(MLO) Pounding The Cake Family 3: Circulus Masturbationem...

Mar 9th, 2013
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  1. Warning: Clop
  3. >Day “Pounding The Cake Family 3: Circulus Masturbationem Repugnantia” in Equestria
  4. >Be a very nervous Pound Cake
  5. >Last night you got a little too intimate with your aunt
  6. >And by that you mean you came all over her stomach after drunkenly dry humping her in the middle of a farm
  7. >Because of that, you were a nervous wreck
  8. >Luckily you didn’t have school, but instead you spent every moment just sitting on your bed, thinking of when the hammer will drop
  9. >Maybe Pinkie will tell mom and dad, and they will disown you
  10. >Or maybe Pinkie will go public, and force you in to exile
  11. >Perhaps, instead, she might go full crazy and murder you in your sleep
  12. >…
  13. >It was almost evening, which meant you spent all day lying on your back in bed
  14. >And you were famished
  15. >Swallowing your fear you left your room and went downstairs to the kitchen
  16. >But as soon as you hit the last step you saw her
  17. >Pumpkin was sitting on the couch, reading a book
  18. >The moment your hoof touched the bottom step her eyes locked onto yours
  19. >”Hey… Pound…”
  20. >Oh horseapples
  21. >”I think you should talk to AUNT Pinkie”
  22. >She stressed the relationship the pink mare had to me with a click
  23. “…yea…”
  24. >She looked at me with an almost audible disgust
  25. >”She’s been in the basement for the past five hours organizing flour sacks…”
  26. >Oh Celestia…
  27. >Your stomach sunk to your gut
  28. >With your head held low, you turned to the kitchen and walked into the basement
  30. >Before you even hit the first step you could hear your aunt below
  31. >”…bag 21, triple double check! Bag 22, triple double check! Bag 23… Bag 23!? Where is bag 23!”
  32. >”Oh, here it is, right next to bag 22. Triple double check!”
  33. >You walked down the stairs as silently as you could
  34. >How could you start this?
  35. >Hey Aunt Pinkie, sorry for forcing myself on you. We cool?
  36. >Darn it…
  37. >Before you knew it you reached the bottom of the stairs
  38. >Pinkie hadn’t noticed you yet
  39. >She was standing on her two hind legs, reaching the top shelf of a storage rack
  40. >After every bag she checked off she swayed over a bit
  41. >Bouncing her flanks-
  42. >POUND! FOCUS!
  43. >You shook your head
  44. >When you realigned yourself you saw that Pinkie was looking at you from over her shoulder
  45. >Her flank was still slightly swaying
  46. >And you found your eyes naturally drifting to it
  47. >”Hey Pound”
  48. >Her voice snapped you out of it
  49. >It was softer, less energetic than it usually was
  50. >”We need to talk”
  51. “We need to talk”
  52. >You both spoke at once
  53. >…
  55. “Wait, please, let me go first…”
  56. >You took a deep breath
  57. >And sat down, lowering your head, and staring at a particular patch of brick on the floor
  58. “I’m so sorry Aunt Pinkie. I.. I know I was a little drunk, but that doesn’t justify what I did…”
  59. >You could feel tears starting to drip onto your nose
  60. “It’s just that… a while ago I had a… dream about you. And, it was one of ‘Those’ dreams…”
  61. “And ever since then, for some reason, I really really wanted to rut- er… be with you”
  62. “I saw some of the pictures that were hidden in your horseshoe box, back of you back when we were foals. The ones where you were wearing black thigh-high socks and were…”
  63. >You voice caught in your throat. There was no way you could say what she was doing
  64. “Uhh.. doing things. And I sort… of… “
  65. >The tears were falling freely from you
  66. “…clopped… to… them…”
  67. >You sucked in some air and were trying your best to keep your composure,
  68. >Yet you failed as you could feel the shame and despair well up from inside of you
  69. “I’m so sorry aunt Pinkie. I never meant to do that to you. I just… it’s just…”
  70. >The bricks of the basement floor that made up your vision were starting to get stained from your leaking eyes
  71. “I.. I don’t know what I thought. Please forgive me…”
  72. >You looked up at her
  73. “I don’t want to lose you…”
  74. >You could see her across from you
  75. >She was holding her hoof up to her mouth
  76. >Her eyes were moist
  77. >”Oh Pound…”
  78. >In a moment she closed the distance between you too
  79. >And held you in an embrace
  80. >”Pound… Pound… Pound…”
  81. >She holds you closer
  82. >You could feel her heat
  83. >Her heartbeat sounded against your ear
  84. >Every thump was another reassurance that you won’t be losing her
  85. >”Pound…”
  86. >She tilts your head up so you can see her face
  87. >She isn’t sad, or angry, just concerned
  88. >”I don’t care what you do, I will always be your family…”
  89. >”Pound, I love you…”
  90. >There was a pause
  91. >”…Just, I helped raise you from when you were just a little foal”
  92. >Your heart sunk a bit
  93. >”I saw you take your first steps, your first flight, the first word you spoke…”
  94. >She nuzzled you a bit, in a non-sensual manner
  95. >”Pound, I will always be here for you… you don’t have to worry about that”
  96. >You resided yourself in that small fact at least
  97. >But she could feel your body slump a little bit as a sort of energy of desire left you
  99. >Her hoof stroked your mane
  100. >Your body sagged against her stomach
  101. >As your eyes never left hers
  102. >”…Although…”
  103. >You ear twitched
  104. >She took a deep breath
  105. >”It is sort of nice having someone like you like that. It’s been a while…”
  106. >Wait, what?
