholkas det demokratiska systemet likväl som vår framtid och vi går ett segregerat samhälle tillmötes där sociala klyftor grävs avgrundesdjupa mellan samhällsklasserna. Det kan vi inte tillåta! - Anonymous
  124. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/09/27/nyu-professor-are-student-loans-immoral.html
  125. reddit thread about that article  http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/10mzbw/on_a_rough_estimate_it_would_only_take_70_billion/ - Anonymous
  127. _____________________________________________________
  129. Our targets for this release have been the top 100 universities around the world. After carefully filtering the ones that we've already leaked before and the ones where Anonymous has in major operations, we have eventually got together a new fresh list. The majority of them should be here. Also, some of us decided to go ahead and add vulnerable links to the other ones anyway, which you can find at the bottom, at "Other Universities".
  131. side note* We tried to keep the leaked information to a minimum, so just around 120.000+ accounts and records are here, leaving in their servers hundreds of thousands more. (When we got there, we found out that a lot of them have malware injected. No surprise there since some have credit card information stored.)
  133. Harvard - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3810660 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/92c03f31b3 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44824
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  273. Heidelberg University Server 2 - Mirror1: https://raw.github.com/gist/3811150/eaf244e6f95e369f6898ddb4bc24355d7c50ed34/gistfile1.txt Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/f29174dc75 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44892
  275. Heidelberg University Server 3 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811155 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/560b5ad055 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44893
  277. Moscow State University Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811166 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/1af03b6a54 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44894
  279. Moscow State University Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811176 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/437bbeebe6 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44896
  281. University of Freiburg Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811211 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/f3cfac28cf Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44903
  283. University of Freiburg Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811217 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/d25429eeff Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44904
  285. University of Freiburg Server 3 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811221 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/3eecab8bba Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44905
  287. Texas A&M University Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811226 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/3c4dff93fe Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44906
  289. Texas A&M University Server 2 - Mirror1: https://raw.github.com/gist/3811238/5e9420d25b52ae3b2b0d6e1115a3473dc5f31032/gistfile1.txt Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/2b2c9717c1 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44907
  291. Texas A&M University Server 3 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811255 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/6184873f21 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44908
  293. Texas A&M University Server 4 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811261 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/abde9f2cd6 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44909
  295. Boston University Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811269 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/ca8a6296f6 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44910
  297. Boston University Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811276 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/25472e8919 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44911
  299. McMaster University Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811287 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/7fdcca29c9 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44912
  301. McMaster University Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811291 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/fc49c17d6b Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44913
  303. McMaster University Server 3 - Mirror1: https://raw.github.com/gist/3811297/c6c147365804962c145b3860a54dad76f861f2ae/gistfile1.txt Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/7f2c30c2f0 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44914
  305. University of Goettingen Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811308 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/53cf8b0638 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44915
  307. University of Goettingen Server 2 - Mirror1: https://raw.github.com/gist/3811318/570c54786831a9d6bce25e5999696f5f50df8d6e/gistfile1.txt Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/480f92e6bd Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44916
  309. Purdue University Server 1 Part 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811321 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/8f69820de6 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44917
  311. Purdue University Server 1 Part 2 - Mirror1: https://raw.github.com/gist/3811376/9523904e82bc16c13c519baec3229249df47413d/gistfile1.txt Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/fc0fc8cf56 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44918
  313. Purdue University Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811382 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/a476ab5a49 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44919
  315. University of Nottingham - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811385 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/3dd6f53140 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44920
  317. University of Sheffield - Mirror1: https://raw.github.com/gist/3811396/bdf0f1475ffba093605cf7c0c0bcb00c0e082e25/gistfile1.txt Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/6e8dfafcf6 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44921
  319. Uppsala University Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811401 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/96c4f5b504 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44922
  321. Uppsala University Sever 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811403 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/e8767795b8 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44923
  323. University of Basel Server 1 - Mirror1: https://raw.github.com/gist/3811414/8a81ba45bf6346dc4e7f9c9c55addd0874a5e6f1/gistfile1.txt Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/0d15e41c3f Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44924
  325. University of Basel Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811419 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/6d861da134 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44925
  327. University of Arizona Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811426 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/8e888b9ef1 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44926
  329. University of Arizona Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811432 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/d7d6741336 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44927
  331. Case Western Reserve University Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811436 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/711e414196 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44928
  333. Case Western Reserve University Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811438 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/6b1f785e6a Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44929
  335. Arizona State University Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811462 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/c2cd14b266 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44930
  337. Arizona State University Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811687 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/98800d663a Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44944
  339. Nagoya University - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811506 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/f7a0844248 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44931
  341. Tohoku University - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811553 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/b81de99072 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44932
  343. University of Bristol - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811592 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/efb8d804b2 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44933
  345. Ohio State University - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811612 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/13f6eef6ea Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44934
  347. University of Melbourne - Mirror1: https://raw.github.com/gist/3811626/425292d0f23068e6a48d0d6e1aaa05277dd69837/gistfile1.txt Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/4df6f76f15 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44935
  349. University of Oslo - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811640 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/d0e683d246 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44936
  351. University of Utah - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811651 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/7f392e8b70 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44937
  353. University of Strasbourg Server 1 - Mirror1: https://raw.github.com/gist/3811655/3de625e7dd12432b87b304ce1c1dbf8a20f437ba/gistfile1.txt Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/9d45b2b666 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44938
  355. University of Strasbourg Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811659 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/3e1dd98caf Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44939
  357. University of Rome Server 1 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811665 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/ffa2ccc8a5 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44940
  359. University of Rome Server 2 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811671 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/dbe31babb0 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44941
  361. University of Rome Server 3 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811675 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/0415e9e456 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44942
  363. University of Rome Server 4 - Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811683 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/1d0987d139 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44943
  365. Other Universities: Mirror1: https://gist.github.com/3811706 Mirror2: https://privatepaste.com/6a3afe5a81 Mirror3: http://pastesite.com/44945
  368. _________________________________
  370. Follow us on Twitter: @TeamGhostShell
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