Metal Gear Mons, 1-A

Jul 13th, 2011
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  1. [17:34:43] <~Plutonis> July 13, BSC meeting room. A place where you have grown accostumed with during the last months since you started work within the company, it's a room where missions can be chosen on the electronic bulletin board. There are also fitness equipments and a soda dispenser for recreation.
  2. [17:37:42] * Trainer_X (the Pachirisu on his shoulder)
  3. [17:38:04] <~Plutonis> After a couple of weeks without work, there seem to be -two- new assignments ready for picking. One of them issued by the Plasma Empire asks for culling a quite annoying group of smugglers that have been taking Unovan Pokémon for foreign markets.
  4. [17:39:28] <~Plutonis> The second one, issued by the Magma Cult, is about starting up the abandoned Mauville power plant again, as it seems the plant is being inhabited by someone who keeps expelling and injuring any grunts they send there.
  5. [17:40:30] <Trainer_X> (Clarification. the BSC is located where?)
  6. [17:41:38] * Rover sits at a table, holding a plastic eye in his hand. He turns it over and around to look at it. His Cubone, sans one eye, looks up at him as he does routine maintenence on his cybernetics.
  7. [17:42:22] <Trainer_X> Hmmm... finally some work.
  8. [17:42:38] <SOVIET_STONE> "Vhat vahn are we taking?"
  9. [17:43:00] <~Plutonis> One squad (you) will be assigned to the chosen mission, while a backup one will be sent to other one. One of the company's choppers will take you from the island base to the place assigned by your contractors.
  10. [17:43:31] <Trainer_X> Magma wants someone to root out something that is expelling grunts from a Power Plant in Mauville, and Plasma wants someone to get rid of some smugglers....
  11. [17:43:39] <~Plutonis> (It's on a distant island, the same direction from all the continents)
  12. [17:43:46] * Trainer_X checks the expected pay for each job.
  13. [17:43:47] * Rover seems satisfied that the electronic eye is fine and beckons the Cubone over, "There you go Dorothy. That should do for now."
  14. [17:44:01] * Rover reaches into the Cubone's eye socket and replaces her eye.
  15. [17:44:25] <The_Baron> An extremely slim young trainer with short, well-combed orange hair furrows his brow, considering each contract in turn. From the given details, it was difficult to properly assess the risks of each. Smugglers and wild pokemon or who-knows-what that's been beating on Magma. "What are the respective rewards for the Plasma and Magma jobs?"
  16. [17:45:03] * Lonely_Cowboy is hunched over a chair, fiddling with one of his peculiar looking devices, while his Flaaffy naps on the table next to him. When he hears Trainer X and SS speaking about the mission, he looks up and walks over. "Smugglers? What are they smuggling?"
  17. [17:45:23] <Trainer_X> "I'm checking.", says X as he reassures P.
  18. [17:45:47] <Trainer_X> "Pokemon they are smuggling pokemon."
  19. [17:46:18] <Rover> "What else is worth smuggling in and our of unova?"
  20. [17:46:23] <Rover> *out
  21. [17:46:53] <~Plutonis> Both jobs are paying 20000 Pokédollars, with the company's travelling expenses included. Of course, you will have to split it between yourselves.
  22. [17:47:30] <Trainer_X> Both jobs are paying 20 grand, to be split among the team. Travelling expenses paid, of course.
  23. [17:48:25] <The_Baron> "What they're smuggling is of little consequence. If the pay is the same... Consider, which is safer? Which group is more useful to be in the good graces of?"
  24. [17:48:33] <~Plutonis> (oh yeah, metz, try using "" on dialogue. it gets easier to split between action and talk that way)
  25. [17:48:40] * Lonely_Cowboy snaps his head over X's shoulder and quickly skims over the listing. He pushes his thick glasses back onto his nose and itches his wild head of red hair nervously. "Ah, if I may suggest one, I would prefer the Unova mission."
  26. [17:49:01] <Trainer_X> "Mauville is easier, as we know where the trouble is coming from."
  27. [17:49:08] <Rover> "Well, it depends on whether you would like to ally yourself with thugs or tyrants."
  28. [17:49:33] <Trainer_X> "While Unova, we'd have to go investigating. Asking questions... alot of time spent out in the open."
  29. [17:50:00] <Trainer_X> "I am amazed that Magma can afford our fees..."
  30. [17:50:28] <The_Baron> "The Baron would rather be supported by tyrants with an entire region under their thumb than thugs who fail to protect a single power plant."
  31. [17:51:01] * Rover adjusts the glasses on his face and gives a funny sort of smile, "The Baron is naturally entitled to The Baron's opinion."
  32. [17:51:17] <SOVIET_STONE> "I say we got to Mauville! Ees simple, We go in, beat something up, and leave. No problem."
  33. [17:51:17] * Trainer_X rolls his eyes.
  34. [17:51:23] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Not everyone in a dictatorship is necessarily tyrannic, Rover. Besides, thieves are thieves."
  35. [17:51:24] * SOVIET_STONE throws his hands up as he says this
  36. [17:52:38] <Rover> "How right you are. If you'd like to head to Unova, go right ahead."
  37. [17:52:54] <Rover> "Unfortunately, I shan't be able to accompany you."
  38. [17:54:11] <Rover> "As you say, thieves are thieves."
  39. [17:54:18] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Oh? But your inventions are quite the marvel, I'm sure they'd be of some use if you brought them on the field."
  40. [17:54:25] * Trainer_X turns to look at Rover. "Why is that?"
  41. [17:54:59] <The_Baron> "So be it. Everyone else, have we reached a consensus? I see Unova as the option with greater long-term benefit, if you have the resourcefulness to complete the task."
  42. [17:55:38] <Trainer_X> "It will probably expected of me to head to Unova, given my talent for rooting out liers."
  43. [17:55:44] <Rover> To Trainer X, he repeats, "Thieves are thieves. Dictatorships may not necessarily be tyrannic, but they have long memories."
  44. [17:56:27] <Trainer_X> "Long memories and big wallets."
  45. [17:56:28] <SOVIET_STONE> "I don't care. I vant to hit something and get paid!"
  46. [17:57:15] <The_Baron> "You and Plasma have a disagreeable relationship, I presume."
  47. [17:58:29] <Rover> "You presume correctly. I had the gall to get a bit offended by the idea of fascism."
  48. [17:59:46] <Rover> "And while Kanto is no better in the human rights department, it at least let's you live however you like, as long as you stay out of the rocket's way."
  49. [18:00:53] <The_Baron> The slim 14 year old sighed, and with a snotty tone went on to say, "Oh, is that so? Fine. You call veto this time, but I reserve the right to do the same. We take the Magma job, everyone."
  50. [18:01:33] * Rover shrugs, "I'm not dumb enough to veto paying work, I just can't go back to Unova yet."
  51. [18:01:36] * Lonely_Cowboy scrunches his acne-filled face. "Even if you stay out of the Rocket's way, they find a way to put you there."
  52. [18:02:16] * Rover picks up his Cubone, "In any case, tell me what you decide to do. I'll take a nap."
  53. [18:02:41] <Rover> (Aaaaand, I'm doing Wildwest, so don't let Rover effect your decision. Later)
  54. [18:02:46] * Rover heads back to the dorms
  55. [18:03:28] * Lonely_Cowboy watches Rover leave in mild frustration, then sighs and turns to X. "It seems like the consensus so far is the Unova mission."
  56. [18:03:47] <The_Baron> Baron held up his large, mechanical arm, "When I've done everything I need to, I'd be happy to shove this down every last one of their throats, but until that day... The Baron will happily take all the money they're willing to give. That's not important, however. We go to Unova. Rover can take who he likes to clean out power plants when he likes."
  57. [18:03:53] <Trainer_X> As Rover leaves, Pachirisu comes back out of the overcoat. "I work better in social situations anyways."
  58. 18:06:19] <~Plutonis> As you finish confabulating between yourselves, the electronic billboard finishes sending information on your squad's choice of mission. The helicopter is going to leave in a couple of minutes.
  59. [18:07:33] * Trainer_X checks and double checks his equipment.
  60. [18:07:52] <The_Baron> The youngest member stepped forth, and in an authoritative tone of voice, "This matter is settled; those who prefer a journey to Hoenn can stay and wait for Rover's squad to assemble. The rest of you, let's go."
  61. [18:08:47] * SOVIET_STONE loads up to go.
  62. [18:08:49] * Trainer_X loads up his pack with his equipment and provisions and heads to the helipad.
  63. [18:08:52] * Lonely_Cowboy begins to make preparations and packs his supplies. He nuzzles his sleeping Flaaffy awake before returning her to her Pokeball.
  64. [18:10:09] * Lonely_Cowboy walks at a brisk pace to the helipad, fiddling with his devices as he goes.
  65. [18:10:34] <~Plutonis> And so, after boarding the helicopter, you are taken to the Unovan continent! After a couple of hours, the copter descends on a pad stationed on Driftveil city, where your contractor awaits.
  66. [18:11:44] <The_Baron> With most of his possessions contained inside the mechanical arm, The Baron had been quite ready, dressed in a sharp, if slightly too large suit. Upon arrival, he realized what he'd almost forgotten, "Very well the-Oh! Right, as always, if any of you have money to spend, The Baron's goods are always for sale. Repels, potions, vitamins."
  67. [18:12:41] * Lonely_Cowboy perks up and begins to ask about the details of the Baron's wares... before remembering he's flat broke.