  107. >”I… sort of have a confession too Pound.”
  108. >”After the wedding, I sort of spaced out. I thought I took advantage of you.”
  109. >She leaned forward and drew your head in a closer embrace
  110. >”Its… been a while…”
  111. >”When I was younger I would make friends with anyp0ny, any way I could…”
  112. >”The things I did with other colts and mares…”
  113. >Her face turned from a bright to a dark pink
  114. >”Now a days they all settled down with a mare or two… no one wants to go full party anymore”
  115. >”But… it was nice to be liked in that way again…”
  116. >Your heart started beating faster
  117. >”But Pound…”
  118. >She looked into your eyes
  119. >Her bright blue eyes locked onto yours
  120. >It was if a sea of blue had encompassed your vision
  121. >You didn’t care that you were in a cold damp basement
  122. >You didn’t care that you came all over her the night before
  123. >You didn’t care that your sister knew and would likely kill you for it
  124. >You just didn’t want to lose her…
  125. >…
  126. >With a small lean upwards, you brought your face closer to hers
  127. >She had a look that was a cross between a smile and a cheeky grin
  128. >Before you knew it, her lips united with yours
  129. >It wasn’t long, just a small peck
  130. >And you both quickly drew back from one another
  131. >But her eyes still stared into yours
  132. >And you had to have more
  134. “Pinkie…”
  135. >”Yes Pound...”
  136. >You were breathing like you just flew a marathon
  137. “Wh… what was…”
  138. >She cut you off with another kiss
  139. >Her tongue quickly invaded your mouth
  140. >In a sigh of relief you opened wider and let her in
  141. >Both of your tongues intertwined for a while
  142. >Tasting each other
  143. >You could taste something like bubblegum and sour
  144. >You wondered what she tasted
  145. >After a few moments you broke the kiss
  146. >Panting, she looked at you and started caressing your mane
  147. >”Pound… we shouldn’t be doing this…”
  148. >You only moaned and leaned into her
  149. >She continued to stroke your head
  150. >”You… I’m like your aunt, your family…”
  151. >You breathed her scent in deeply as your face was buried in her chest
  152. >She leaned back and started to pull you on top of her
  153. >”We… really… really… shouldn’t be doing this…”
  154. >Your lips touched again
  155. >Your breaths coming in and out in bursts
  156. >Your scents mixing with each other
  157. “Pinkie…”
  158. >”Yes Pound?”
  159. “D-Do you want me to stop, and just go upstairs and leave you alone?”
  160. >She pauses for a moment
  161. >With you on top of her, inches away from her face
  162. >Your shaft hardening under the circumstances
  163. >”Pound…”
  164. >You could feel your heartbeat in your member
  165. >She looked in your eyes again
  166. >”Just... let’s make this memorable”
  169. >With a passionate kiss your lips met again
  170. >And you scooted backwards, dragging your organ along her stomach until it reached her thighs
  171. >Breaking the kiss, you lined yourself up
  172. >And in a single thrust you pushed forward
  173. >…
  174. >Only to miss and end up probing her inner thighs
  175. >”Hehehe, Pound… Here…”
  176. >Her hoof grabbed a hold of you and aligned it with her entrance
  177. >Then, with a motion of her hips she slammed down, enveloping you in her tight warm folds
  178. >It is at this moment your biology overtook your morality
  179. >As you began rocking your hips back and forth
  180. >Every inch of her hole surrounded you like a warm silk glove
  181. >Each thrust drove you further and further in
  182. >You would not last long
  183. >With a glance upwards you saw Pinkie
  184. >Her eyes laden and her mouth in a small smile
  185. >You leaned forward to kiss her again
  186. >Only to drive yourself deeper inside of her
  187. “Ohhh Celestia that-“
  188. >You are cut off by her mouth
  189. >But yet you continued to rock back and forth
  190. >There was a tension quickly building in your balls
  191. >With a wet smacking sound you pulled your mouth away
  192. “Pinkie, I’m almost-“
  193. >”Yes! Yes, me too. Just don’t s-s-s-taph!”
