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  1. SCP n' Stuff SCP:SL Discord Server
  4. Rules:
  5. 1. Use english for voice chat.
  6. 2. No cheating.
  7. 3. Jumping between the 2 separate sections on the balcony outside to avoid scps will result in being set to spectator.
  8. 4. No Self-Promotion, Harrasment, Toxic Behavior, Match Throwing, or Excessive language(at admin's descretion).
  10. Server Config Information:
  11. 1. 914inhand - Can hold items in inventory to upgrade them in 914.
  12. 2. AssistInfection - Display time left to turn personnel into SCP-049-2.
  13. 3. BetterDisarming - On escape while disarmed: Class-D and Chaos will turn into MTF, Scientist and MTF will turn into Chaos.
  14. 4. CustomAnnouncements - Adds in various extra Cassie Announcements (still working on phrases to use).
  15. 5. Disconnect protect - Saves a player location, health, inventory, etc. for 2 minutes upon a disconnect and will be restored back to said state when they rejoin, can happen only a single time.
  16. 6. Laterjoin - used so people will slow connections will be included in the round (up to 60 sec late).
  17. 7. SCP-575 - used to create mini random blackouts throughout the round, will do 1dps while inside.
  18. 8. SCP-106's Exits will re-randomize after each sussceful escape.
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