Harassing the maid

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >Day Amata is back and trying to clean up your mansion
  2. >that’s right, you are richanon again
  3. >and Amata is once again failing at it
  4. >and you have had it
  5. >you creep up behind her as she is standing on her hind legs, hoofs against the cupboard she is trying to dust with the duster in her mouth
  6. >and you place your hands in her dress on her abdomen and push your crotch against her behind, making her wings and antennae sprung straight up in surprise as she squeaks in surprise and drops the duster from her mouth
  7. “M-master, w-what are you doing”
  8. >you caress her tummy and pull her closer to you
  9. >”Shhh, just keep cleaning”
  10. >she starts bushing dust off with her hoof and you start to move your hands towards her tights
  11. >she stops cleaning again
  12. >”Don’t be a bad maid and do your job”
  13. >she gets back to the cleaning and you cares her inner tights and move your hands up her dress
  14. >she gasps
  15. >she must have also noticed your growing erection pressing into her butt
  16. >your hands come into contact with her softest part
  17. “M-mast that’s-“
  18. >”I didn’t give you the permission to speak”
  19. >Amata goes quiet as you start to massage her nether region
  20. >she’s already wet
  21. >”My, you are a naughty maid aren’t you”
  22. >Amata whimpers as small tears form into the corners of her eyes
  23. >”Say you are a dirty pony Amata”
  24. “I-I’m a dirty little pony…”
  25. >you pinch her on her most sensitive part, making her bite her teethes together
  26. >”I’m a dirt little pony what?”
  27. “M-master…”
  28. >you gently massage her again and tease her deeper
  29. >”Good maid”
  30. “Master, can I get down, m-my hoofs are starting to ache…”
  31. >”No, your master commands you to stay as you are no matter what
  32. >Amata whimpers in submission as you grin
  33. >you are getting more into this than you thought you would
  34. >you back off and grasp her hoofs
  35. >you start moving your hands up along her legs, lifting her skirt while at it
  36. >she’s absolutely drenched down there
  37. >”Such a bad dirty maid”
  38. >Amata stays silent
  39. >you take a long whiff of her exciting scent
  40. >”let’s have a taste…”
  41. >you press your mouth against her pulsating hot organ and start to work your magic
  42. >Amata is now bracing herself against the cupboard and having a bit of trouble staying up, lifting her hind hoofs off the ground from time to time as her body is rocked by sexual pleasure, her tail brushing against your back
  43. “M-master, I’m going to-“
  44. >suddenly a warm liquid splashes all over your face as Amata bites her hoof to keep her moans inside her mouth
  45. >her body’s twitching in orgasmic pleasure as her soft buttocks press against your forehead and her tights squeeze your head between them
  46. >after she has more control of her body you pull back and gently lower her skirt back
  47. >she’s leaning against the cupboard while panting and her wings are shaking slightly, kicking up mothdust
  48. >”Such a naughty maid aren’t you Amata?”
  49. >Amata turns to look at you with teary eyes
  50. >they might be tears of sadness, or tears of pleasure
  51. “Y-yes I am master…”
  52. >she gets down to all fours and stares at the floor
  53. >you start walking to the kitchen to fix yourself a snack until you hear Amata speak again
  54. “… Make me even naughtier master…”
  55. >you grin like a maniac
  56. >this maid thing is awesome
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