  194. >Your hips were in overdrive
  195. >Each bounce drove you from your flare to the hilt
  196. >You were in bliss
  198. >Soon after your mouth was invaded again by Pinkie
  199. >With a moan she thrusted her tongue into your gasping jaw
  200. >And you felt her pussy start to pulsate
  201. >This quickly sent you over the edge
  202. >In a quick motion you pulled out
  203. >And released your essence all over her thighs
  204. >Her face was one of mid orgasm
  205. >As she was being creamed by your own lust
  206. >After a few moments you both let up, breathing heavily
  207. >She rolled onto her side and brought you in a spooning position
  208. >”Pound…”
  209. “Yea Pinkie?”
  210. >”We…”
  211. >She paused for a moment
  212. >”We can’t tell your mom and dad about this… or Pumpkin… or anyone…”
  213. >”You… I… If ponies knew what we just did, they would… they might call me…”
  214. >You didn’t care
  215. >Wrapping your fore hooves around her neck you brought her close to you
  216. “It’s alright Pinkie, I can keep a secret”
  217. >After a few moments she got up
  218. >”Well, I think I still have some work to do before your parents get home”
  219. >Before you could get up also she leaned in and gave you a quick peck on the cheek
  220. >”You should get out of here…”
  221. >She said as she turned around, giving you a full eye of her creamed flanks and caressing your face with her tail
  222. >”Unless you want to help…”
  223. >Then, she gestured to the wall of huge bags of flour, salt, sugar, and other baking supplies
  224. “Ehh… T-That’s okay Pinkie”
  225. >You backed towards the stairs
  226. >But before you left
  227. “Pinkie?”
  228. >”Mhhhh?”
  229. “What… what does this make us?”
  230. >Her face went from a gentle smile to a look of relief and happiness
  231. >”It doesn’t make us anything we weren’t already Poundie!”
  232. >And with that, plus a quick nuzzle, you parted ways
  234. >An hour later you were on your bed
  235. >You can’t believe what had happened…
  236. >You don’t know why, you don’t know how, but…
  237. >…
  238. >You also think you might be a bit messed up in the head from this
  239. >Come on, how many p0nies have their first love as one of their family members
  240. >Also, how many p0nies lose their virginities to their aunt in the basement of a pastry shop?
  241. “Celestia… what the hell happened?”
  242. >You say with seriousness, but also with a smile on your face
  243. >Before your thoughts could wander any further you hear a knock on your door
  244. “Open”
  245. >There, after a mild blue magical glow, stood Pumpkin
  246. >And she looked…
  247. >Concerned? Angry? Inquisitive?
  248. >”Pound”
  249. “Pumpkin”
  250. >”Did you talk to Aunt Pinkie?”
  251. >Her voice sounded a little on edge
  252. “Yea…”
  253. >”…And?”
  254. “And what?”
  255. >She walked right next to where you were not sitting on your bed
  256. >”Seriously? About what happened at the wedding?”
  257. >How could you tell her?
  258. >What would you tell her?
  259. “Look… We talked...”
  260. >”And!?”
  261. >She leaned in to get nose to nose with you
  262. >Her face at first one of rage and disgust
  263. >Then, one of confusion as she sniffed
  264. >”…Pound…”
  265. “Yeah?”
  266. >”…Why do you smell like Aunt Pinkie Pie?”
  267. >Your heart stopped for a moment
  268. >Her face went blank
  269. >”…Tell me you didn’t…”
  270. >You had no words, only a look of shock
  271. >”I don’t believe it…”
  274. >She turned her head away for a moment, before snapping it back to face you
  276. “PUMPKIN! Look, I don’t want… I don’t expect you to-“
  277. >”What in Tartarus is wrong with you?”
  278. >She magically pulls you off your bed
  279. >”What? The pretty mares at school didn’t pay enough attention to you?”
  280. >What?
  281. “Hey! That isn’t what this is-“
  282. >She telekinetically shoves you a bit
  283. >”What? Dinky wasn’t pretty enough? Or Pinchy? Or any one of the other mares in class that have a crush on you?!”
  284. >Wait, What!? Hold on
  285. >She shoves you again away from your bed
  286. >”Why? Why AUNT Pinkie? What are you, a freak?!”
  287. >Again she shoves you, but this time into a corner of your room
  288. “What the buck are you talking about!? Stop this!”
  289. >With a forceful shove you push her away
  290. >There is a lull in shouting for a brief moment
  291. >Then, with all of her anger, she launches at you
  292. >It wasn’t a very glorious fight
  293. >After a few minutes she had you beat
  294. >Your wings and agility was not match in a room for her magic and rage
  295. >She stood above you
  296. >As your crumpled body was lying next to your dresser
  297. >Nothing seriously broken or damaged, just your pride
  299. >She looks down at you
  300. >”Why?”
