True Harmony

Apr 5th, 2013
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  1. Once upon a time, there were two sisters. Not a younger and older, like a story you may already know, but twins. They ruled together, over a world of ponies.
  3. The first sister looked over the world, and gave it structure. Laws and rules, to keep ponies safe, and provide guidance in their lives. She wanted all her little ponies to live with their heads upright, kind and gentle towards one another.
  5. The second sister looked over the world, and gave it passion. Magic and joy, to brighten ponies days, and allow them to grow. She wanted all her little ponies to explore the world and improve themselves.
  7. The two sisters lived together for a time, the first sister maintaining the order of the world, and the second sister breathing life into the world. However, as time went on, they began to drift apart. The first sister believed that her sister was encouraging the ponies to take too many risks, endangering them, and causing them to forget their bonds. The second sister believed the first to be too restrictive, allowing fear to prevent her and her subjects from fully experiencing life.
  9. The two ponies began to squabble, and their subjects were divided, supporting one sister or the other. Finally, one terrible day, their disagreement escalated into a fullblown fight. So evenly matched were they, that neither one could overpower the other, but both had to direct their full attention into the battle. They rose into the heavens, power pouring forth from their eternal fight and flooding the land of Equestria with fragments of their strength. From this energy arose all magic in the land, and to this day, they still battle in the heavens, neither able to gain dominance over the other.
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