Eakna Almusta - Practicing Lightning Trap

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  2. Ashur asks, "What kind of spells do you wish to see?"
  5. Ashur asks, "Earth or Lightning?"
  7. Ashur says, "I know wind as well and gravity but they are mostly invisible to naked eye."
  9. Eakna Almusta says, "Hmmm I'm looking for mostly useful stuff... Earth has some interesting and useful qualities."
  10. Ashur drops Master Staff.
  12. Ashur picks up Master Staff.
  15. Eakna Almusta says, "Although show me anything you got."
  16. "I will reveal to you the spell most useful for defeating melee warriors." The edges of Ashur's mouth pressed up into grin, as he spoke with confident soaring even to the skies. The sword currently above his shoulder was removed- same with cape- to better reveal his physique and how its motions.
  18. He pushed backwards with the tip of metal boot, which clanked in his retreat. His spare foot began to illuminate in blue shade and a whip of lightning ended up in his trail, squiggling alike worm. Anyone who stepped on it may get caught from ankle, collapsing dazed on the ground.
  20. "That will be one enhancement." The greedy scarlet commander spoke, motioning over to a nearby bench for rest.
  21. (Ashur)
  23. The young man began writing down into his notebook about how the spell activated. It was a lightning spell. It seemed useful for in retreat. "So with the left over trail... what does it do? Just a way to leave an attack on an opponent if they are too close?"
  25. He asked as he began writing down into his notebook as the man would state each spell would be for one enchantment. He just shrugged. That didn't bother Eakna none. He was simply looking to learn more about this spell in the moment.
  27. "Mind showing me again? I need as many notes on this spell and how it functions." He asked continuing to write in his notebook.
  28. (Eakna Almusta)
  30. "It does nothing by itself. However, step close to the lightning snake and it will bite." The crimson commander shrugged at the answer, giving lazy reply but no specific information as to how it worked. It was quite simple when seen with an opponent, yet there were none to be had at the moment.
  32. "I suggest you observe the tournament today for more information." Water was brought from Ashur's side, as he gulped down its contents alike ravenous beast. At Eakna's request, the scarlet commander returned to the dojo for one last time.
  34. "Look closely." This time the actions were repeated in slow motion compared to the former attempt. A foot could be clearly seen tapping backwards, from where spare foot shining in blue drew an s on the floor. Said S would then fold into a narrow circle, forming an o where ankle should be placed.
  36. "Do you understand?" The scarlet commander inquired with raised brow, lacking intentions to yet again demonstrate the ability.
  37. (Ashur)
  39. He watched closely. The man writing down his notes in high detail. Seems the man stepped back and concentrated mana through his feet which cause an electric bolt to course through the ground where he once was. It was quite interesting.
  41. Eakna would step forward and walk into it on purpose. While it wasn't the smartest thing to do he did grasp an understanding. He felt a massive shock course throughout his body as he went into it. He wasn't able to move. Even more it hurt. Hurt like an actual snake bite. After a moment the pain would be gone and he could move again.
  43. He didn't falter much when the lightning ended he just had a minor walking issue after it happened. A little nauseous as well but nothing of note.
  45. "Well, well that sure explains the snake having a bite."
  47. He said taking a moment to regain himself before finally writing down in his notebook. He'd write down ideas on how hecould replicate it. It would be rather useful if he could find that way.
  48. (Eakna Almusta)
  51. Eakna Almusta says, "Well I appreciate your time. Find me when I'm a master runewriter. I'll give you your enchantment."
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