  301. >You were speechless, you couldn’t answer that
  302. >”…Do you know…”
  303. >She pauses for a moment, thinking of the words
  304. >”…There are four colts in our class, including you…”
  305. >She sat down, still staring at you
  306. >”And about 20 mares… Why…”
  307. >She pauses
  308. >”Dinky has a crush on you, and she kept bugging me to get her closer…”
  309. >”Why not her? She’s pretty, she’s smart, she graduates a bit earlier than you but that shouldn’t matter…”
  310. >”Why do you have to waste your romance on… Why do you… Why Pinkie?”
  311. “…Why do you care?”
  312. >”Because! You are supposed to…”
  313. >She takes a deep breath
  314. >”It’s not normal. Ponies don’t buck their family you idiot!“
  315. >She stops
  316. “Sis…”
  317. >You get up
  318. “Why can’t I just… be with Pinkie?”
  319. >”Because it’s wrong!”
  320. >She tries to shove you again
  321. >But you quickly bum rush her, pinning her to the ground before she can grab you with her magic
  322. “Why is it wrong? Why do you care!?”
  323. >”…”
  324. “Why can’t I love who I want? It isn’t that bad!”
  325. >Her face turns, and she mutters something
  326. “…What!?”
  327. >”I said if it wasn’t that bad then show me”
  329. >…
  330. >You couldn’t have heard her right
  331. >”What? If it’s okay for her than why not me, huh? Why not show me?”
  332. “Si- Pumpkin…”
  333. >She tilts her neck up and kisses you on the forehead
  334. >”I just… don’t want to lose you both if people find out about you two…”
  335. >”What do you think people will say about you? What do you think they will do to Pinkie?”
  336. >”I can hear it, ‘taking advantage of an underage colt’, ‘rape’, ‘foaliphile’…”
  337. “They won’t find out”
  338. >She lets out her breath, and slightly shifts under you
  339. >”…So… why not show me?”
  340. >Your mind is torn
  341. >On one hoof, she’s your sister, you grew up with her
  342. >But on the other, she just wants to be close, she doesn’t want to lose you to what others may think, she wants to be in the same situation as you
  343. >However, your body knows exactly what to do with a cute unicorn underneath it
  344. >Your organ begins swelling
  345. >You nudge your head closer to hers
  346. “Pumpkin… are you sure?”
  347. >She nods and leans in for a quick kiss
  348. >”Just… I’ve never…”
  349. >She squirms a bit more
  350. >”I’d rather have my first with someone I trust…”
  351. >She leans in again and kisses you a bit deeper
  352. >You lean down and return the favor
  354. >With a quickness you can feel her wetness hot-dogging your erection
  355. >As you continue kissing her you pull back and thrust forward
  356. >Only to rub yourself along her flat stomach, getting a small giggle out of her
  357. >Which quickly traveled through her lips and into yours
  358. >You pulled back again and thrust, this time penetrating her slit
  359. >It was tight, almost too tight as you could only work yourself halfway in
  360. >Pulling out and thrusting again you managed to make a little headway
  361. >Eventually, after a few thrusts, you were able to completely bottom out
  362. >And make your sister produce the cutest faces and moans
  363. >Right up until she pulled your face down to hers and started kissing you
  364. >It wasn’t as experienced as Pinkies, but a lot more passionate
  365. >Her tongue darted in and out, caressing your teeth and lips
  366. >At the same rhythm you darted in and out of her, pleasuring her inner crevice
  367. >Her moans and grunts shuddered into your mouth and cock
  368. >When you grabbed her thighs and pulled you suddenly realized that this isn’t going to last much longer for either of you
  369. >As your lust overcame you, your cockhead flared inside
  370. >You didn’t have time to react before your seed flowed out into her contracting womb
  371. >All you could do was moan in bliss
  373. >Afterwards you pulled out, releasing a few more spurts which fell on her thighs
  374. >She quickly pulled you back into an embrace and rested her head on your side
  375. >”Mhh…. Pound…”
  376. >The vibrations of her voice could be felt through your chest
  377. “Yea…”
  378. >”I still think what you- what we did was wrong…”
  379. >You looked down at her
  380. “But you were the one-“
  381. >She shushed your mouth with another kiss
  382. >”And I don’t care”
  383. >In a cuddling caress you both began to doze off, lying on your bedroom floor
  384. >”Just… one thing…”
  385. “Hmm?”
  386. >”It’s… probably okay this time… but next time, you shouldn’t come inside me…”
  387. >Your mind skipped a step as you realized that little detail
  388. >Before you could think of it any further, your dear sister was fast asleep on your chest
  389. >And a single blue eye was peaking at you from your door frame
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