  68. [18:14:17] <The_Baron> There's no charity here; The Baron would be happy to sell, but wasn't giving anything away for free. Even so, the kid always seems to be trying to unload such things, it was hardly a one time opportunity.
  69. [18:14:40] <Trainer_X> During the flight, X asks The Baron. "You are good with Pokedexes, right? Anything you can do to supe mine up? If you do, I might consider some of those frequency pills.""
  70. [18:16:35] <The_Baron> "Modifications to your pokedex? I can't do anything on such short notice, try talking to me about it at base. And... Frequency Pills? Do you mean Deviant Ditto, or Racing Rapidash, or... what?"
  71. [18:17:17] <Trainer_X> The things that makes a pokémon able to do difficult moves more often...whatever they are called."
  72. [18:17:59] <The_Baron> The kid nods, "Mhm... Deviant Ditto's what you're after. How much have you got on you?"
  73. [18:19:03] <Trainer_X> "...I wasn't born yesterday, I never reveal how much money have to any salesperson, even if it is a teammate. How much do they cost?"
  74. [18:19:33] <The_Baron> Another sage nod, "I understand completely. Don't worry, you can't afford it."
  75. [18:20:01] <~Plutonis> Waiting for you on the helipad is an elderly looking man dressed in a cerimonial robe. He's wearing a small purplish hat and is escorted by two women dressed in the Plasma uniform. He waves at you as you arrive on firm soil. "Ah, the BSC members, right? I am Elder Zinzolin, the responsible for this city after the Gym Leaders were... Expelled. I believe you know what you are here for?"
  76. [18:20:28] <SOVIET_STONE> "Yes"
  77. [18:22:34] <~Plutonis> "Even if we succeeded at our Lord N's most holy mission of separating Pokémon and Humans, it seems evildoers continue to try and capture the poor Unovan wildlife and take it for those crooks on the other continents. It saddens me to know what iniquities these helpless Pokémon must be suffering right now, and how we couldn't stop those criminals from taking them outside of here."
  78. [18:22:35] * Lonely_Cowboy nods and extends his hand. "Yes sir. My name is Jasp- er... you can call me Lonely Cowboy. What can you tell us about the smugglers?" In his haste to make a good impression, he completely glazes over the pause before "expelled".
  79. [18:23:19] <Trainer_X> X, keeps an eye on the man, watching for any tells. (Applied psychology)
  80. [18:24:40] <~Plutonis> (He seems to be very earnest in his answer!)
  81. [18:25:32] <Trainer_X> "Are the smugglers centralized someplace?"
  82. [18:26:01] <~Plutonis> "Well, it seems they act on this city's ports, although they always manage to escape whenever we try to apprehend their ship. As far as i know, they never come with more than one ship at a time."
  83. [18:26:48] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Are they smuggling any specific types of Pokemon?"
  84. [18:26:54] <The_Baron> The Baron looks over the man once, unbothered by his potentially fanatic nature, "Yes, we'll see to the issue of illicit smuggling here. Any and all information you have will be put directly to use in settling this matter. Do you know the numbers of the smugglers?"
  85. [18:29:29] <~Plutonis> "From our soldiers reports, they transport whatever they have at hand. It seems they work more with numbers than anything else! And since they only use only one ship at a time, there is no way to know how many of those evildoers are out there."
  86. [18:31:03] <Trainer_X> "So, you are saying that we need to find the source..?"
  87. [18:31:36] <Trainer_X> "Or just take out as many smugglers as we can to deter them from coming back..."
  88. [18:33:29] <The_Baron> "If the ship's automated, I'm sure I could wreck all sorts of havoc on its systems. Or at least pull the coordinates of their base."
  89. [18:34:34] <SOVIET_STONE> "Or we smash ship and smash smugglers."
  90. [18:34:42] <SOVIET_STONE> "That seems good me yes?"
  91. [18:35:25] <~Plutonis> "Taking out one of their ships and take it to us would work wonderfully. We have our ways to trace it back to whoever is running the smuggling. Not to mention the fact we need to release the poor Pokémon back in the wild!"
  92. [18:36:12] <The_Baron> "If we find their ship or catch them before they depart, then that simple plan might work. They may have trained these wild pokemon, though. Trained opposition."
  93. [18:36:42] * Trainer_X looks at the port, is it possible for a blockade to be set up?
  94. [18:38:38] <The_Baron> "I doubt they want to spare the resources. More importantly, how frequent are the thieves' visits and when did they last? In addition, where precisely do they acquire the pokemon?"
  95. [18:39:20] <Trainer_X> (that was not a question...but me as a Trainer making a judgement on the Port security...or attempting to)
  96. [18:42:19] * Lonely_Cowboy nods, impressed, as the Baron makes his inquiries. All solid questions, asked confidently and quickly. Lonely silently curses himself at needing to take the utmost effort to not stumble over his words in front of an imposing figure like Zinzolin's.
  97. [18:42:27] <~Plutonis> "They come each month, usually on new moon nights like today so they can use the guise of darkness. Which is why you must start working immediately. The sun is setting as we speak." He points to the horizon, where the sun slowly falls behind.
  98. [18:45:29] <SOVIET_STONE> "Vell then lets go."
  99. [18:45:45] * SOVIET_STONE heads off down the dock.
  100. [18:45:54] <The_Baron> The Baron mumbled, "Of course." It was always the night of, wasn't it? Turning back to the group, he tried to form a plan, "That's what we know, then, unless you have more information for us, Mister Zinzolin. Your conclusions? Ambushing their ship or their poaching party seems to be our best opportunity."
  101. [18:47:09] <SOVIET_STONE> "Stop asking questions. We are the problem solvers not them!"
  102. [18:47:15] <Lonely_Cowboy> "I agree, Baron. Perhaps an ambush from the water would be the best course. Do we have any Water Pokemon in our respective rosters that would let us do that? I, unfortunately, do not."
  103. [18:47:22] <~Plutonis> "Whatever your plan is, the important thing is securing the ship before it leaves the Port. Now, hurry!"
  104. [18:47:47] * Trainer_X attempts to spot a swimming pokémon
  105. [18:49:40] * Lonely_Cowboy stiffens up at the sudden urgency. "Ah, of course, our apologies. We'll retrieve the ship post-waste! Er... haste. Post... post haste."
  106. [18:49:53] * Lonely_Cowboy rushes off to the dock
  107. [18:50:14] * Trainer_X follows, still keeping an eye out.
  108. [18:50:21] <The_Baron> "No water pokemon in my party. Simply force our way on when they dock. The Baron cannot be kept out so easily."
  109. [18:53:26] * Trainer_X smacks his head, remembering Lotad.
  110. [18:54:28] * Trainer_X then remembers that Lotad is a little too weak to carry him yet.
  111. [18:56:08] <Trainer_X> "If they they do try escaping, target the rudder. That will leave them unable to control the path of the boat.
  112. [18:56:53] <~Plutonis> As the group arrive on the Docks, there seems to be little movement at that time of the day. Most of the ships there are unloading their cargo, with no signal of the smugglers... Yet.
  113. [18:57:24] * Trainer_X actively looks/listens for anything out of the ordinairy.
  114. [18:58:27] <Trainer_X> 1d20+8 Perception check
  115. [18:58:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, Perception check: 19 [1d20=11]
  116. [18:59:54] * Lonely_Cowboy looks over the area as well.
  117. [18:59:55] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20 Perception check
  118. [18:59:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, Perception check: 16 [1d20=16]
  119. [19:00:36] <SOVIET_STONE> 1d20-2
  120. [19:00:37] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 1d20-2: 12 [1d20=14]
  121. [19:03:04] <Lonely_Cowboy> (X and Lonely, I'm guessing?)
  122. 19:03:31] <~Plutonis> (derp, yeah)
  123. [19:04:25] * Trainer_X calmly walks up in his Trench Coat. "Hello man, where is this ship heading. I'm looking to get out of town...quietly."
  124. [19:04:50] <Trainer_X> 1d20+2 Charisma
  125. [19:04:50] * Lonely_Cowboy looks over and whispers to his other teammates. "It seems like something is making noise in that crate the sailor is holding."
  126. [19:04:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, Charisma: 21 [1d20=19]
  127. [19:06:19] <Trainer_X> Before going to Bluf the sailor: "I know...let me try something."
  128. [19:06:44] <~Plutonis> The sailor backs off as soon as you approach him, startled by your sudden appearance! "W-who the fuck are you!" he reaches for something inside his shirt!
  129. [19:08:31] * DiceMaid-9001 is now known as RichterBelmont
  130. [19:08:37] <Trainer_X> "Just a guy looking to get off of Unova as quickly and quietly as possible."
  131. [19:08:56] <Trainer_X> (can I use my charisma check)
  132. [19:09:11] <Trainer_X> "and you look like the kind of guy that can help me."
  133. [19:09:55] <The_Baron> The Baron had been hanging back to watch the others' investigation. No good overwhelming the guy, but that seemed to have happened anyway. The kid started to reach for one of his pokeballs, but hesitated to send out the creature inside. It wouldn't do to make something out of nothing, but better safe than sorry. If something was about to go down, Baron wasn't planning on being the one to start it.
  134. [19:10:31] <~Plutonis> He looks at you for an instant, thinks for a while and then takes his hand off his shirt. "You... You sure no one is tailing you? And you got money?"
  135. [19:11:14] <Trainer_X> "Yes, and Yes." X gives a Covert signal behind his back for them to hold off a bit.
