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  1. Since, in the speedrunning community, the term "World Record" is purely subjective instead of simply meaning "the best in the world" like it does literally everywhere else, I've decided to compile a list of "world record" terminology to help clear up any ambiguity people might experience.
  3. THE World Record:
  4.         The World Record on the most popular version of a game, regardless of whether or not a faster/more optimized run on another
  5.         version exists.
  7. Global World Record:
  8.         Similar to THE World Record, only this one simultaneously clears up any confusion as to whether or not the world is in fact
  9.         spherical.
  11. Supreme World Record Holder:
  12.         An individual with so many world records that they can use their starpower to strong arm leaderboard admins into doing their
  13.         bidding.
  15. World Record(Bopped Japan fo free BITCH!):
  16.         A world record where the previous record was held by a resident of the country of Japan. "Bopping Japan" is traditionally done
  17.         by no more than 1 full second.
  19. Any% World Record:
  20.         The world record in the most popular category of a game, even if there are "any%" runs which utilized things like save
  21.         corruption and out of bounds that are minutes faster.
  23. Glitchless World Record:
  24.         A world record that forgoes the abuse of programming errors in the game. A common side effect of setting a glitchless world
  25.         record is getting banned from speedrunslive.
  27. Easy Mode World Record:
  28.         A world record suitable for elementary school students to attain.
  30. Console World Record:
  31.         A bad speedrun.
  33. Controller World Record:
  34.         A good meme.
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