DBR Power Progression

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  1. TE:
  3. Human, Spirit Doll, 1/16, Tsufurujins can all ascend, and Herans can get trans
  5. OF:
  7. virtually everything else is able to ascend except the things that ascended at TE. Namekians, Aliens, Half-Demons get TE here, Demigods obviously get OF lmfaoooooo, LSSJs can have RSSJ, Full Demons can have Devil Trigger(i'm recalcing how it works to be more scaling than add,) idk what i'll do with vamp and lycan, Makyo can ascend. Half-Saiyans get first ascension.
  9. SSJ:
  11. Tsufurujins can ascend, SSJs can get SSJ, Demigods can trans but i'm making it garbage compared to SSJ, Humans can get HT1(but it sucks,) Espers can get first trans(but it sucks,) Half-Demons can get DT, 1/16 can get HT.
  13. SSJ1.5:
  15. Humans and 1/16 get Red asc, Espers ascend, Aliens can get Unleash Power, Tuffles can get cyberize and so can anything else that gets it(Greed,) Namekians can get SNJ, Herans can get the ascension that makes their trans gain more add and mult and also strengthen their base(i'm doing 1 trans herans,) Saiyans can get Grade 1 and 2, Androids can get Super Android, Half-Demons get nothing, Lycan and Vampire should get a trans here, Demigods can ascend here but it won't be as good as human/1/16 asc, Full Demons ascend here, LSSJ gets LSSJ here(despite it being beyond SSJ2 level.)
  17. SSJ2(75k-100k base per mod:)
  19. Humans get nothing. Espers get nothing. Saiyans get SSJ2, Aliens can ascend the final time here, Tsufurujins can ascend here, Namekians get final asc here, Demigods can get another trans or asc here, Half-Demons get nothing, 1/16 get SSJ(SSJ1 on 1/16 is SSJ2-level,) Lycan and Vampire get nothing, Full Demons can get true demon form here, LSSJ should ascend here, Hellspawns could ascend here. Makyos should ascend here. Half-Saiyans get second ascension here.
  21. SSJ3(125k base per mod endwipe):
  23. There is no SSJ2.5. Saiyans can get SSJ3(obviously,) and this is the absolute earliest zenkai 4 can be considered. Don't be fucking retarded and give it to every saiyan like a dumbass, and don't ever give it earlier than this idc how cool jumpy is lol. Humans, 1/16, and Espers can get Blue Ascension here. Aliens can get a second trans here. Tsufurujins ascend again. Namekians get ASNJ. Herans get jack diddly(nothing) here. Androids can get Perfect Android. Half-Demons can get their final asc here. Lycans and Vampires and LSSJ and Hellspawns and Makyos should get their final asc here. Demigods should get last asc here.
  25. SSJ3.5(at the cusp of gods, 250k base per mod):
  27. 1-2 humans AT MOST can get Super High Tension. Espers can get final trans. Aliens get nothing. Tuffles and greeds should get more cyberize shit here imo. Maybe the Deus Ex stuff on top of what they already have. Namekians get an ascension here. Herans should get a final asc here. Half Demons can get their ascended demon transformation here. 1/16 can get SSJ2. Lycans, Makyos, Vampires, Demons, and LSSJs ascend here, LSSJs get LSSJ3, Hellspawn gets a fucking godly asc here, Demigods should get Mantra God Mode or whatever it's called in this version here. Half-Saiyans get final ascension here.
  29. God Era(1m base per mod:)
  31. everyone gets something
  33. everyone
  35. beyond god era(2.5m base per mod:)
  37. everyone gets something(2)
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