  136. [19:12:11] * SOVIET_STONE takes the singal. This is obviously a custom from X's foreign exotic land.
  137. [19:12:32] <~Plutonis> (roll for doing the signal covertly)
  138. [19:12:38] <The_Baron> He almost relaxed; this guy wasn't looking for a fight just yet. What he was doing was definitely illicit, but they weren't going to pounce right away. This guy could be used, still.
  139. [19:13:02] <Trainer_X> 1d20+0 Dice Maid, I swear to god....
  140. [19:13:03] <RichterBelmont> Trainer_X, Dice Maid, I swear to god....: 3 [1d20=3][19:13:50] <~Plutonis> "Oh shit, you are with the Plasmas, right? Fuck!" He throws the crate at your face and runs away!
  141. [19:13:59] <~Plutonis> 1d20+2 Crating
  142. [19:13:59] <RichterBelmont> Plutonis, Crating: 3 [1d20=1]
  143. [19:14:25] <The_Baron> "How about you relax? We're all looking for a place out of here. Do you think plasmas would hire a kid?"
  144. [19:14:31] <~Plutonis> The crate falls on the floor, doing a pained whine while it hits the solid concrete!
  145. [19:14:38] * Lonely_Cowboy sees the sailor running and runs towards him, trying to cut him off somehow
  146. [19:14:58] <The_Baron> The youngest mercenary stepped forward to present his explanation
  147. [19:15:03] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20+4 dexterity check?
  148. [19:15:04] <RichterBelmont> Lonely_Cowboy, dexterity check?: 16 [1d20=12]
  149. [19:16:13] <~Plutonis> 1d20+2 run away resist?
  150. [19:16:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, run away resist?: 17 [1d20=15]
  151. [19:16:45] <Trainer_X> calls out pachirisu and has it use Grass Knot to trip the sailor.
  152. [19:17:19] * Trainer_X and has pachirisu hide in his coat.
  153. [19:17:47] <~Plutonis> The sailor manages to outrun Cowboy a few meters, however the Snagger is on a running speed good enough to keep with him!
  154. [19:17:54] <~Plutonis> (not in range for Grassknot)
  155. [19:18:07] * Trainer_X checks on the crate.
  156. [19:18:15] * Trainer_X seeing if he can open it.
  157. [19:19:00] <Trainer_X> "I'll get you out of there, stay calm."
  158. [19:19:17] * Lonely_Cowboy keeps up his brisk pace and tries to see if he can gain on the sailor.
  159. [19:19:30] <~Plutonis> A patrat is inside the crate, nervously trying to get away from it!
  160. [19:19:31] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20+4 dex check
  161. [19:19:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, dex check: 11 [1d20=7]
  162. [19:19:41] <~Plutonis> 1d20+2 outrun check
  163. [19:19:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, outrun check: 5 [1d20=3]
  164. [19:19:55] * SOVIET_STONE sends out rhinosaur and has get the scent of the sailor from the crate ad ses it tracker ability to follow him back to where is he is running.
  165. [19:22:06] <The_Baron> The Baron shakes his head and follows the runners at a leisurely pace, calling out a Pinsir and sending him to backup the others in case the sailor was sending out pokemon of his own.
  166. [19:22:11] <~Plutonis> The Rhyhorn runs in the direction Cowboy went, to one of the port's farthest edges.
  167. [19:22:20] * Lonely_Cowboy gulps and makes a desperate attempt to tackle him
  168. [19:23:06] <~Plutonis> (str check)
  169. [19:23:08] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20-3 strength check
  170. [19:23:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, strength check: 12 [1d20=15]
  171. [19:23:33] <~Plutonis> 1d20+2 resist
  172. [19:23:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, resist: 22 [1d20=20]
  173. [19:24:43] <~Plutonis> Cowboy's tackle doesn't seem to have even phased the sailor, who suddenly turns to him and tries to slash him with his knife. "Try to follow me will ya!"
  174. [19:24:46] <~Plutonis> 1d20 knifing
  175. [19:24:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, knifing: 11 [1d20=11]
  176. [19:25:05] <~Plutonis> 1d10+3 damage
  177. [19:25:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, damage: 9 [1d10=6]
  178. [19:27:24] * Trainer_X continues to try and open the box. Not one to leave a pokémon trapped like that.
  179. [19:27:33] <The_Baron> The laziest pursuer shakes his head in exasperation, "This all seems like too much work. Just slow down and fight us like a trainer."
  180. [19:31:31] * Lonely_Cowboy winces from the cut across his arm. How did this become his plan? He takes advantage of the sailor temporarily stopping and throws out his Flaaffy. "Downy, you can probably handle this better than I can!"
  181. [19:32:36] <~Plutonis> (remember to give pokémon speeds when you send them into combat!)
  182. [19:33:17] <~Plutonis> The Sailor sends a Machop out. "Damn it, it seems i will have to beat you before returning to the ship!"
  183. [19:33:52] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Cowboy 17 Sailor 16|Downy 5 Machop 4'
  184. [19:34:35] * Lonely_Cowboy would smirk if he wasn't so busy gasping for air.
  185. [19:35:40] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Downy! Make sure they both stay put!" Downy nods and unleashes a Thunder Wave towards both of them (Cannot miss)
  186. [19:37:05] <~Plutonis> Both of them are hit by the electricity!
  187. [19:37:49] <~Plutonis> 1d20 machop paralyze check
  188. [19:37:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, machop paralyze check: 5 [1d20=5]
  189. [19:38:22] <~Plutonis> It can't move! Meanwhile, the rest of the party manage to arrive on the scene.
  190. [19:41:22] * SOVIET_STONE Rhinosaur trundles onto the seen With Josef not far behind.
  191. [19:42:54] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Good work, Downy!" Cowboy looks at the Machop. "I wonder if you're stolen too...." He scans the Pokemon with his Snagging device. (Loyalty Meter)
  192. [19:45:23] <~Plutonis> (Loyalty 2!)
  193. [19:46:28] * Lonely_Cowboy thinks. He doesn't seem to be taken very good care of, but he's not necessarily stolen.
  194. [19:47:37] <SOVIET_STONE> I punch him
  195. [19:47:38] <SOVIET_STONE> 1d20
  196. [19:47:39] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  197. [19:47:49] <~Plutonis> Hit. Damage.
  198. [19:48:19] <SOVIET_STONE> 1d8+1
  199. [19:48:20] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 1d8+1: 6 [1d8=5]
  200. [19:48:55] <~Plutonis> You punch his face! He doesn't seem to be much affected by it though.
  201. [19:52:01] <The_Baron> The Baron walks into range and holds up his mechanical arm, pointing a finger at the sailor.
  202. [19:52:14] <The_Baron> 1d20 Dartgun
  203. [19:52:16] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, Dartgun: 14 [1d20=14]
  204. [19:52:52] <The_Baron> 1d8+8
  205. [19:52:53] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, 1d8+8: 11 [1d8=3]
  206. [19:53:35] <The_Baron> And out of the finger flies a small dart, right at the man who had been fleeing mere moments ago.
  207. [19:53:52] <~Plutonis> The dart hits his leg! He grunts while still electrified.
  208. [19:54:56] <Trainer_X> X sends out Pachirisu and scans machop.
  209. 20:01:03] <Trainer_X> X opens the crate with the Pokémon in it, "everything is going to be all right." As he opens the crate he sends out Pachirisu... "Trip him up girl."
  210. [20:01:47] <~Plutonis> 1d20 paralysis check Sailor
  211. [20:01:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, paralysis check Sailor: 11 [1d20=11]
  212. [20:04:14] <~Plutonis> The sailor curses as you arrive. "Fuck, where are the others..." He tries to attack Cowboy again with his knife!
  213. [20:04:19] <~Plutonis> 1d20 knifing
  214. [20:04:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, knifing: 17 [1d20=17]
  215. [20:04:30] <~Plutonis> 1d10+3 damage
  216. [20:04:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, damage: 8 [1d10=5]
  217. [20:05:02] <~Plutonis> (Pachirisu's turn anyway)
  218. [20:05:23] <Trainer_X> 1d20 Grass Knot on the Sailor
  219. [20:05:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, Grass Knot on the Sailor: 2 [1d20=2]
  220. [20:07:02] * Lonely_Cowboy tries to resist whining out in pain, but fails. The physical approach certainly wasn't the wisest of his decisions today. (HP 63/80)
  221. [20:07:34] <~Plutonis> The knot ends up a few meters from the Sailor!
  222. [20:08:56] <The_Baron> "Hmph, I'm sure has has friends on the way. Entomologist, use vicegrip. I want that Machop done with." The Pinsir charges at the Machop, its pincers at the ready.
  223. [20:09:04] <The_Baron> 1d20 Vicegrip, AC2
  224. [20:09:05] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, Vicegrip, AC2: 10 [1d20=10]
  225. [20:09:47] <The_Baron> 3d10+21
  226. [20:09:49] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, 3d10+21: 33 [3d10=1,8,3]
  227. [20:10:18] <~Plutonis> The Machop gets really hurt by the pressure attack of the Pinsir!
