Blue Is Better 0.5b Walkthrough

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  1. Controls:
  2. WASD: Move
  3. Space: Jump
  4. Shift: Run (Hold)
  5. E: Interact
  6. I: Inventory/Journal
  8. 1. Walk into house. Sex and event scene.
  10. 2. Conversation event scene with Rune (Tauren friend) and Bruce (innkeeper), then go upstairs.
  12. 3. See sex scene (male Tauren and female Blood Elf). Then talk to Hemet (Dwarf). Sex scene.
  14. 4 Leave tavern, meet Luxia. Go to Ortell's house (exiting tavern, take a left and then a left again).
  16. 5 Check house, then check the outhouse (toilet), then check the barn, where you see you need to go in through a window.
  18. 6 Go to the back of his house and get the ladder. Use the ladder at the barn door, then use it to enter. Sex and cut scenes.
  20. 7 Leave barn, see cut scene of where the cat ran off to. Follow it to the nude beach. (Maybe) Avoid talking to troll - I ran into a bug here and couldn't interact correctly with sex scenes afterwards.
  22. 8 Optional (?) sex scene on beach, as well as the event scene with female Blood Elf and Draenei swimming.
  24. 9 Interact with cat. Sex scene.
  26. 10 Interact with cat again. Go back to Ortell's house, use the cat at the outhouse.
  28. 11 Event scenes, you eventually end up in the guest house of Lexia's family. Go to bed.
  30. 12 Sex scenes, then you're back in the main building. Go upstairs for (optional?) sex scene.
  32. 13 Go back down to basement. One door can be peeped through lock hole for sex scene.
  34. 14 Go to other door to reach the trap door to get back to your guest room. Event scene.
  36. 15 Go to outside behind the main house to find Luxia. Then go inside and upstairs to find Mom. Sex scene. Go back outside to the shower and inspect pipes.
  38. 16 Go to Ortell's house. He sends you to nude beach again. Guards will stop you, then you can go around the rock hill on the left to reach Lady Azshara. Interact with her. Sex scene.
  40. 17 Go back to Ortell. He sends you to tavern. Go upstairs in tavern, talk to guard. Sex scene. Go back to Ortell to give him the item.
  42. 18 Talk to Bruce (innkeeper) for finding Rune. Leave and go into blacksmith to see a note saying she's out for lunch.
  44. 19 Head to Rune's house (take a right and go straight if exiting tavern). Talk to his wife and the blacksmith.
  46. 20 Talk to Rune, who is hiding in the bushes directly across from his house and wife. Sex scene.
  48. 21 Go to blacksmith. Mention Rune's wife for additional dialogue.
  50. 22 Go to clearing near mine (between Ortell's house and beach), jump up to talk to three orcs.
  52. 23 Talk to the female Night Elf on a rock near the Orcs. Go down to where the bear patrols and get the bow.
  54. 24 Go back to where the NE was, see short scene about her disappearing. Unknown if anything else can be done with bow at this point.
  56. 25 Go back to the blacksmith to get the toolkit.
  58. 26 Go back to Luxia's house and fix the pipes. Event scene.
  60. 27 Go down to basement of Luxia's house and talk with Mom. Sex scene.
  62. 28 Go back to the three Draenei's house and go upstairs. Sex Scene.
  64. 29 Leave the Draenei's house. Talk to Inna (Blood Elf Death Knight), and follow her. Event and sex scene.
  66. 30 Go to Ortell's house. Go to mines entrance to the back of his house. Talk to the witch.
  68. 31 Go to Ortell's house. Check his bed to get an invitation.
  70. 32 Go to the club (near the lake and Inna's house) and give the Orc bouncer the invite. Talk to bouncer again. End of version.
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