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  1. (17:57:29) what's up
  2. (17:57:43) Alexander Annese: ok, so paul grahm started a project called y-combinator
  3. (17:58:06) Alexander Annese: it is a reach out to startups, smart people who are in an early stage of a project
  4. (17:58:27) Alexander Annese: he's less concerned with what the idea or project is, and more concerned about how interesting the group of founders is
  5. (17:58:39) Alexander Annese: he gives 5k per startup, and 5k to each of the founders
  6. (17:59:05) Alexander Annese: out of the couple hundred applications, he chooses ~10-20 applicants each year
  7. (17:59:13) Alexander Annese: he works closely with those teams
  8. (17:59:21) Alexander Annese: and takes about 5-10% of the company
  9. (17:59:37) Alexander Annese: and you work with him for roughly three months
  10. (17:59:40) hrm
  11. (17:59:42) very cool
  12. (17:59:44) Alexander Annese: ya
  13. (17:59:53) Alexander Annese: matt had an idea of a social networking site aggregator
  14. (18:00:09) Alexander Annese: that combined all the different social networking sites into one framework
  15. (18:00:20) Alexander Annese: so you can manage all your mails, contact lists,
  16. (18:00:29) Alexander Annese: sort of like how pidgin handles multiple IM protocols
  17. (18:00:56) Alexander Annese: now, it doesn't have to be that idea
  18. (18:01:09) Alexander Annese: but we were wondering if you were around to throw some ideas around
  19. (18:01:18) Alexander Annese: as the application is due at 1am tonight :P
  20. (18:01:28) lolol
  21. (18:01:32) Alexander Annese: haha ya
  22. (18:01:41) totally, interesting in talking to schoolmaster about it?
  23. (18:01:41) Alexander Annese: and there is this big long application
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