  228. [20:11:07] <SOVIET_STONE> "Put that man down. Tackle and Stomp"
  229. [20:11:11] <SOVIET_STONE> 1d20 tackle
  230. [20:11:11] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, tackle: 13 [1d20=13]
  231. [20:11:17] <SOVIET_STONE> 1d20 Stomp
  232. [20:11:17] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, Stomp: 14 [1d20=14]
  233. [20:12:05] <SOVIET_STONE> 3d10+10 Tackle
  234. [20:12:05] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, Tackle: 23 [3d10=2,1,10]
  235. [20:12:12] <SOVIET_STONE> 2d20+12 stomp
  236. [20:12:12] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, stomp: 21 [2d20=5,4]
  237. [20:12:49] <SOVIET_STONE> Oh plus 2 damage on the because of improved attacks
  238. [20:12:52] <~Plutonis> The Machop gets beaten to the curb and faints! "No! S-stop that!"
  239. [20:13:29] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Downy, Thundershock on the thief."
  240. [20:13:54] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20 Thundershock DC2
  241. [20:13:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, Thundershock DC2: 19 [1d20=19]
  242. [20:14:14] <~Plutonis> (thaat's a hit)
  243. [20:14:23] <Lonely_Cowboy> (Oh nice! Would paralyze him if he wasn't already)
  244. [20:14:39] <Lonely_Cowboy> 2d10+1d6+12
  245. [20:14:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, 2d10+1d6+12: 27 [2d10=2,10; 1d6=3]
  246. [20:15:19] <~Plutonis> The Sailor collapses, paralyzed and hurt to near-exhaustion. "I-i surrender!"
  247. [20:17:10] * Lonely_Cowboy lets out a sigh of relief and praises Downy while licking his wounds. He leaves the interrogation to one of his more intimidating allies.
  248. [20:17:30] <Trainer_X> 1d20 Pachirisu Pickup!
  249. [20:17:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, Pachirisu Pickup!: 18 [1d20=18]
  250. [20:17:56] <The_Baron> Still maintaining his distance, the youthful mercenary ordered Entomologist to step back. "Very well. Now, we have some questions for you... Let's start with the easy ones. Which ship is smuggling the pokemon?"
  251. [20:18:18] <~Plutonis> X finds a Calcium on the floor.
  252. [20:18:18] <Trainer_X> (a Vitamin is found by Pachirisu)
  253. [20:18:41] <~Plutonis> (er, the pachirisu finds the calcium)
  254. [20:19:54] <~Plutonis> "I-i just work with boarding the cargo! They pay us to keep quiet about the crates we load there!"
  255. [20:20:52] <The_Baron> "Duly noted. Give me an estimate on how many pokemon are getting loaded tonight. Also, my first question. It's just the one ship you were loading, correct?"
  256. [20:22:02] * Trainer_X continues to try and open the crate.
  257. [20:22:16] <~Plutonis> "Yes, they are using the Lapras II to take the cargo tonight. It's just a dozen of common Pokémon this month..."
  258. [20:22:27] <~Plutonis> (dude, didn't you opened the crate during combat?)
  259. [20:22:50] <Trainer_X> (ok, then what pokémon was in it?)
  260. [20:23:27] <~Plutonis> (I also posted it before, a patrat was in there!)
  261. [20:24:05] <Trainer_X> (ah, now I see...sorry)
  262. [20:24:38] <The_Baron> "Hm. I see. Well then, Mister. So everything's in the open, we aren't Plasma. We're being paid by them, but we are definitely not them. We don't necessarily care about seeing that they do... whatever they do to traitors. Not to you in particular, at least. The more you can tell us will help support this idea. So, what kind of security do these fellows have?"
  263. [20:24:50] * Trainer_X tries to tell if he is lying on anything.
  264. [20:24:59] <Trainer_X> (Applied Psychology)
  265. [20:25:52] <~Plutonis> "Security? I don't know, i just load the crates there!"
  266. [20:26:13] <~Plutonis> (The dude is terrified, but he's telling the truth until now)
  267. [20:27:13] * Trainer_X "Truth." says X as he pets Pachirisu.
  268. [20:27:27] <The_Baron> "We only want to know what you know, if you don't know, just be straightforward and tell us like you just did. So, do you have any idea how many trainers are on-board?"
  269. [20:27:35] <The_Baron> "...An estimate, that is."
  270. [20:28:40] <~Plutonis> "I, i don't know! The ship is not that large, maybe ten persons?"
  271. [20:29:47] <The_Baron> "Ten. That shouldn't be too much trouble. My gratitude. Any further questions, my colleagues?"
  272. [20:29:56] * Trainer_X (AP is always active...) "Really, only ten?"
  273. [20:30:59] * Lonely_Cowboy is somewhat elated. It's not often the group gets paid this handsomely for jobs this easy. "No, you were very thorough, I have nothing else to add."
  274. [20:31:00] <~Plutonis> "Please don't tell the guards i was doing that, they... They'll lock me down, i only accepted this job because i have three kids to feed!"
  275. [20:32:26] <Trainer_X> "Again, he is telling the truth."
  276. [20:33:25] <The_Baron> Hmph. The Baron wasn't planning on getting this guy in trouble to begin with, but bringing his family into the equation solidified that idea. "Your Machop might need some treatment, and you don't look to be in great condition at the moment yourself, but that should be just about all the punishment you'll get from us. Unless you want us to knock you out and claim it was the smugglers while you were doing your legitimate job. I advise against taking that kind of work in the future."
  277. [20:35:22] * Lonely_Cowboy nods. He'd bend the rules too if his family were at stake. "Speaking of the Machop, try taking a little better care of him. A faithful Pokemon like that deserves a little more love."
  278. 20:38:25] <~Plutonis> "I... Thank you. The Lapras II is that way." He points at the direction he was running at before. "I will claim i fell out or something if someone ask why am i this bruised..."
  279. [20:38:40] * Trainer_X is tempted to tell him to avoid stabbing people in the future. But keeps his mouth shut.
  280. [20:39:26] <Trainer_X> "Good plan. Perhaps scrape up your knee on purpose to add credibility to your 'I fell down' story."
  281. [20:40:44] <~Plutonis> And with that, the sailor hobbles away.
  282. [20:41:09] <The_Baron> "Hey, before you go, if you've got a little bit of money on you, I can whip you up a potion. 200 for standard, 500 for super, 800 for hyper, 1300 for max."
  283. [20:42:18] * Lonely_Cowboy recalls Downy. "Alright. To the Lapras II, then?"
  284. [20:42:24] <The_Baron> After getting his sales attempt cockblocked by the sailor's fleet feet, he turned to head back towards the Lapras II, recalling Entomologist along the way.
  285. [20:43:22] <Trainer_X> "Cowboy, if you want to lend you some cash, perhaps I can buy a Devient Ditto for your Flaffy. I think if it can do that Thunder Wave more would be very useful."
  286. [20:43:48] <Trainer_X> "If Baron would tell me how much is costs that is..."
  287. [20:44:28] * Josef returns my pokemon
  288. [20:44:38] <The_Baron> "No can do, I'll tell you when you have enough. The Baron only sells when procedure is correctly followed."
  289. [20:46:50] <~Plutonis> You arrive on the side of the docks the sailor pointed you. It seems there are a couple of shady looking man guarding it while another one loads crates inside.
  290. [20:46:55] <Lonely_Cowboy> "I ah.... I appreciate the offer, but I couldn't take you up on it if I wanted to." He signals his empty pockets
  291. [20:47:23] * Josef leans over to x and says quietly "vhat he means is he vill charge vhat he vants vhen vants.
  292. [20:47:44] <Lonely_Cowboy> (oh wait misread that offer, Cowboy politely declines)
  293. [20:49:34] <Trainer_X> "I have 5000 in my shopping budget today. The rest I have stored away for safety."
  294. [20:50:50] <The_Baron> "The Baron has to be careful with his Deviant supply, gotta be sure not to ruin the market. It's purely economics. If you need some Ether, Potion, maybe another variety of vitamin, we might be able to talk a little more openly. Five grand? Big no, that won't score you some Ditto. Not here, not now. No way, no how."
  295. [20:52:02] <The_Baron> "It's cheaper than I like to deal, but for a first time customer... I could get you a hit of Smeargle, Rapidash, Steelix, what else you settling for? Definitely can afford ether or even max potion."
  296. [20:53:56] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Gentlemen, perhaps we could have this discussion later?" Cowboy gestures towards the guards as discreetly as possible.
  297. [20:54:33] <The_Baron> "If they get nosey, we tell them I'm trying to deal my drugs. I doubt smugglers will care. They might even want in."
  298. [20:56:59] <Trainer_X> "Nevermind on the Ditto, really, charging high prices for something cheap to make... gah... Let me make things less pleasent for those men over there."
  299. [20:57:18] * Trainer_X calls out L. "L, make it rain."
  300. [20:57:56] <The_Baron> "Cheap to make? What do YOU know about the difficult, precise procedures involved with making advanced, body chemistry-altering vitamins, Mister Z?"
  301. [20:58:25] <Trainer_X> "Scientist in the family. Enough said."
  302. [20:58:54] * Lonely_Cowboy reflexively covers up his snagging tools. They're mostly waterproof, but why push it?
  303. [20:59:15] <Trainer_X> "Don't really keep in touch with him anymore." X pulls up his hood.
  304. [20:59:27] <The_Baron> "Maybe your family knows some secret to make it cheaper than I do, but I don't intend to lower my prices for the likes of you. You should've stocked up with your family discount."
  305. [20:59:43] <~Plutonis> A few black clouds start gathering on the sky, starting a light drizzle around the area. The crate man starts hurrying up with his loading while the two shady guards continue unphased.
  306. [21:01:34] <The_Baron> "Now, would my colleagues prefer to rough those gentlemen up or attempt to interrogate them more subtly?"
  307. [21:02:47] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Well, I'd like as few new cuts as possible. I'm not sure how inclined these types are towards the diplomatic route, though."
  308. [21:03:27] <~Plutonis> (you are 20 meters away from them. it seems they didn't noticed you -yet-)
  309. =[21:05:00] * Trainer_X "Good job L." I call back L. (What about Close Watch...or is that only for Wild Pokemon)
  310. [21:05:50] <Trainer_X> 1d20+0 Sneaking
  311. [21:05:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, Sneaking: 1 [1d20=1]
  312. [21:06:05] <The_Baron> The Baron sent out Geologist, hushing down the loyal Larvitar. "We can handle them from distance."
  313. [21:07:42] * Lonely_Cowboy throws Downy back out. If ranged combat was the Baron's plan, his Flaaffy was the perfect asset.
  314. [21:09:32] <~Plutonis> The guards notice X approaching and yell. "Someone found us, everyone, prepare to depart!" They run inside the boat!
  315. [21:09:48] * Josef sends out rhinosaur.
  316. [21:10:16] <Josef> "Go before they pull up the gangplank!"
  317. [21:10:17] * Trainer_X sens out Lotad and sees if he can see the rudder of the boat or the Anchor.
  318. [21:10:33] <Trainer_X> and then grabs Lotad and runs toward the gangplank.
  319. [21:10:47] <The_Baron> The Baron and his pokemon rushed after the pair as he called out, "Geologist! Catch them with Rock Slide!"
  320. [21:11:17] <Trainer_X> (Lotad environ check, just in case. What Environ does this count as?)
  321. [21:11:31] <The_Baron> 1d20 AC4, Column catches both
  322. [21:11:33] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, AC4, Column catches both: 20 [1d20=20]
  323. [21:11:57] <The_Baron> Okay, 66 damage, then
  324. [21:12:12] <Lonely_Cowboy> (and they're flinched~)
  325. [21:13:34] <~Plutonis> The two guards are thrown into the sea by the rocks! However, the gangplank is destroyed in the process, and the crew inside the ship is starting to raise the anchor.
  326. [21:13:54] <The_Baron> The little green pokemon's belly seems to swell up and its jaw opens unbelievably wide before launching a torrent of rocks
  327. [21:14:47] * Josef looks for rope or a chain
  328. [21:14:56] * Lonely_Cowboy quickly picks up Downy and trucks it to the ship
  329. [21:15:04] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20 dexterity check
  330. [21:15:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, dexterity check: 19 [1d20=19]
  331. [21:15:13] <Josef> Gangplank was busted
  332. [21:15:40] <The_Baron> The Baron, thinking fast, tried to size up the distance. With about 10 feet of jumping ability and the power to lift 350 pounds, might Pinsir manage to jump the distance while carrying the extremely light teen?
  333. [21:16:17] <Trainer_X> ( the anchor automated or pull? If Pull, we can disrupt those pulling it)
  334. [21:16:59] <~Plutonis> There are ropes holding other ships nearby, but taking them off seems to be too much of a hassle.
  335. [21:19:14] <Josef> 1d20+1
  336. [21:19:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Josef, 1d20+1: 6 [1d20=5]
  337. [21:19:19] <Lonely_Cowboy> (How high up is the boat? Would it be feasible to climb on?)
  338. [21:19:24] <Josef> Nope
  339. [21:19:39] <Trainer_X> How far is it away now? Is there anyone on deck?
  340. [21:21:14] <Trainer_X> 1d20
  341. [21:21:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  342. [21:21:29] <The_Baron> The kid hurried to get to the boat, swapping out the Larvitar for Pinsir along the way. "Entomologist, this will be difficult, but I need you to carry me while you jump over."
  343. [21:21:50] <The_Baron> 1d20 Jump 3, Power 5, Larvitar's pokeballed because lolsinker
  344. [21:21:51] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, Jump 3, Power 5, Larvitar's pokeballed because lolsinker: 17 [1d20=17]
  345. [21:22:09] <~Plutonis> success!
  346. [21:22:52] <Trainer_X> ...the jump....
  347. [21:22:54] * Lonely_Cowboy sprints over to the ship with Downy on his shoulders, and leaps towards the boat. By some miracle he catches onto the edge, and scrambles on.
  348. [21:23:06] <Trainer_X> while holding Lotad...
  349. [21:23:22] <~Plutonis> (oh. that's a failure. you fall on the water)
  350. [21:23:23] <The_Baron> With the slightly taller, if less stocky boy on his shoulders, Entomologist made a mighty leap onto the boat. Damn, what a manly bug.
  351. [21:24:09] <Josef> 1d20+1
  352. [21:24:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Josef, 1d20+1: 19 [1d20=18]
  353. [21:24:23] <Trainer_X> 1d20+8 to spot something to damage on the shio from in the water...
  354. [21:24:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, to spot something to damage on the ship from in the water...: 14 [1d20=6]
  355. [21:24:35] <Josef> (HEAVEY IS SCOUT)
  356. [21:24:55] <~Plutonis> X can clearly see the spinning rudder. In fact, it's kind of approaching him. Approaching him quite fast!
  357. [21:25:22] <Trainer_X> *Crap*
  358. [21:25:45] <Trainer_X> "Lotad! Nature's Power! Now!"
  359. [21:25:46] <~Plutonis> And with that, Josef manages to send a middle finger to physics and get inside the ship with Jasper and Ellian!
  360. [21:26:12] <Trainer_X> Lotad dives underwater and launches a Hydro Pump at the Propeller.
  361. [21:26:14] <Trainer_X> 1d20
  362. [21:26:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, 1d20: 15 [1d20=15]
  363. [21:26:25] * Josef returns rhinosaur and throws him out again.
  364. [21:26:35] <Trainer_X> 5d20+1d6
  365. [21:26:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, 5d20+1d6: 77 [5d20=19,13,14,10,18; 1d6=3]
  366. [21:28:17] * Lonely_Cowboy nods to his teammates who made it on, while gasping for air.
  367. [21:28:43] <Trainer_X> X then has Lotad and himself distance themselves from ship.
  368. [21:28:51] <~Plutonis> A torrent of water emerges from the backside of the ship, destroying the rudder and punching a hole in the ship! Meanwhile, in the bridge, the three mercs are quickly surrounded by the smugglers.
  369. [21:29:22] <~Plutonis> There are five of them in total, and they look pretty pissed! "Those bastards are wrecking our ship! Kill them!"
  370. [21:29:41] <The_Baron> Baron returned the nod to the Lonely Cowboy before nodding to the Pinsir, who was now more concerned with the ring of smugglers in the area, "Thank you, Entomologist. As always, your services are greatly appreciated, but I must ask you for one more right now."
  371. [21:32:09] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Smugglers 18 Cowboy 17 Josef 13 Baron 10| 2xPurrloins 12 Pansage 11 Pinsir 7 Downy 5 Corphish 4 Rhino 3'
  372. [21:35:02] <~Plutonis> 5#1d20 2 attacks at Josef, 2 at Baron, 1 at Cowboy
  373. [21:35:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 2 attacks at Josef, 2 at Baron, 1 at Cowboy: 5 [1d20=5], 9 [1d20=9], 3 [1d20=3], 9 [1d20=9], 8 [1d20=8]
  374. [21:36:09] <~Plutonis> The three of them are hit on their feet and are trapped for...
  375. [21:36:13] <~Plutonis> 1d4 turns
  376. [21:36:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, turns: 4 [1d4=4]
  377. [21:37:16] <~Plutonis> 5#1d10+4 damage at you guys
  378. [21:37:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, damage at you guys: 8 [1d10=4], 10 [1d10=6], 7 [1d10=3], 5 [1d10=1], 8 [1d10=4]
  379. [21:37:37] <~Plutonis> (18 damage at josef, 12 at baron, 8 at cowboy, all of you can't shift for 4 turns!)
  380. [21:38:14] <Josef> "Augh! Leetle bees with their stingers
  381. [21:39:06] * Lonely_Cowboy gets pinned to the floor as soon as he arrives, and freezing up, turns to the closest available comfort, his gadgets. While fumbling to see if any offer a way out of this situation, he notices the Pokemon onboard. "Unova native Pokemon!" He mumbles to himself. "Stolen ones?" He scans the Pansage with his snagging device. (Loyalty Meter)
  382. [21:43:02] <Trainer_X> 1d20
  383. [21:43:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, 1d20: 16 [1d20=16]
  384. [21:44:05] * Lonely_Cowboy scowls at the discovery of one of the stolen Pokemon.
  385. [21:44:30] <Josef> I send out Helmut the Aron
  386. [21:46:46] <The_Baron> With Entomologist already out, the rather angry young Mercenary took aim with his big old roboarm again, pointing a finger at one of the jerks who shot him with a CROSSBOW.
  387. [21:46:50] <The_Baron> 1d20 AC 6
  388. [21:46:51] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, AC 6: 14 [1d20=14]
  389. [21:47:14] <The_Baron> 1d8+8
  390. [21:47:15] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, 1d8+8: 10 [1d8=2]
  391. [21:48:29] <~Plutonis> One of the bowmen is hit on the shoulder. He yells. "You little fucker!"
  392. [21:49:28] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, the Purrloins attack!
  393. [21:49:33] <The_Baron> The drug dealing kid sneered, "Oh, does it HURT when people shoot you? I would've never imagined. Thanks for letting me know."
  394. 21:50:14] <~Plutonis> 5#1d20 fury swipes on Downy
  395. [21:50:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, fury swipes on Downy: 15 [1d20=15], 10 [1d20=10], 4 [1d20=4], 5 [1d20=5], 4 [1d20=4]
  396. [21:50:28] <~Plutonis> 5#1d20 fury swipes on Entomologist
  397. [21:50:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, fury swipes on Entomologist: 1 [1d20=1], 9 [1d20=9], 2 [1d20=2], 19 [1d20=19], 13 [1d20=13]
  398. [21:50:59] <~Plutonis> One of the cats try to slash the Pinsir, but fails to pierce his hide!
  399. [21:51:25] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile the other scratches the Flaay twice!
  400. [21:51:33] <The_Baron> Entomologist yawns with a very relaxed demeanor.
  401. [21:52:01] <~Plutonis> 2#1d8+4
  402. [21:52:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 2#1d8+4: 11 [1d8=7], 12 [1d8=8]
  403. [21:52:21] <Lonely_Cowboy> The Purrloin that hit Downy gets paralyzed by her Static
  404. [21:53:04] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, the Pansage extends his tail into a whine and attacks Rhinosaur!
  405. [21:53:07] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Vine Whip
  406. [21:53:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Vine Whip: 3 [1d20=3]
  407. [21:54:04] <~Plutonis> Only to miserably miss! Entomologist's turn!
  408. [21:54:17] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Downy!" Cowboy cries as Downy's fleece gets torn into by the feral cat. (HP 23/56)
  409. [21:54:51] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Smugglers 18 Cowboy 17 Josef 13 Baron 10| Purrloin 12 Pansage 11 Pinsir 7 Purrloin 6 Downy 5 2xCorphish 4 Rhino 3'
  410. [21:55:54] <The_Baron> "Pinsir, ignore the kitten. Use Vicegrip on Corphish."
  411. [21:56:46] <The_Baron> 1d20 AC 2
  412. [21:56:47] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, AC 2: 3 [1d20=3]
  413. [21:57:17] <~Plutonis> (miss)
  414. [21:57:55] <The_Baron> Entomologist didn't seem terribly intimidated by this lot, casually reaching out with its pincers to no success.
  415. [22:02:24] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Downy, you okay? Hit one of the crabs with a Thundershock!" And she does.
  416. [22:02:36] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20 Thundershock Corphish AC2
  417. [22:02:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, Thundershock Corphish AC2: 12 [1d20=12]
  418. [22:02:59] <Lonely_Cowboy> 2d10+1d6+12
  419. [22:03:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, 2d10+1d6+12: 31 [2d10=5,9; 1d6=5]
  420. [22:03:31] <~Plutonis> One of the Corphishes is fried!
  421. [22:04:44] <~Plutonis> The remaining one tries to pinch Entomologist with his claw!
  422. [22:04:47] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Vicegrip
  423. [22:04:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Vicegrip: 8 [1d20=8]
  424. [22:05:02] <~Plutonis> 3d10+13
  425. [22:05:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 3d10+13: 28 [3d10=6,6,3]
  426. [22:06:26] <~Plutonis> The pincherer becomes the pinchered. In any case, Rhinosaur's turn.
  427. [22:06:55] <The_Baron> Even so, the bug more or less shrugs off the worst of the attack.
  428. [22:07:04] <SOVIET_STONE> "Rhinosaur line up the cat and monkey! Rockslide!"
  429. [22:07:33] <SOVIET_STONE> 1d20
  430. [22:07:33] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 1d20: 6 [1d20=6]
  431. [22:08:03] <SOVIET_STONE> ac 4
  432. [22:08:18] <~Plutonis> Both of them are hit!
  433. [22:08:32] <SOVIET_STONE> 5d10+1d6+12
  434. [22:08:33] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 5d10+1d6+12: 39 [5d10=5,2,9,6,4; 1d6=1]
  435. [22:10:52] <~Plutonis> The Purrloin is knocked out by the attack, while the Pansage is quite damaged.
  436. [22:11:05] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Smugglers 18 Cowboy 17 Josef 13 Baron 10| Pansage 11 Pinsir 7 Purrloin 6 Downy 5 Corphish 4 Rhino 3'
  437. [22:12:25] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, X manages to climb the anchor chain to inside a window in the ship. Water is quickly flooding through the place, and he finds himself in a storage cabin with fifteen crates inside.
  438. [22:13:47] <~Plutonis> In the bridge, one of the Smugglers starts threatening the Pansage with the prospect of roasting him while the others shoot at you with arrows!
  439. [22:14:09] <~Plutonis> 4#1d20 2 at Josef, 2 at Baron
  440. [22:14:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 2 at Josef, 2 at Baron: 6 [1d20=6], 17 [1d20=17], 20 [1d20=20], 14 [1d20=14]
  441. [22:14:11] <Trainer_X> "Crap, the Pokemon!" X calls out Smeargle. "Help me open these crates!"
  442. [22:14:37] <~Plutonis> 3#1d10+4
  443. [22:14:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 3#1d10+4: 13 [1d10=9], 6 [1d10=2], 13 [1d10=9]
  444. [22:14:46] <Trainer_X> X tries to open as many crates as possible with Smeargles [and Lotads?] help.
  445. [22:14:56] <~Plutonis> (19 damage to josef, 27 to Baron)
  446. [22:15:45] <Trainer_X> 1d20-2 str
  447. [22:16:57] <Lonely_Cowboy> Cowboy is appalled at the treatment of the Pansage. "Let's see how you smugglers like a taste of your own medicine," he mumbles to himself. It probably would have been cooler if he had said it out loud. He loads a Poke Ball into his Snag Machine and launches it at the grass monkey with his practiced hands.
  448. [22:18:16] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d100-10 Snag! /w Poke Ball
  449. [22:18:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, Snag! /w Poke Ball: 63 [1d100=73]
  450. [22:24:06] <~Plutonis> The ball catches the Pansage! It wobbles... Wobbles... And he breaks out!
  451. 22:29:37] <The_Baron> Whichever jerk was whining about getting shot was about to get shot at again.
  452. [22:29:40] <The_Baron> 1d20
  453. [22:29:43] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, 1d20: 3 [1d20=3]
  454. [22:29:52] <The_Baron> ...But he'd have no reason to complain this time.
  455. [22:30:19] <~Plutonis> The Pansage seems quite pissed! It strikes at Rhino with his vine whip again!
  456. [22:30:23] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Vine Whip
  457. [22:30:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Vine Whip: 18 [1d20=18]
  458. [22:31:04] <~Plutonis> 2d10+10 (x1.5)
  459. [22:31:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, (x1.5): 17 [2d10=4,3]
  460. [22:31:55] <~Plutonis> (25 damage then)
  461. [22:34:23] <The_Baron> "Don't take that from a stupid fish. Let it have the monopoly on vicegrip if it wants it, you can take your REVENGE."
  462. [22:34:29] <The_Baron> 1d20 Revenge, AC 2
  463. [22:34:31] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, Revenge, AC 2: 10 [1d20=10]
  464. [22:35:13] <The_Baron> 5d20+21
  465. [22:35:13] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, 5d20+21: 48 [5d20=3,11,4,4,5]
  466. [22:36:11] <~Plutonis> The Corphish is Ko'd!
  467. [22:36:36] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Smugglers 18 Cowboy 17 Josef 13 Baron 10| Pansage 11 Pinsir 7 Purrloin 6 Downy 5 Rhino 3'
  468. [22:36:44] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Purrloin paracheck
  469. [22:36:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Purrloin paracheck: 11 [1d20=11]
  470. [22:37:52] <~Plutonis> The Purrloin throws sand on Downy's eyes!
  471. [22:38:53] * Lonely_Cowboy tsks as smoke fumes out of his snagging machine. Overheated again. "Ah well. Downy, take down that Pansage. Be gentle if you can." Holding back, while wiping sand from her eyes, she rushes forward to tackle the green ape.
  472. [22:39:05] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20 Tackle AC3
  473. [22:39:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, Tackle AC3: 15 [1d20=15]
  474. [22:39:57] <Lonely_Cowboy> 3d10+6
  475. [22:39:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, 3d10+6: 15 [3d10=1,1,7]
  476. [22:41:18] <~Plutonis> Aaand he's knocked out! Rhino's turn!
  477. [22:42:36] <SOVIET_STONE> "Stomp the Purrloin."
  478. [22:42:41] <SOVIET_STONE> 1d20
  479. [22:42:41] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 1d20: 18 [1d20=18]
  480. [22:42:46] <SOVIET_STONE> FLinched
  481. [22:42:49] <SOVIET_STONE> 2d20+12
  482. [22:42:50] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 2d20+12: 30 [2d20=15,3]
  483. [22:43:34] <~Plutonis> The Kitty is smashed inside the mighty feet!
  484. [22:44:30] <~Plutonis> Inside the cargo compartment, X managed to get all the smuggled Pokémon out of their crates. However, he can start to feel water around his feet.
  485. [22:46:06] <~Plutonis> And on the topside, a large black-bearded man in a brown sailor suit emerges from inside the helms and joins the Smugglers. "You are the bastards who made a hole on my Lapras? I will show you little shits what for!"
  486. [22:46:55] <SOVIET_STONE> "I vill make hole in YOU!"
  487. [22:47:20] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Smuggler Captain 22 Smugglers 18 Cowboy 17 Josef 13 Baron 10| Pinsir 7 Downy 5 Rhino 3'
  488. [22:47:22] <The_Baron> "I would like to take this opportunity to point out that this craft is by no means a Lapras."
  489. [22:47:23] * Trainer_X heads up the stairs to the main deck with Smeagle in tow, and Lotad in his ball. "Pokemon, if you wish to escape, come with me."
  490. [22:47:48] <Trainer_X> "or go through that hole"
  491. [22:48:08] <Trainer_X> "Regardless, I aim to help my allies defeat your captors."
  492. [22:49:26] <~Plutonis> "My beautiful ship! You dare do that to Captain Bikke?" The bearded man releases a drill-headed Mole in the bridge!
  493. [22:52:34] <Trainer_X> "If you wish to help me. Come with me!"
  494. [22:53:11] <~Plutonis> The Pokémon ignore X and run in masse to escape the ship!
  495. [22:53:57] <Trainer_X> X rushes to the Main Deck with Smeargle
  496. [22:54:23] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, the Captain grabs a whip and starts lashing the Excadrill's back!
  497. [22:56:51] <~Plutonis> The Mole seems to be really friggin pissed now. Meanwhile, the grunts shoot more arrows at you!
  498. [22:57:11] <~Plutonis> (oh yeah, web, give me your dex and smeargle speed)
  499. [22:57:32] <~Plutonis> 5#1d20 2 at Soviet, 2 at Cowboy, 1 at Baron
  500. [22:57:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 2 at Soviet, 2 at Cowboy, 1 at Baron: 12 [1d20=12], 18 [1d20=18], 20 [1d20=20], 19 [1d20=19], 13 [1d20=13]
  501. [22:58:01] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Captain Bikke 22 Smugglers 18 Cowboy 17 Josef 13 X 10 Baron 10| Excadrill 19 Smeargle 11 Pinsir 7 Downy 5 Rhino 3'
  502. [22:58:17] <~Plutonis> 4#1d10+4
  503. [22:58:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 4#1d10+4: 14 [1d10=10], 9 [1d10=5], 13 [1d10=9], 13 [1d10=9]
  504. [22:59:13] * Lonely_Cowboy gulps audibly when the Drillhair emerges. He should have known it couldn't have been that easy. His fear turns to annoyance as he sees the animal get abused. He struggles to get loose. Still stuck, and he winces under the fire of more arrows. (HP 28/80) Cowboy uses his snagging machine to scan the mole, a feature that's still functioning. (Loyalty Meter)
  505. [23:00:04] <~Plutonis> (Loyalty 1, he seems to serve out of sheer fear of the captain!)
  506. [23:09:43] * Trainer_X keeps his position by the door.
  507. [23:10:11] <Trainer_X> (where I have as much cover from crossbow men)
  508. [23:10:45] * Trainer_X and switches out Smeargle for Lotad
  509. [23:11:59] <The_Baron> 1d20+10 DC 15 to find out Excadrill's level, obviously 30 though
  510. [23:12:00] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, DC 15 to find out Excadrill's level, obviously 30 though: 21 [1d20=11]
  511. [23:12:35] <~Plutonis> It's level 30 all right.
  512. [23:13:41] <~Plutonis> The Excadrill throws a barrage of rocks at Entomologist and Rhinosaurus!
  513. [23:13:44] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Rock Slide
  514. [23:13:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Rock Slide: 5 [1d20=5]
  515. [23:13:54] <SOVIET_STONE> Miss
  516. [23:14:01] <~Plutonis> (ac 4)
  517. [23:14:15] <The_Baron> Miss
  518. [23:14:29] <~Plutonis> (you guys are fucking lucky)
  519. [23:15:13] <~Plutonis> The rocks miss, but they fly at another ship's deck and trash it completely! Also, Ento's turn.
  520. [23:16:08] <The_Baron> "Entomologist! See that he doesn't pull anything strange, and catch him with bind!"
  521. [23:16:25] <The_Baron> 1d20 AC 4, Mold Breaker is also being used
  522. [23:16:26] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, AC 4, Mold Breaker is also being used: 17 [1d20=17]
  523. [23:16:36] <The_Baron> 1d8+21 damage
  524. [23:16:37] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, damage: 26 [1d8=5]
  525. [23:16:45] <The_Baron> 1d4+1 turns trapped
  526. [23:16:46] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, turns trapped: 5 [1d4=4]
  527. [23:17:49] <~Plutonis> It doesn't seem to damage the mole much!
  528. [23:19:00] * Lonely_Cowboy darts his eyes back and forth across the deck. There doesn't seem to be much for Downy to do.
  529. [23:21:49] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Downy.... see if you can slow down the mole." Downy ruffles her fleece and shoots forth a flurry of spores at Excadrill, and unfortunately, Entomologist as well.
  530. [23:22:02] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20 Cotton Spore Blast 2 AC2
  531. [23:22:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, Cotton Spore Blast 2 AC2: 14 [1d20=14]
  532. [23:22:29] <Trainer_X> (could I use it at the edge of the deck and hit only the shooters?)
  533. [23:23:15] <~Plutonis> (Yes, you could)
  534. [23:24:47] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Captain Bikke 22 Smugglers 18 Cowboy 17 Josef 13 X 10 Baron 10| Excadrill 9 Downy 5 Ento 4 Rhino 3 L 3'
  535. [23:27:08] <SOVIET_STONE> "Fury Attack!"
  536. [23:27:12] <SOVIET_STONE> 5d20
  537. [23:27:12] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 5d20: 56 [5d20=20,13,6,3,14]
  538. 23:30:33] <SOVIET_STONE> 1d8
  539. [23:30:34] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 1d8: 4 [1d8=4]
  540. [23:30:36] <SOVIET_STONE> 1d8
  541. [23:30:37] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 1d8: 4 [1d8=4]
  542. [23:30:50] <SOVIET_STONE> +6 for half attack
  543. [23:31:35] <~Plutonis> The Excadrill seems to be still strong! Its steely skin is quite resilient!
  544. [23:32:10] <Trainer_X> 1d20;(4d20+4)*1.5 Nature Power Surf the Shooters
  545. [23:32:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, 1d20: 5 [1d20=5]; Nature Power Surf the Shooters: 71 [4d20=20,5,18,18]
  546. [23:33:26] <~Plutonis> The shooters are washed away by the wave and thrown on the sea!
  547. [23:34:15] <~Plutonis> Captain Bikke angrily attacks X and Josef for that!
  548. [23:34:20] <~Plutonis> 1d20 attacking X
  549. [23:34:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, attacking X: 8 [1d20=8]
  550. [23:34:15] <~Plutonis> Captain Bikke angrily attacks X and Josef for that!
  551. [23:34:20] <~Plutonis> 1d20 attacking X
  552. [23:34:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, attacking X: 8 [1d20=8]
  553. [23:34:38] <Trainer_X> (X is still in the close am I to the captain?)
  554. [23:34:51] <~Plutonis> 7d10+5
  555. [23:35:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 7d10+5: 48 [7d10=7,9,8,4,5,8,2]
  556. [23:35:07] <~Plutonis> (he noticed you after you surfed his mooks away)
  557. [23:35:19] <~Plutonis> 7d10+5 (reduced by 25%)
  558. [23:35:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, (reduced by 25%): 37 [7d10=2,10,2,6,2,8,2]
  559. [23:36:10] <~Plutonis> His whip spins through the deck and hits both of you!
  560. [23:37:58] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, the crossbow bolts on your legs finally seem to let you go!
  561. [23:38:25] * Lonely_Cowboy finally breaks loose and dusts himself off. "Downy, great job. Return!" He returns his electric sheep and throws out another Poke Ball. "Dagger, it's your turn!" Out pops a Sneasel, ready for battle.
  562. [23:38:36] <Lonely_Cowboy> (Spd 15)
  563. [23:38:57] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Captain Bikke 22 Cowboy 17 Josef 13 X 10 Baron 10| Dagger 15 Excadrill 14 Ento 5 Rhino 3 L 3'
  564. [23:41:04] <SOVIET_STONE> I punch Bikke twice cuz lol multitasking
  565. [23:41:08] <SOVIET_STONE> 2d20
  566. [23:41:09] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 2d20: 31 [2d20=16,15]
  567. [23:41:27] <~Plutonis> The ship seems to be sinking further and further... As the crossbowers were thrown outside the deck, the ship starts tipping to the side you guys are...
  568. [23:41:42] <SOVIET_STONE> 2d8+2
  569. [23:41:43] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 2d8+2: 14 [2d8=8,4]
  570. [23:42:30] <Trainer_X> "I wonder if the captain will follow tradition and go down with his ship."
  571. 23:42:55] <Trainer_X> 1d20;1d10+8 Tonfa to the Face!
  572. [23:42:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, 1d20: 17 [1d20=17]; Tonfa to the Face!: 16 [1d10=8]
  573. [23:43:29] <Trainer_X> X then moves far away from the captain, to the other side of the ship.
  574. [23:43:31] <~Plutonis> "My poor Lapras! My cargo! I will make this ship your grave! That will teach you how to deal with the Beige Smugglers!"
  575. [23:43:34] <~Plutonis> (hits)
  576. [23:44:07] <Trainer_X> (the side of the ship which is not tipping into the water)
  577. [23:44:36] <Trainer_X> "Wonder what happened to the Lapras I." Says X with a calm face.
  578. [23:45:59] <The_Baron> The Baron backs away from the freak with the whip, trying to figure out an escape route, if not fleeing yet. Not without Entomologist.
  579. [23:46:48] <The_Baron> 1d20 this turn's bind damage
  580. [23:46:50] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Baron, this turn's bind damage: 1 [1d20=1]
  581. [23:47:30] <Lonely_Cowboy> "Dagger, go wear that beast down!" Dagger nods and runs directly next to the Excadrill, unleashing an earsplitting screech.
  582. [23:47:41] <~Plutonis> The ship is still inside the Port. X's quick destroying of the rudder prevented it from moving more than a few meters.
  583. [23:47:45] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20 Screech Burst4 AC4
  584. [23:47:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, Screech Burst4 AC4: 7 [1d20=7]
  585. [23:48:38] <~Plutonis> The screech echoes and hits the mole and the bug. The Excadrill seems pretty annoyed about being held and claws the face of Entomologist!
  586. [23:48:42] <~Plutonis> 1d20 this is going to hurt
  587. [23:48:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, this is going to hurt: 8 [1d20=8]
  588. [23:49:22] <~Plutonis> 3d10+1d8+35
  589. [23:49:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 3d10+1d8+35: 67 [3d10=9,6,9; 1d8=8]
  590. [23:49:32] <Lonely_Cowboy> (Both their Defense is lowered 2 combat stages. Sorry Ento :[
  591. [23:49:35] <Lonely_Cowboy> )
  592. [23:52:38] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Captain Bikke 22 Cowboy 17 Josef 13 X 10 Baron 10| Dagger 15 Excadrill 14 Rhino 3 L 3'
  593. [23:53:11] <SOVIET_STONE> "Stomp it down"
  594. [23:53:14] <SOVIET_STONE> 1d20
  595. [23:53:15] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]
  596. [23:53:43] <Trainer_X> 1d20;1d12+1 "Astonish!"
  597. [23:53:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, 1d20: 15 [1d20=15]; "Astonish!": 13 [1d12=12]
  598. [23:54:35] <~Plutonis> The mole is not that astonished.
  599. [23:56:16] <SOVIET_STONE> Oh derp
  600. [23:56:20] <SOVIET_STONE> 2d20+12
  601. [23:56:20] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 2d20+12: 40 [2d20=17,11]
  602. [23:57:52] <~Plutonis> The excadrill seems battered, but it still pushes on!
  603. [23:59:37] <~Plutonis> Bikke however, gives it another horrible-sounding lash with his whip. It becomes completely berserk!
  604. [00:00:17] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Captain Bikke 22 Cowboy 17 Josef 13 X 10 Baron 10| Excadrill 20 Dagger 15Rhino 3 L 3'
  605. [00:00:51] <~Plutonis> "KILL THEM YOU IDIOT!"
  606. [00:01:19] <Trainer_X> "I wonder if the Exacadrill realizes that he is strong enough to snap his neck."
  607. [00:02:17] <Trainer_X> "There is only so far you can push a pokemon..."
  608. [00:02:45] * Lonely_Cowboy surveys the state of the ship.
  609. [00:03:23] <Lonely_Cowboy> (Also can I use potions on myself?)
  610. [00:03:31] <~Plutonis> The ship is 75% sunk, and water starts to reach you guys.
  611. [00:03:41] <~Plutonis> (Yeah, 1d10+10 heal)
  612. [00:04:25] <Trainer_X> "Everyone, clear a line of fire if you can."
  613. [00:05:29] * Lonely_Cowboy sprays himself with a super potion and uses his shift to recall Dagger. "Time to go, buddy!"
  614. [00:05:40] <Lonely_Cowboy> 1d20+20 Super Potion
  615. [00:05:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonely_Cowboy, Super Potion: 31 [1d20=11]
  616. [00:06:07] <Lonely_Cowboy> (HP 59/80)
  617. [00:06:09] <~Plutonis> (Soviet stone actually)
  618. [00:06:19] <SOVIET_STONE> My turn?
  619. [00:06:42] <SOVIET_STONE> I punch him twice again
  620. [00:06:43] <SOVIET_STONE> 2d20
  621. [00:06:44] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 2d20: 27 [2d20=15,12]
  622. [00:07:07] <SOVIET_STONE> 2d8+2
  623. [00:07:07] <DiceMaid-9001> SOVIET_STONE, 2d8+2: 10 [2d8=2,6]
  624. 00:07:26] <~Plutonis> Bikke spits blood on you, but still seems to be conscious. "Argh.."
  625. [00:07:59] <~Plutonis> (X and Baron)
  626. [00:08:30] <Trainer_X> X moves to go into the water, urging Lotad to follow him.
  627. [00:09:57] <The_Baron> The Baron recalls Entomologist and attempts to flee the ship. Geologist isn't coming out unless he has to.
  628. [00:10:09] <Trainer_X> Recalling Lotad if he has to.
  629. [00:11:01] <~Plutonis> The Excadrill meanwhile, slashes Rhino on the face!
  630. [00:11:20] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Metal Clawin'
  631. [00:11:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Metal Clawin': 5 [1d20=5]
  632. [00:11:32] <SOVIET_STONE> Nope
  633. [00:11:49] <~Plutonis> Bikke whips it! "DO IT PROPERLY YOU MAGGOT!"
  634. [00:11:51] <~Plutonis> 1d20
  635. [00:11:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d20: 13 [1d20=13]
  636. [00:12:52] <~Plutonis> 3d10+1d8+40 Metal Claw on Rhino
  637. [00:12:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Metal Claw on Rhino: 66 [3d10=7,10,6; 1d8=3]
  638. [00:13:32] <SOVIET_STONE> It missed
  639. [00:13:45] <~Plutonis> The Excadrill is bleeding horribly from all his wounds, but still manages to claw the Rhyhorn. Bikke snorts in approval.
  640. [00:13:53] <~Plutonis> (Rerolled with a feat)
  641. [00:14:12] * SOVIET_STONE returns Rhinosaur
  643. [00:17:35] <Trainer_X> Lotad, being the only pokémon on deck, heads to the water, and turns around and uses Nature Power one last time.
  644. [00:17:45] <Trainer_X> Before leaping into it
  645. [00:17:55] <Trainer_X> 1d20 SWIFT!
  646. [00:17:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, SWIFT!: 4 [1d20=4]
  647. [00:18:25] <Trainer_X> 3d10+4
  648. [00:18:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Trainer_X, 3d10+4: 25 [3d10=10,6,5]
  649. [00:19:43] <~Plutonis> The shooting stars do the last touch, as the Excadrill literally explodes in a shower of blood and gore, which propels Bikke to the helm, brutally impaling him!
  650. [00:20:01] <~Plutonis> "EAAAAURGH!"
  651. [00:20:43] * Lonely_Cowboy vomits into the sea. " it's REALLY time to go."
  652. [00:21:08] <Trainer_X> "I freed the least."
  653. [00:22:33] <The_Baron> The Baron hears the horrifying sounds and decides to save himself the terrible sight, especially when so pressed for time, and instead pushes onwards in his escape.
  654. 00:22:59] <Trainer_X> "L...return."
  655. [00:23:13] <Trainer_X> "I hate killing pokemon..."
  656. [00:23:36] * Lonely_Cowboy finally jumps off deck and attempts to swim to shore.
  657. [00:24:12] <Trainer_X> X returns to shore.
  658. [00:24:49] * Trainer_X by swimming the best he can.
  659. [00:26:19] <~Plutonis> After a while, you finally manage to swim back to the shore, and as you manage to regroup yourselves, you see Zinzolin and a group of Plasmas approaching you. He gives a friendly smile, but shrugs with disapproval. "It seems the ship has been sunk. A shame, we could have used the logs they kept to track their home base."
  660. [00:27:11] <Lonely_Cowboy> "If it's any help or consolation, we have a name: The Beige Smugglers."
  661. [00:27:23] <Trainer_X> "Perhaps there could have been some logs kept digitally? A black box? Perhaps a water tight safe?"
  662. [00:27:26] <The_Baron> "We are well aware of that fact, but unfortunately, one of our members chose to enter through a quite unorthodox fashion. We apologize for the complication."
  663. [00:27:30] <~Plutonis> "However, you did save the Pokémon on board, one thousand blesses to your squad for that. And we managed to catch the rats you threw on the sea, we will lock and interrogate them..."
  664. [00:28:01] <Trainer_X> "It was either destroy the rudder, or die by propellor blade."
  665. [00:28:53] <Trainer_X> "I am glad I freed all the pokémon though...sorry about injuries suffered from me not being present guys."
  666. [00:28:59] <~Plutonis> "Yes, yes, our divers shall take care of that matter. And so will the interrogation of those knaves."
  667. [00:29:13] <Trainer_X> "at the beginning of the battle."
  668. [00:29:48] <Trainer_X> "How captain bikke treated that drill pokemon...was inhumane..."
  669. [00:30:07] <Trainer_X> "I wish I could have saved pokémon deserves such a death."
  670. [00:31:54] <~Plutonis> "These smugglers have no qualms with how they treat the poor Pokémon. That's why we make sure that they should be protected from human hands." Zinzolin's face becomes angry at this last phrase. He then shrugs and continues. "In any case, we shall send the money we combined to the BSC account. I'm sure they will give it to you. The Plasma Empire will appreciate your services and make
  671. [00:31:54] <~Plutonis> sure you are used to further our noble cause."
  672. [00:34:12] <~Plutonis> And with that, he leads you to the Helipad, where you are taken back to the island...
  673. [00:34:18] <~Plutonis> </session>
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